EUR New issues: Austria, ICO, ALS, CCCIF

Euro issuance has slowed from Tuesday's hectic pace but the pre-Fed slate still includes deals from Austria, ICO, ALS and CCCIF.

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New issues

  • Austria plans to sell €3bn 4y at swaps -59bps through BofA, Citi, DB, GS (B&D), JPM and UniCredit. Books above €8bn.


  • ICO is preparing a €500m long 5y Social bond at SPGBs +14bps. Leads are BNPP, Citi (B&D), HSBC and Santander. Books above €950m.


  • Action Logement Services (ALS) is preparing a EUR 15y Sustainability bond at around OATs +53bps. Leads are JPM (B&D), Natixis, NatWest and SocGen. Books above €650m.


  • CCCIF plans a €500m 5y in the area of OATs +50bps. Leads are Commerzbank, Natixis and SocGen. Books above €550m.


  • Germany’s Joint Agencies trio of state promotional banks plans a EUR 7y Social bond via Commerzbank, DZ, Helaba, LBBW and UniCredit.


  • Ceske Drahy is preparing a EUR 5y Green bond after investor calls through Erste, ING and UniCredit.


  • Sydbank is working on a €500m Green 3y NC2 bond via BNPP, Danske, JPM, LBBW and Nykredit.


  • Central Bank of Savings Finland plans to sell EUR 2y Senior Preferred. Leads are DB, LBBW, Nordea and Op Corporate Bank.


Recently priced

  • Spain yesterday priced  €5bn 20y at SPGB +7bps through BBVA (B&D), CA, DB, JPM, Santander and SocGen. Latest book size above €40bn. Fund managers constituted the largest investor group taking 37.1% (around €1.9bn), followed by pension/insurance firms with 17.5% (€0.9bn) and bank treasuries with 17.2% (€0.9bn).


  • CADES yesterday priced €5bn long 10y Social at OATs +35bps through BNPP, JPM, Natixis and SocGen (B&D). Books above €11.5bn.


  • ESM yesterday tapped €2bn of the 1.0% 2025 at swaps -33bps through BofA (B&D), Commerzbank and HSBC. Books above €26bn. Central banks took 37% (€0.7bn) , fund managers 35% (€0.7bn) and banks 24% (€0.5bn).


  • KfW yesterday tapped €1bn 1.125% 2032 at swaps -21bps through CA (B&D), Deka and DB. Books above €4.5bn.


  • Slovenia yesterday priced €500m 2.25% 2032 at swaps +38bps through Barclays (B&D), BNPP, Erste and BNPP. Books above €1.8bn.


  • Santander yesterday priced €1.5bn 4y NC3 at swaps +105bps through Santander (B&D), BN, Barclays, CA, Danske and NatWest. Book above €2.2bn.


  • ArcelorMittal is yesterday priced €600m 4y at swaps +230bps through BNPP (B&D), CA, IMI, ING and SocGen. Book above €1.1bn.


  • RBI yesterday priced €500m 4y Covered at swaps +24bps through ING, Natixis, RBI (B&D), Santander and UniCredit.


  • UniCredit Bank yesterday priced €500m long 5y Green Covered bonds at swaps flat through Commerzbank, LBBW, Nordea, Santander and UniCredit (B&D). Books above €3bn


  • Sandvik AB yesterday priced €500m 7y at swaps +123bps through Citi, Danske, DB (B&D) and Nordea. Book above €1.6bn.


  • Nykredit Realkredit yesterday priced a €500m 10.25y NC5.25 Tier 2 sub at 5.5% to give swaps +295bps through GS, ING (B&D), JPM, Natixis and Nykredit.


  • Stadshypotek yesterday priced a €1bn 7y Swedish Covered bond at swaps +12bps through Commerzbank (B&D), CA, CS, Nomura and Handelsbanken. Books above €1.4bn.


  • Engie SA yesterday priced €600m 7yy Green at swaps +100bps through BNPP (B&D), CA, SocGen, BBVA, ING, Mizuho, Santander and UniCredit. Books above €2bn.


  • Ville de Paris yesterday priced €300m 20y Sustainability bonds at OATs +36bps through BofA, DB (B&D) and La Banque Postale.