EUR Vol: Right-hand side plays catch up

Down chart candlestick 11 Jun 2020
The right-hand side of the euro vol grid played catch-up today, leading the downward move

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  • Right-side plays catch up
  • New structured issues

    Right-side plays catch up
    The right-hand side of the euro vol grid played catch-up today, leading the downward move having outperformed the left-hand side during previous sessions. Several pieces in the top right lost up to 4 normals with 6m10y closing down by 3.9 at 108.9.

    “Although we’ve seen some intra-day volatility in the underlying, especially around recent US data, the level of delivered has not always looked high enough to justify current implieds, especially relative to historical levels,” felt one trader. That said, other traders reported there had been some gamma buying interest earlier in the week from clients returning from vacation.

    Elsewhere, the top left also faced sustained selling pressure although the losses were not as great as recent days. For instance, 1y1y closed 0.9nvol lower at 99.0 normals having dropped around 10 normals during Friday’s session.

    Meanwhile the offers have also rippled out to vega and pushed 10y10y to as low as 79.0 (-2.0) just before the close, testing the lows of last November.

    For euro option trades on the SDR see here and for volumes please see here.


    New structured issues

  • DZ Bank issued EUR 5y NC2 callable due Feb 2028. Coupon pays 3% with single call in Feb 2025. Self-led.

  • Helaba issued EUR 4y NC2 callable due Aug 2027. Coupon pays 2.65% with single call in Aug 2025. Self-led.