EUR Vol: Belly leads gains on sell-off

Chart up line Oct 2022
Euro implieds increased led by the belly as rates sold off today.

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  • Belly leads gains on sell-off
  • New structured issues

    Belly leads gains on sell-off
    Euro implieds increased today as rates sold off with the 10y Bund yield climbing as much as 10bps and reaching 2.56% to test last week’s high before drifting back later in the session. The rise in yields was part of a global move and led by gilts following stronger-than-expected UK PMI data. 

    In euro vol, the belly posted the biggest gains with 3m5y up by 1.5 normals at 109.8nvol and nearing recent highs. “It’s normal for the belly to lead during selloffs,” pointed out one vol trader. "Focus has perhaps shifted a bit in recent sessions to clients buying the belly and longer-tailed gamma. Top left gamma not so much (buying)," he said. 

    Still, the top left still finished the session higher today with pieces around 1y1y about 1 normal higher and marking new February highs. In the underlying red Euribors sold off up to 8bps, while Eurodollars have dropped up to 12bps and SONIA futures are down as much as 22bps.  

    For euro option trades on the SDR see here and for volumes please see here. Note that the Total Derivatives SDR now shows broker/platform information for each trade, where available.


    New structured issues

  • DZ Bank issued EUR 5y NC1 callable due Apr 2028. Coupon pays 3.25% with annual calls from Apr 2024. Self-led.

  • DZ Bank issued EUR 4y NC2 stepped callable due Apr 2027. Coupon pays 3% until single call in Apr 2025 and the 3.5% until maturity. Self-led.