EUR Swaps: Holzmann hits rally; Volatile spreads

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The rally took a hit after comments from ECB's Holzmann. Asset swap spreads are volatile and the curve is flatter.

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  • Holzmann hits rally; Volatile spreads
  • ASW and OIS/BOR tightening - NatWest
  • New issues

    Holzmann hits rally; Volatile spreads
    Euro rates have staged a rebound today with the Bund future last up 75 ticks and the 10y yield down by 6.5bps at 2.65%.

    However, the rally earlier took a knock after Austrian central banker and ECB member Holzmann said he wants a series of 50bps rate hikes at the next four meetings. The remarks swiped 8-10bps off Euribors although the market was quick to rally back, “Well, it’s pretty well known that Holzmann is a hawkish man,” remarked one trader.

    The euro swap curve has flattened with 2s/5s at -42.75bps (-0.5bp), 5s/10s at -19.5bps (-3.5bps) and 10s/30s at -56.75bp (-1.25bp). “There hasn’t been a great deal of real money interest so possibly it is position related,” suggested a dealer.

    Elsewhere, new issuance has seen a big revival after taking a pause during last week’s volatility. Among the names working on new deals are HSBC, NatWest and TD Bank as well as several corporates.

    Meanwhile, asset swap spreads were described as volatile amid the uptick in new issuance, “There’s been a lot of activity in the roll and movements in CTD so that’s been shaking things up a bit,” a trader said. Last prices vs 6m were Schatz at 61.7bps (+0.4bp), Bobl at 60.6bps (-0.1bp), Bund at 58.4bps (-0.1bp) and Buxl at 27.7bps (+0.3bp).

    Separately, in a strategy note today Commerzbank discusses last Friday’s tightening in the Schatz ASW, “This is leaving Schaz spreads on the tightest level since April at just above 60bp. The under-performance versus the ASW structure also accelerated with the Bund-Schatz box now trading at the lowest level since August excluding the very brief inversions late October. Although the Schatz underperformance looks set to slow, more ASW-tightening looks set to be in store.”


    ASW and OIS/BOR tightening - NatWest
    In its latest euro rates research NatWest expects swap spreads and €STR/BOR to tighten from here. It writes:

    • “Swaps spreads have been surprisingly resilient in this sell-off. Perhaps that’s a combination of front-end positioning in futures and caution about buying bonds outright. At higher rates, we see less rate locking and ALM paying. Spreads should tighten.

    • “At the front end, as we have explained in recent weeks, we see value in €STR-Euribor tightening, particularly from June or September contracts, where the roll-down is steep. We expect Euribor to continue to fix low, in other words, because Level 3 submissions based on smaller non financial corporate deposits are likely to continue to skew it to the lower side.”


    New issues

  • European Union plans EUR long 11y through Commerzbank, GS, HSBC, MS and SocGen.


  • Nestle is pricing €850m long 4y at swaps +13bps and €850m 10y at +55bps through BNPP, HSBC, JPM, Santander and SocGen.

  • NBN, an Australian telecoms company, is pricing €750m Green 6y at swaps +85bps and €600m 10y at +115bps through BNPP (B&D), Citi, DB and HSBC.

  • Andalucia plans EUR 10y Sustainable through BBVA, Caixa, CA, HSBC, ING and Santander.

  • HSBC is pricing €1.5bn 5y NC4 at swaps +120bps and €1.25bn 9y NC8 at swaps +150bps through HSBC, ABN, BBVA, CA, Swedbank and UniCredit.

  • CFF is pricing €1.75bn 8.5y Covered at swaps +26bps through ABN, BayernLB, Caixa, Commerzbank, HSBC, Natixis (B&D), Rabo and SEB.

  • Global Payments Inc, a US company, plans EUR 8y through BofA, JPM and Barclays.

  • TD Bank is pricing €3.5bn Covered 3y at swaps +22bps and €1.5bn 7y at +40bps through BBVA, CA, DB, ING, Santander and TD (B&D).

  • Northwestern Life, a US insurer, plans EUR 7y through CS, DB and JPM.

  • IB Brandenburg is pricing €500m (max) 7y at swaps +2bps through Commerzbank, Helaba, LBBW, NordLB and UniCredit (B&D).

  • Stellantis plans EUR 7y Green through BBVA, Commerzbank, DB, GS, Mediobanca, Santander and UniCredit.

  • Toyota Motor Credit is pricing €1bn 6.5y at swaps +75bps through BNPP (B&D), Commerzbank, HSBC, ING and UniCredit.

  • NatWest plans €500m (max) 5y NC4 Social through NatWest, ING, Natixis and UniCredit.

  • Autoliv plans 5y Green through Mizuho, MS and SEB.

  • Landsbankinn plans €300m (max) 5y Covered through Barclays, Natixis and UBS.

  • Volksbank plans €500m (max) 4y Green through Danske, Deka, Erste, Natixis, Raiffeisen and UniCredit.

  • North Macedonia is pricing EUR 4y around 7.625% through Citi (B&D), DB, Erste and JPM.