EUR New Issues: Big backlog of supply hits screens

Tap water liquidity 10 Jun 2021
A big backlog of supply is hitting the screens with MetLife, Harley Davidson, Sumitomo Mitsui and Westpac pricing in euros.

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New issues

  • SDG Paris is pricing EUR 30y Green around OATs +53bps through BNPP, BofA (B&D), CA and Nomura.

  • NRW.Bank is pricing €1bn (max) 10y Social around swaps +3bps through JPM, NatWest, LBBW and TD.

  • Flemish Community is pricing EUR 10y around OLOs +45bps through DB (B&D), HSBC, ING and UniCredit.

  • National Gas, a UK company, is pricing €500m 7y around swaps +160bps and £250m 12y around gilts +235bps. Leads are BNPP (B&D EUR), Lloyds, MUFG, NatWest (B&D GBP) and RBC.

  • Siemens Energy is pricing EUR 3y around swaps +115bps and 6y around swaps +160bps through Commerzbank, CA (B&D), Mizuho, Standard Chartered and BNPP.

  • State of Berlin is pricing EUR 6y around swaps -7bps through Commerzbank (B&D), DZ, Helaba, JPM and SocGen.

  • Swedbank Mortgage is pricing EUR 5.25y Covered around swaps +21bps through CA, DB, HSBC, LBBW and Swedbank.

  • Greece is pricing EUR 5y around swaps +95bps through BNPP, Citi, DB, MS (B&D) and Nomura.

  • MetLife is pricing EUR 5y FA backed around swaps +120bps through BNPP, BofA, DB (B&D) and GS.

  • Nexans SA is pricing €500m 5y SLB around 5.75% through BNPP (B&D), CA and GS.

  • Securitas AB is pricing EUR 4y around swaps +140bps through BBVA, CIC, Citi (B&D), Commerzbank, Danske, ING, SEB and UniCredit.

  • HIME SAS plans €300m (max) 4y SLB after investor calls on 29 March through BNPP, HSBC and MS.

  • Harley Davidson Financial is pricing EUR 3y around swaps +240bps through Citi, GS (B&D), Lloyds and Mizuho.

  • Sumitomo Mitsui is pricing €500m (max) 3y Covered around swaps +50bps through GS (B&D), BNPP, CA, Daiwa, Barclays and UBS.

  • Westpac is pricing EUR 2y Covered around swaps +15bps through Barclays, BNPP, HSBC and Westpac.