AUD Swaps: 5y given; Box flatter; Consumer confidence falls further

Flat 5 Jun 2020
The AUD swap market in general lacked a clear direction, thought domestic consumer confidence data might have backed the receiving in the 5-10y area.

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  • Consumer confidence falls further

  • 5y given; Box flatter

  • New issues


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Consumer confidence falls further

AUD bond futures were mostly weaker in the morning session, but rallied a tad after lunch break. Dealers said players were very reluctant to trade ahead of some key data both in the US, EU and domestically. The market therefore looked as if there was no clear direction.


A further deterioration in consumer confidence, according to data from Westpac earlier today, might be the reason behind the mild demand for AUD rates in later trading. The index was down 1.5% in September month on month, after 0.4% of contraction in August. The index for business confidence from NAB indicated a slight improvement from 1 in July to 2 in August.


In mid-afternoon Sydney trading 10-year bond future was 2-ticks higher at 85.86, and the 3s/10s futures curve was a basis point flatter at 31.5bps.



5y given; Box flatter

In swaps,  a dealer noticed relatively busier flow in 10-year where there was a couple of outright flow, backed by slightly better paying. It traded 0.25bp to 0.5bp higher before slightly better receiving kicked in after mid-day. 10-year was last seen changing hands 1.5bps lower of 4.485%.


5-year has shown some clearer receiving interest. It went through 0.5bp lower in the morning, and then 2-2.25bps lower in the afternoon session. It was last traded 2.25bps lower of 4.215%, tightening EFP there by a basis point to 39bps.


3- and 10-year EFPs were 0.5bp and 1.5bps tighter at 23bps and 33bps respectively,  flattening the EFP box by a basis point to 10bps.



New issues

  • Santos Finance Ltd raised USD850m via selling 6.875% September 19, 2033 144A/Reg S callables with call at par from June 2033. Priced at USTs + 265bps.