Inflation - EUR

EURi: EUR 1y back above 7% on energy, Germany

Euro inflation flattened again as the front end surged on the back of energy and uncertainty about Germany's plans to protect households.

EURi: Bull-flattening extends; Green inflation premia

Euro inflation continued to bull-flatten with the front end and FRF leading the gains. BNPP looks at impact of net zero on inflation risk premia.

EURi: Rhine and market both illiquid; FRF whacked as bill...

Both the Rhine and the euro inflation market were deemed illiquid today as the curve bull-flattened. Meanwhile French inflation continued to suffer.

USDi: BEs chop into the green despite ‘technical recessio...

Confirmation of a ‘technical recession’ sent a series of tremors through the financial landscape that saw BEs trade choppily into the green.

USDi: Fed threads its 75bps hike to the delight of BEs

BEs were lifted into and out of today’s 75bps rate hike by the Fed in a broad multi-asset advance.

USDi: BEs move every which way but loose ahead of FOMC

A jumpy and erratic pre-FOMC trade intraday pushed and pulled BEs and inflation swaps every which way but loose to ultimately end narrowly mixed.

EURi: Curve re-prices on energy; Short helps auction

Another rise in gas prices and choppy trading in oil helped to bull-flatten inflation even as the Italian auction found support from dealers' short.

USDi: Nominals suck out any joy to be found in 10y TIPS a...

Against a series of cross currents, BEs traded softer into and out of today’s $17bn 10y TIPS auction before a late-day bid lifted them off the lows.

EURi: Bear-steepening after hawkish ECB, oil and supply

Euro inflation bear-steepened today against the backdrop of a hawkish ECB decision, a big selloff in Italian assets, French supply and weaker oil.

EURi: Bear-steepening as ECB and supply approach

Euro inflation bear-steepened a tad today ahead of the ECB and French supply later in the week.