Inflation - EUR

USDi: PPI beats a dead horse; BEs tired from CPI party

PPI continued to beat the dead horse inflation narrative, but BEs traded off against a shaky risk tone and continued lingering sellers.

EURi: French inflation leads latest drop

French inflation led the latest fall after weakness in TIPS weighed on the market following a relatively positive open.

USDi: Inflation beast not yet tamed; BEs rise on CPI

BEs popped higher after a stronger than expected April CPI proved the inflation beast has yet to be tamed.

USDi: BEs buckle further ahead of CPI data

BEs bear steepened as continued better selling into the CPI data overshadowed the stabilization in broader risk sentiment.

EURi: Inflation whacked - more sellers lurk

Supply fears and long positioning added to a perfect storm of macro factors to smash euro inflation lower over the last few sessions.

USDi: BEs weather post-FOMC about-face carnage fairly well

BEs weathered today’s post-FOMC about-face in sentiment fairly well with the major mover being RYs that sharply repriced higher along with nominals.

EURi: 5y5y down as curve flattens; Spanish tap; Index out...

A post-Fed bounce failed to materialise in euro inflation today although the Spanish linker auction still went OK.

BOE: SONIAs rally after MPC sticks to 25bps, sees sharp s...

MPC SONIAs forwards rallied strongly after the BOE voted 6:3 for a 25bps hike rather than 50bps, and warned of a "sharp" growth slowdown.

USDi: BEs join the post-FOMC relief-rally party

BEs joined other asset classes in a post-FOMC relief rally after Powell downplayed 75bps hikes.

EURi: Sellers arrive ahead of the Fed, Spanish supply

Sellers arrived in euro inflation ahead of the FOMC decision today with the curve flattening helped by stronger oil prices.