Inflation - EUR

USDi: TIIJul32s lovefest before a dose of reality sinks i...

BEs cruised into today’s $15bn 10y TIPS tap with a bid and shot even higher the strong results. But then BEs got hit amid today’s bearish sentiment.

EURi: French round-trip. Slaughter and the dogs

A round-trip for FRF inflation, bear-steepening in USTs ahead of the TIPS auction and upcoming Italian supply were all cited by traders today.

EURi: French auction squeezed up before energy drags mark...

A small, squeezed French linker auction saw cash and swaps head upwards today before weakness in energy pared the surge back.

EURi: Bid again amid energy rebound and strong US CPI

Euro inflation rebounded amid higher energy prices and stronger-than-forecast US CPI data.

USDi: BEs detest hawkish double-whammy

BEs detested the hawkish double-whammy of a record ECB rate hike and Powell hawk talk despite an otherwise favorable backdrop.

EUR Swaps: ECB doing enough or behind the curve?

Strategists debate the likely peak in interest rates and whether the ECB is taking enough action.

USDi: Mester swings and misses but energy knocks out BEs

Early hawkish comments from Fed’s Mester failed to derail nominals and risk sentiment today but much weaker energy knocked out BEs.

EURi: Front-end retreats as gas declines

Today saw a sharp reversal in euro inflation with the front-end moving lower as energy prices retreated.

USDi: Weak energy continues to sink front-end BEs

Weaker energy prices continued to weigh on front-end BEs, already battered by recent selling flows amid illiquid conditions.

EURi: Energy and positioning drive bear-steepening

Falling energy and bad positioning helped to drive bear-steepening in euro inflation today, with near-consensus HICP data unhelpful.