Inflation - EUR

USDi: BEs tap themselves out of central bank Dove-Fest

BEs decided that enough is enough and tapped themselves out of today’s central bank dovish fest with a modest pull-back.

EURi: ECB lights a path to the peak; Weighting for Germany

Linkers almost matched today's peripheral-led ECB bond surge, leaving B/Es little-changed. Supply, positioning and reweighting were all in the mix.

USDi: Markets squeeze dovish message out of Powell; BEs f...

The broader markets manage to squeeze a dovish message out of today's FOMC decision/Powell presser, and BEs followed suit by ending modestly higher.

EURi: Flatter as long end slips; Peering through the data...

Euro inflation finished flatter again today as the long end slipped although today's inflation prints were much less surprising than Spain's.

USDi: All the stars aligned for BEs; Month-end buying FOMO

BEs had all the stars aligned to continue their recent uber-bullish run with month-end flows starting to filter in helping the move.

EURi: No sign of a hangover in Italy

Italian linker supply seemed to be well digested according to dealers today, with BTPei able to keep up with gains in core and swaps.

USDi: BEs stumble at the opening bell but come full circle

BEs saw some early session pockets of weakness, but managed to chop their way higher to end the session just a smidgen higher.

USDi: 10y Auction tailwinds continue to lift BEs

The tailwinds from last week’s stellar 10y TIPS market continued to propel the inflation market higher for the fourth consecutive session.

EURi: Steeper as energy slides; BTPei-33 concession; Bank...

Euro inflation re-steepened as oil and gas futures lost ground. In cash, the BTPei-33 underperformed ahead of this week's auction.

USDi: New Jan33 TIPS turn a blind eye to RY rally

Today’s $17bn 10y TIPS auction (Jan33s) was met with solid demand despite various headwinds, the most potent being rich/rallying RYs.