Inflation - USD

USDi: Solid PPI; BEs nudge a little higher; CPI on the ho...

BEs nudged a little higher with a strong PPI providing a green light against an inflation-friendly/neutral backdrop. CPI is now on the horizon.

USDi: Fed props up front BEs but nominal rally weighs on ...

Today’s Fed TIPS purchase helped support front-end BEs but the bull flattening nominal rally weighed on longer tenors.

USDi: BEs snap back up; Fed TIPS purchase eyed; Minutes

BEs snapped back higher today after yesterday’s flow-driven hiccup. Inflationistas eye tomorrow’s Fed TIPS purchase operation.

USDi: BEs sellers emerge amid a tepid energy rally

BEs sellers emerge today as an energy rally lost much of its upward momentum intraday while nominal yields ground lower in the backdrop.

USDi: Front boosted by energy, risky assets; Long end lags

BE curve saw a solid flattening today, with the front end widening versus weakness in the back end of the curve. JP Morgan examines SDR swap trends.

USDi: BEs grind higher with the party in risky assets

With risky assets making new highs, BEs lifted and rebounded off yesterday's slump. JP Morgan finds front end valuations looking stretched.

USDi: BEs feel some pressure; Buyback better subscribed

BEs had a up then ultimately down day. The Fed buyback saw better subscription, sources note, but out of the buyback the 30y then the 5y softened.

USDi: BEs noise cancel the Black Gold blues

Oil sold off sharply despite continued Suez Canal paralysis. However, BEs ultimately ignored Black Gold and rallied nevertheless.

USDi: A stuck ship lifts front-end BEs

New that a stuck container ship in the Suez Canal lit a fire in the energy pits that sparked a decent bid in front-end BEs today.

USDi: BEs don their characteristic risk-off stripes

BE characteristically bear steepened amid today’s broader risk-off move despite the helping hand of a lightly attended TIPS purchase operation.