Inflation - USD

USDi: BEs dip then bounce as buyers emerge

BEs took an early dip until buyers swept in at the morning lows to leave them mixed but little change at the close.

USDi: BEs sulk into month-end; Basis better bid

A multitude of headwinds kept BEs under pressure into today’s modest month-end bid while the inflation basis has been better bid of late.

USDi: Front-end BEs fall as RYs rise; Attractive RY levels?

Front-end BEs are falling today as RYs rise amid better-than-expected data and continuation of the debt impasse. Some see 30y RYs getting attractive.

USDi: Debt ceiling impasse catches up with BEs

Unlike yesterday, debt ceiling angst finally caught up with BEs, with dealer marking them lower amid RY selling.

USDi: BEs weather latest debt impasse well

BEs weathered the latest debt impasse as well as some Fed hawk-talk well as the energy complex helped support the inflation curve.

USDi: BEs get modest bump up after solid 10y TIPS reopening

BEs had a choppy trade intraday but got a modest bump higher into the close after today’s solid $15bn 10y TIPS re-opening.

EURi: B/Es up as duration weak again; EIB linker

Euro B/Es and real yields both rose today against the backdrop of a selloff in nominal duration. In the news, the EIB printed a linker via JPM.

USD Swaps: USTs pressured as debt-limit deal eyed; 10y TI...

USTs have come under renewed pressure as a debt-limit deal is eyed. Sources and JPM preview 10y TIPS reopening.

USDi: BEs bull-flatten with front-end more balanced

BEs bull-flattened amid a broadly favorable risk backdrop, with sources citing more balanced flows at the front-end now after last week’s weak CPI.

USDi: BEs open bid but end close to the reservation

BEs opened up the session better bid but this early was met with better sellers that took much of the shine off the market at the morning highs.