Inflation - USD

USDi: Ugly rout for TIPS persisting

The ugly rout in duration continued today with TIPS underperforming yet again, leaving BEs lower amid more selling.

USDi: 10y TIPS re-opening not a home run, but a decent tr...

Today’s 10y TIPS re-opening was not a home run, but a decent triple. BEs opened up better bid but lost altitude intraday to end mixed.

USD Swaps: USTs flip steeper: 10y TIPS auction preview

USTs have flipped steeper as longer tenors reel from the lingering fallout after yesterday’s FOMC decision. 10y TIPS auction views.

USDi: BEs give thumbs down to Fed’s ‘hawkish hold’; 10y T...

BEs gave a thumbs down today’s ‘hawkish hold’, gapping lower on the headlines/presser. Attention now turns to the 10y TIPS re-opening tomorrow.

USDi: RYs hit along with nominals; Inflation risks lurk

Nominals tested/hit new multi-decade lows but RY sellers were in the mix too, leaving BEs just marginally higher. Some see inflation risks lurking.

USDi: PPI comes in hotter-than-expected; BEs rally modestly

PPI came in hotter-than-expected, helping to spark a nominal sell-off that left BEs modestly higher.

USDi: CPI pop in BEs sold by fast money

BEs popped higher on a largely consensus CPI print only to sink lower as fast money accounts sold into the strength.

USDi: Black gold supports short-end BEs ahead of CPI

On the eve of the August CPI release, short-end BEs got a lift from higher oil prices while longer tenors relinquished early gains.

USDi: TIPS outpace nominals as yields retrace lower

Despite another batch of hotter-than-expected data, rates reversed lower with TIPS outpacing nominals.

USDi: BEs mixed as initial beta pop largely faded

An initial beta-driven pop in BEs was largely faded, leaving BEs narrowly mixed and flatter on the day.