Inflation - GBP

GBP Swaps: Bailey defends MPC; RPI to go one louder

BOE Governor Bailey defended the MPC in this time of ballooning inflation, allowing gilts and linkers to retain gains at the close. BofA eyes RPI.

GBP Swaps: Strong week for 5y ASW; Is RPI reform risk real?

Gilts staged a bearish reversal while traders discuss 5y ASWs. And RPI reform - the topic that won't die - is being challenged. Barclays explores.

USDi: PPI beats a dead horse; BEs tired from CPI party

PPI continued to beat the dead horse inflation narrative, but BEs traded off against a shaky risk tone and continued lingering sellers.

GBP Swaps: Gilts roar… linkers roar louder. 1y2y RPI focus

Today saw the end of something new and the beginning of something old. Equities and fixed income split, with fixed income exiting the falling plane.

USDi: Inflation beast not yet tamed; BEs rise on CPI

BEs popped higher after a stronger than expected April CPI proved the inflation beast has yet to be tamed.

GBP Swaps: Steeper after roundtrip; BOE narrative shift i...

Gilts took a lengthy round trip today eventually recovering all their post-US CPI losses to leave the sterling curve lower and steeper.

USDi: BEs buckle further ahead of CPI data

BEs bear steepened as continued better selling into the CPI data overshadowed the stabilization in broader risk sentiment.

USDi: BEs weather post-FOMC about-face carnage fairly well

BEs weathered today’s post-FOMC about-face in sentiment fairly well with the major mover being RYs that sharply repriced higher along with nominals.

USDi: BEs join the post-FOMC relief-rally party

BEs joined other asset classes in a post-FOMC relief rally after Powell downplayed 75bps hikes.

USDi: BEs take one small step forward after recent ransac...

BEs take one small step forward after recent ransacking with continued late-day selling kept the rebound relatively capped.