Inflation - GBP

USDi: Solid PPI; BEs nudge a little higher; CPI on the ho...

BEs nudged a little higher with a strong PPI providing a green light against an inflation-friendly/neutral backdrop. CPI is now on the horizon.

GBP Swaps: Long buyers linger; Supply rumours; RPI revolt

An early sell-off partly-reversed as the 10s30s curve again refused to follow the steepening in the US amid supply rumours. CPIH faces a challenge.

USDi: Fed props up front BEs but nominal rally weighs on ...

Today’s Fed TIPS purchase helped support front-end BEs but the bull flattening nominal rally weighed on longer tenors.

USDi: BEs snap back up; Fed TIPS purchase eyed; Minutes

BEs snapped back higher today after yesterday’s flow-driven hiccup. Inflationistas eye tomorrow’s Fed TIPS purchase operation.

GBPi: Pompey PFI linker shows beauty of UK market; B/E br...

RPI gets a boost from QAH's linker with traders reflecting on the 'beauty' of the UK inflation market. Meanwhile breakevens take a breather.

USDi: BEs sellers emerge amid a tepid energy rally

BEs sellers emerge today as an energy rally lost much of its upward momentum intraday while nominal yields ground lower in the backdrop.

GBP Swaps: Long end richer, B/Es tighter

A low volume session saw gilts rise from early lows alongside USTs. Long nominals outperformed a touch and the B/E curve ended tighter and flatter.

GBP Swaps: USTs and liquidity weigh on gilts, linkers

Gilt yields followed USTs north and B/Es sold off by around a bp as linkers failed to eat to the beta.

GBP Swaps: Dip buying fades; Liquidity focus; Bottoms up

Bear-flattening reversed this afternoon as flows faded. Traders eye liquidity, as does the BOE, which is also busy examining inflation forecasting.

USDi: BEs noise cancel the Black Gold blues

Oil sold off sharply despite continued Suez Canal paralysis. However, BEs ultimately ignored Black Gold and rallied nevertheless.