Inflation - GBP

GBP Swaps: Gilts trim gains as GSIBs' CDS come back

Gilts pared gains from mid-morning as bank CDS came in from early wides, after pressure on a range of GSIB names began to ease.

USDi: 10y TIPS bought, but not ripped off the shelves; BE...

While today’s $15bn 10y TIPS reopening weren’t ripped off the shelves, it was decent enough even though BEs sank into the close.

GBP Swaps: Dovish hike helps to bull-steepen

A brace of dovish rate hikes helped gilts to forget yesterday's bad CPI and look instead to the possibility that today's could be the last.

USD Swaps: Steepener entrenched post-FOMC; 10y TIPS aucti...

USTs are mixed but the curve continues to steepen in the wake of yesterday’s FOMC decision. Dealers and sources preview today’s 10y TIPS auction.

USDi: BEs winning streak continues post-FOMC; 10y TIPS su...

BEs continued this week’s winning streak into and out of today’s less-hawkish FOMC rate hike. 10y TIPS supply up next.

GBP Swaps: Inflation pop hits SONIAs, flattens curve

An unexpected rise in inflation ahead of Thursday's BOE decision whacked SONIAs and flattened the curve as the market re-priced a 25bps hike.

USDi: BEs rally again, but not out of the woods yet

BEs rebounded nicely amid continued risk-on sentiment. But sources caution that market is not out of the woods yet ahead of FOMC and 10y TIPS supply.

GBP Swaps: Supply flies; Rothesay’s busy pipe

Wrong as it may sound, but the gilt market was again a model of restraint, while a 2053 auction was snapped up. Rothesay eyes boomtime. Supply talk.

GBP Swaps: Boring, boring sterling; PIC on buyouts, LDI; ...

Another quiet day saw 10y gilt yields trapped in a 19bps range. One senior trader eyes cross-market disparities. PIC looks at buyouts and LDI.

USDi: BEs wallow as beta breaks down; 10y TIPS re-opening...

Better RY sellers caused typical betas to completely break down today, leaving BEs wallowing. 10y TIPS re-opening announced.