Inflation - GBP

USDi: Duration grab-a-thon leaves BEs squishy yet again

An outsized rally in nominals only served to compound the recent weakness in BEs as sellers continue to dominate.

GBP Swaps: Shock as linkers sell-off pre-auction, then ra...

This week of a thousand gilt sales continued today with emergency QT unwinds and a spooky linker auction. BNPP eyes QT in 2023.

USDi: BEs continue to leak lower amid ongoing risk-off tr...

BEs continued to leak lower as the ongoing risk-off trade is the wake of better data persisted and ahead of the FOMC.

GBP Swaps: Gilts survive; Emergency QT smooth; CTD talk

Another day, another avalanche of gilt sales. But the market seems to be rising to the challenge. Tradition looks at the CTD situation.

GBP Swaps: NFP bear-steepens; Lessons from the BOE's ops

Strong US jobs data knocked gilts back today, more than reversing early gains and bear-steepening the curve.

USDi: BE pop higher at the open then buyers run for the h...

BEs popped higher at the open on continued month-end RY demand then fell back lower as buyers vanished.

GBP Swaps: Gilts lag again as DMO sells; FSGP views

Gilts lagged their peers again today with supply from the DMO to digest rather than the BOE. Banks tweak their BOE FSGP views.

USDi: Powell’s nod to 50bps invigorates BEs into month-en...

Powell’s nod at 50bps at the December meeting invigorates BEs into an already building month-end bid today.

GBP Swaps: Underperformance as BOE sells; PFs and gilts

Gilts underperformed Bunds and USTs across the curve into month-end but held up versus swaps as BOE sales jumped. Regulators look at LDI buffers.

USDi: BEs mixed in choppy but contained trade; Month-end ...

BEs ended mixed amid a choppy but contained trade that saw the curve flatten. Attention now turns to month-end tomorrow.