Inflation - GBP

USDi: Jul31s cruise smoothly into the station

Today’s upsized $16bn new 10y TIPS auction (Jul31s) cruised smoothly into the station, providing BEs a lift off the pre-auction lows to end mixed.

GBP Swaps: Bull-flattening; Aviva; RPI/CPI trade

Gilts mostly shrugged off bullish words from BOE bigwig Ben Broadbent only to rally anyway. 5y ASWs widened.

USDi: BEs come out swinging as nominals clobbered; 10y RY...

BEs rebounded nicely once again as nominals got clobbered amid another risk-on session. Dealers see RY concession needed for 10y auction tomorrow.

GBPi: Front end RPI stubbornly rich as data impact lingers

The front end of the UK inflation curve stays stubbornly rich as the impact of the June data print lingers on.

USDi: BEs recover from Mike Tyson-like knock-out

BEs largely recovered from yesterday’s Tyson-like knock-out punch as equities/energy rebounded nicely today.

USDi: Front-end BEs losing some luster; 10y supply eyed i...

Front-end BEs are losing some of their luster after today after CPI kept them largely afloat, while longer tenors post modest gains.

GBP Swaps: 20y ASW flow; How many hawks? CPIH deal

A late squeeze added to the gilt market’s bounce-back bringing 10y gilt yields near to recent lows. Traders eye 20y ASW flow. BofA looks at July 19.

USDi: Longer tenor BEs sulk; Import prices; 10y supply an...

Longer tenor BEs sulked under the weight of the torrid nominal bull-flattener. Import prices hit the tape. New 10y TIPS supply announced.

USDi: BEs lose all their CPI gusto despite PPI assist

BEs lost all their gusto coming out of yesterday’s rock-solid CPI release yesterday despite an added assist from a rock-solid PPI today.

GBPi: Data catches market unaware - traders unpick impact

Inflation data caught the sterling rates market unaware today but volumes are light as traders unpick the impact.