Inflation - GBP

USDi: BEs finally hit the pause button

BEs finally hit the pause button today after a torrid run this week that easily sliced through the $19bn in new 5y TIPS supply yesterday.

GBP Swaps: Canadian hammers 30s/40s; Pill's new role

A lively Friday saw 30s/40s, futures and 5y all catch the eye as gilts surged after dovish words from the MPC's new diversity spokesman.

USDi: BEs lovefest continues, undeterred by uber-rich 5y ...

BEs continued to bull-flatten straight into and out of today’s soild $19bn 5y TIPS auction, undeterred by rich RY and BE valuations.

GBP Swaps: Green is go; B/Es nuts - again; Barclays hedge...

Yet another lively trading session saw the second Green gilt leave the tarmac, after a slight delay, and B/Es go ballistic.

USDi: BEs heading into 5y supply with a full wind in sails

BEs continued to bull-flatten with a vengeance, with valuations at new multi-year highs heading into tomorrow’s 5y TIPS auction.

GBP Swaps: Front gains; Inflation up across the curve

A partial recovery at the front of the short sterling strip was accompanied by post-data gains across the inflation curve today.

USDi: BEs reach a minimal flight altitude; 5y TIPS supply...

After getting knocked out of flight upon take-off yesterday, BEs reached very minimal altitudes today. Focus shifts to the 5y auction on Thursday.

GBP Swaps: Suspicions denied as Green gilt turns amber

A volte-face by the good people of the DMO (as well as its syndication team) attracted conspiracy theories as Greens turned amber.

USDi: CPI tailwinds persist for BEs; PPI prints; 5y TIPS ...

BEs used CPI tailwinds, risk-on sentiment and higher energy prices to continue recent bull-flattening. PPI hit the tape. 5y TIPS auction announced.

GBP Swaps: Dove not scared by chickens; Positioning talks

Despite threats of more expensive industrial chicken products in the future (and a fresh jump in RPI swaps), one MPC member stuck to her guns.