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USDi: BEs’ newfound attitude supports 10y TIPS auction

BEs adopted a newfound attitude after the Fed ruined the day yesterday, lending solid support to today’s $14bn 10y TIPS reopening.

Asia-Pacific MTNs: Callables; Zeros; Kangas

Listing of structured bonds and vanilla bonds issued in the Asia Pacific markets over the past week.

USDi: Fed’s more decisive taper talk scares BEs lower; 10...

The Fed/Powell’s more decisive taper talk at today’s FOMC decision scared BEs lower amid better RY selling. 10y TIPS auction now eyed.

USDi: Cooler heads prevails but BEs still a little sticky

Risk sentiment stabilized after yesterday’s scare but BEs were sticky today, reluctant to join the modest risk-on move despite the Fed’s help.

USDi: BE curve steepens amid many cross-currents; 10y TIP...

The BEs curve steepened with tenors beyond the very front-end getting a modest bump higher amid many cross-currents.

USDi: CPI misses the mark, but not shockingly so

The August CPI print missed the mark at most points - but not shockingly so – with BEs unsurprisingly bear steepening post data.

JPY Swaps: How will the LDP election impact the market?

Price action and flow is lacking in the JPY rates space. What impact will the upcoming LDP election have on the market?

USDi: BEs sulk a tad on the eve of CPI; FM sellers

BEs sulk a tad on the eve of CPI as fast money sellers took advantage of recent strength.

USDi: BEs hit air pocket then return back up to cruising ...

TIPS breakevens hit an air pocket intraday but managed to returned to their earlier cruising altitudes despite headwinds.

USDi: BEs push higher against the grain again

BEs once again largely ignored the broader inflation unfriendly backdrop and pushed higher for the second consecutive session.