Inflation - JPY

USDi: Fed’s hawkish tide sinks all boats, BEs included

A more hawkish than expected FOMC dot plot essentially sent all major asset classes lower with TIPS/BEs far from unscathed today.

USDi: Team Reflationista scores PPI points; TIPS/BE selli...

A much stronger-than-expected May PPI print gave another point to Team Reflationista. BEs bull flattened as better TIPS/BE selling abated.

USDi: CPI sugar high quickly fades away; RM sellers

Yesterday’s CPI sugar high for the U.S. inflation asset class didn’t last too as real money sellers knocked BEs lower today.

USDi: Inflation genie out of bottle, how long though? Sel...

Today’s stronger-than-expected May CPI print woke BEs up from a six-day narrowing spell but selling pressure still remained in the background.

USDi: BEs hellbent on limping into CPI

BEs remained hellbent on limping into tomorrow’s CPI print as continued end-user selling/profit taking persisted.

USDi: BEs go offline and fail to recover; End-user sales

Risk sentiment recovered from an early hacking scare but BEs didn’t come along for the ride amid more end-user TIPS/BE sales.

USDi: Position squaring weighs on BEs

Position squaring ahead of Thursday’s CPI print weighed on BEs today against an otherwise bland macro backdrop.

USDi: BEs dragged down as commodities sulk

While nominals took a hit on today’s solid ADP, TIPS took an even bigger hit with sources citing weaker commodities as the main culprit.

USDi: Can’t put a smile on BEs today

BEs softened up today despite a generally inflation-friendly backdrop with higher energy and another TIPS purchase operation unable to turn the tide.

USDi: BEs slowly but surely find some traction

After softening up despite an inflation friendly backdrop yesterday, BEs slowly but surely found some traction amid similar conditions today.