Inflation - JPY

USDi: BEs still stuck in bear steepening abyss at month-e...

With all the card stacked against it today, BEs continued falling into the bear steepening abyss today with little aid from month-end index demand.

USDi: BE stuck in bear steepening spell as rebalancing co...

BEs remained under bear steepening pressure, extending their recent rout as rebalancing flows continue to pressure TIPS.

USDi: Risk-off nemesis hits BEs again; Attractive valuati...

Risk-off sentiment once again hits BEs with valuations now looking attractive at the front-end to some.

JPY Swaps: Forward flow; BOJ bets back Bear Trade

There has been a pickup in JPY forward trade. Bets on the BOJ dropping its YCC commitment are backing interest in the Japanese Bear Trade.

JPY Swaps: Trade picks up after poor auction; Renault Sam...

Long swap flow has picked up after Thursday's poorly received 20y JGB auction. Renault issued a 3y Samurai Bond.

USDi: Decent TIPS auction lift 5y BEs while other tenors ...

Today’s decent $18bn 5y TIPS re-opening managed to improve the performance of the 5y BEs while other tenors softened up again.

JPY Swaps: Dysfunction dampens liquidity

There has been some trade in JPY forwards as the market rallies. Dysfunction and disruption in the JGB market is dampening liquidity.

USDi: Powell fails to perk up BEs; 5y TIPS auction up next

A few soothing words from Powell helped lift an early slump in risk sentiment. But this wasn’t enough for BEs ahead of 5y supply tomorrow.

JPY Swaps: Price action calms after weak 5y tender

There has been trade in 3m JPY forwards as price action has calmed after yesterday's weak 5y auction. The yen is at its weakest point in 24 years.

JPY Swaps: Spread vol up as BOJ pins 10y bond yield

The long-end of the JPY curve is steeper after the BOJ pinned the 10y yield and triggered a wave of spread volatility.