Inflation - JPY

USDi: Risk sentiment bounces back but BEs don’t amid buye...

While risk sentiment bounced back from an early stumble, BEs never joined amid a lack of buyers today.

USDi: BEs keep a good thing going as ugly month-end fades...

BEs built on yesterday’s already heady gains as another uber-risk-on day as last week’s poor month-end performance fades.

USDi: Inflation headwinds build with BEs tumbling sharply...

A multitude of inflation headwinds – including some imported from abroad – weighed heavily on BEs with little resistance.

USDi: Gilt-induced nominal rally leaves TIPS clawing back...

BEs steadily overcame a massive Gilt-induced rally in nominals intraday as higher equities and energy lured buyers in.

USDi: BEs bounce back with beta-mode switched back on

While early rallies in equities and nominals largely fizzled, BEs were left with beta-driven gains and momentum from a strong equity open.

USDi: TIIJul32s lovefest before a dose of reality sinks i...

BEs cruised into today’s $15bn 10y TIPS tap with a bid and shot even higher the strong results. But then BEs got hit amid today’s bearish sentiment.

USDi: BEs still have some post-CPI gas in the tank

The U.S. inflation market apparently still had some post-CPI gas in the tank this session with a little added top-off from today’s PPI release.

USDi: BEs detest hawkish double-whammy

BEs detested the hawkish double-whammy of a record ECB rate hike and Powell hawk talk despite an otherwise favorable backdrop.

USDi: Mester swings and misses but energy knocks out BEs

Early hawkish comments from Fed’s Mester failed to derail nominals and risk sentiment today but much weaker energy knocked out BEs.

USDi: Weak energy continues to sink front-end BEs

Weaker energy prices continued to weigh on front-end BEs, already battered by recent selling flows amid illiquid conditions.