Inflation - JPY

USDi: Hawkish Powell knocks BEs out of initial flight

Today’s hawkish interpretation of the FOMC decision and Powell comments knocked BEs out of initial flight as the risk tone soured.

USDi: BEs track broader risk tone again, but end mostly i...

BEs largely tracked the broader risk tone once again intraday, but ended mostly in the black despite a still shaky risk backdrop.

USDi: TIPS squeezed into 10y auction; BEs come full circl...

TIPS were squeezed into today’s $16bn 10y TIPS auction, causing the auction to tail and BEs to come full circle intraday.

USDi: Impending 10y TIPS supply weighs on BEs

Tomorrow’s $16bn 10y TIPS auction weighed on BEs today against a broader risk-off backdrop.

USDi: Pipeline pressures cool; BEs still moping about pos...

Pipeline pressures cooled last month, and didn’t help BEs which are still reeling from yesterday’s consensus CPI and a broader risk-off move today.

USDi: BEs not enthused by strong but consensus CPI

BEs were not enthused by today’s solid but nonetheless consensus CPI with sellers surfacing intraday on concerns of the Fed falling behind the curve.

USDi: BEs finally turn the corner; CPI on deck

BEs finally turned the corner after last week’s post-FOMC minutes rout with a solid bid into tomorrow’s heavily anticipated Dec CPI.

USDi: BEs fear and loathe a potentially aggressive Fed

BEs continued to sink lower as fear and loathing of a more aggressive Fed continued to weigh heavily on the market.

USDi: BEs continue to consolidate amid RY selling; Minute...

BEs continued to consolidate lower amid a broader risk-off move, more RY selling and hawkish FOMC minutes today.

USDi: New Year’s bang putters out for BEs amid profit-tak...

BEs kick off the new year with a big bang yesterday, which puttered today amid profit taking off the recent highs.