Options - USD

USD Vol: ULC pops higher with underlying flattening

1y2y, 2y1y and 3m2y all pushed higher today and dealt in good size as the ULC shot higher. Intermediates see a steady bid. 2y10y, 1y30y skew trades.

USD Vol: March hike teed up; Gamma plunges on passage, ce...

Gamma plunged with the passage of the FOMC event along with the certainty of a March rate hike. Citigroup favors buying gamma on a dip.

USD Vol: Payer skew richens; Surface again steepens

Gamma is a touch lower while longer expiries are higher, but not on much actual trading. 6m10y, 6m30y riskies trade, with payers richening.

USD Vol: Surface steepens slightly; Carry trade dies hard

Gamma is a tad lower while longer expiries are lightly bid amid a dearth of trading. Some see 1y5y and 1y10y points attractive buys. JPM shorts gamma.

USD Vol: Payers, 0% floors, vega trades

Delivered volatility dropped today, and the surface was relatively static to a touch lower. Vega, 100bp HS payers and LIBOR 0% floors trade.

USD Vol: Vols sink; Skew dip buyers? Vega softens

With today's UST rebound, the surface is lower. Gamma is leading, but sources see some firming in ULC payer skew. Vega is softening ahead of CNY.

USD Vol: Gamma jumps on range breakout

Short expiries vaulted higher with today's hefty underlying selloff and breakout. Longer tails see the bulk of interbank activity.

USD Vol: Gamma, vega soften; 2y10y sees a bid; 5y SOFR caps

Gamma and vega both softened today, amid lower underlying rates. Dealers appear content to hold onto vega for now, but some see lightening up soon.

USD Vol: CPI, 10y, Beige Book fail to stir animal spirits

CPI, the 10y auction and Beige Book failed to stir the animal spirits as realized volatility has been very sedate for such a line up.

USD Vol: Gamma, vega notch higher against odds

Gamma is higher despite lower delivereds while vega continues to firm against a backdrop of continued strong vega supply.