Options - EUR

EUR Vol: 1m gains; Belly leads; Bottom right troughs

The 1m expiries posted biggest gains. Further out, the belly outperformed. Bottom right vega troughs out.

EUR MTNs: More bank callables

Structured note issuance over the last week in euros was mainly bank callables with a number of 15y to 20y deals offering coupons over 3%

EUR Vol: Fast money caught; Bottom right slides; Short ga...

A rollercoaster session in rates saw a choppy session for euro vols, with some warning fast money risk getting caught.

EUR Vol: Expiries mixed amid rate rally

Short-dated expiries outperformed as the underlying rallied while the rest of the grid softened.

EUR Vol: Left and right diverge amid big steepening

The top right outperformed amid a sharp steepening in the euro curve.

EUR MTNs: Bank, KfW and NedWaters callables; CMS; Repacks

A summary of recent euro structured issuance includes callables, CMS steepeners and repacks.

EUR Vol: Sharp drop lower across grid

Implied vols saw a sharp decline across the grid following the overnight FOMC meeting and subsequent plunge lower in top left USD vols.

EUR Vol: Belly firms to new highs; Front-end yet to peak?

Implieds posted further gains with 5y gamma reaching new highs. Some strategists argue front-end vols have not yet peaked.

EUR Vol: Top left stays elevated; Vega higher; Bank and S...

The top left stayed elevated and vega moved higher. New structured issuance brings more bank and SSA callables.

EUR MTNs: SSA and bank callables; Capped FRN; CMS

SSA and bank callables continued to dominate euro structured issuance over the last week but there was also a lone CMS and a capped FRN.