Options - EUR

EUR Vol: Bids emerge later in session

Euro vols began the session offered only for bids to emerge later in the session.

EUR Vol: Right side leads decline

The right-hand side of the euro vol grid led a decline today.

EUR Vol: Implieds decline amid sharp drop in yields

Implieds were mostly lower amid a sharp decline in yields.

EUR MTNs: IBRD callables; CMS; Inflation

The World Bank dominated euro callable issuance over the last 10 days while banks came with CMS and inflation deals.

EUR Vol: 30y tails post further gains

Implieds euro vols were broadly lower although 30y tails stayed supported. A handful of World Bank callables print.

EUR Vol: Higher amid BOE gilt intervention

Euro implieds were marked sharply higher today after intervention by the BOE in the gilt market saw another rollercoaster session.

EUR Vol: Still bid as yields surge again; Callables near ...

Euro implieds stayed bid as yields surged again in the afternoon session.

EUR Vol: Implieds jump as gilt turmoil continues

Euro implieds jumped higher as turmoil in the gilt market filtered into other rate markets.

EUR MTNs: Over €500m in callables; CMS; Repacks

A long list of callables is the standout feature of recent euro MTN issuance alongside a handful of repacks and CMS trades over the last 1-2 weeks.

EUR Vol: 1y tails active; Vega steadies

Euro implieds are finishing the session slightly firmer across the grid. Vega has steadied while 1y tails saw some action.