Options - EUR

EUR Vol: Vega drop resumes

Implieds are mixed although some vega pieces, such as 5y5y, have resumed their descent.

EUR Vol: Giving back; Bearish vega?

The vol surface turned offered, giving back yesterday's gains.

EUR Vol: Higher despite low realised

Vols edged higher despite a lacklustre session in the underlying.

EUR MTNs: More GBP callables; KfW brace

More short-dated GBP callables peppered the screens this week, plus a brace of deals from KfW in euros.

EUR Vol: Bounce back as ECB eyed

Euro vols bounce back today while traders eye the ECB meeting tomorrow.

EUR Vol: Softer again; Vega support?

Euro implieds moved lower again, while some reckon vega could find support.

EUR Vol: Implieds continue to head lower

Implieds continue to head lower, yet some express caution going into the ECB.

EUR Vol: Implieds lower across grid

Implieds moved lower across the grid today.

EUR Vol: Mixed session; Volatile summer warning

A mixed session saw euro implieds in the top right edge higher. In research, SG warns of a volatile summer.

EUR Vol: Implieds stay under pressure

Implied vols stayed under pressure today.