Options - EUR

EUR Vol: Implieds drop as yields retreat; Top left value?

Euro implieds declined across the grid today which sources mostly blamed on directional movement in the underlying.

EUR Vol: Pockets of support eyed amid ULC bounce

Euro implieds were mixed with some traders eyeing pockets of support across the grid.

EUR MTNs: Short list of CMS, Repacks, Emissions-linked an...

A short list of trades this week includes euro CMS, repacks, an emissions-linked structure and an Italian retail step-up.

EUR Vol: Top left leads decline as yields slump

The top left of the grid led a decline in implieds as yields slumped lower.

EUR Vol: Short-dated gamma gains

Short-dated gamma moved higher amid a 10bps shift in yields.

EUR MTNs: Callables plus a few repacks and CMS

A light week for euro MTN issuance saw a few callables, a couple of CMS and some repacks print.

EUR Vol: Implieds stall amid rate rally

Implieds stalled with short expiries moving lower as euro rates rallied through most of the session.

EUR Vol: Implieds higher amid short-covering talk

Euro implieds moved higher amid talk there could be some short covering of positions.

EUR Vol: Top right leads gains

The top right of the grid continues to lead a rebound from recent levels.

EUR MTNs: EIB inflation-linked; Handful of callables and ...

An inflation-linked note from the EIB along with a light sprinkling of callables and CMS accounted for the bulk of the last week's structured MTNs.