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Basis: Stable cable as supras break from binge

The EBRD has been conspicuous by its presence in the cross-border bond issuance market this week, as fellow supranational borrowers retreat.

Basis: Slow awakening sees front end flow; SEK talk

The basis swap market is gently awakening after a partial shutdown yesterday. Traders reported short-dated EUR/USD activity and longer cable flow.

Wematch platform matches its first EUREX/LCH trade, for S...

Fintech Wematch has matched its first EUREX/LCH basis trade, between Societe Generale and LBBW.

EUR New issues: JP Morgan; Dow on the horizon

JP Morgan announced an 8y NC7 today while Dow Chemical's multi-tranche deal is on the slate for next week.

Basis Swaps: GBP going well; JPY/USD and JGBs

A continued revival of GBP-denominated cross-border bond interest was one of the highlights of a session today that saw choppy price action.

Asia-Pacific MTNs: Callable zeros; Equity linked Uridashis

Listing of Asia Pacific bond issues likely to create hedge requirements across rates markets.

USD Swaps: Tentatively risk-on; ISDA on benchmarks

Havens are lower as virus fears ease and risk assets gain, led by oil. In the news, ISDA looks at the progress towards benchmark reform.

Basis: IFC on GBP value and SOFR; SONIA/FF flow?

Price action was somewhat muted today, but cable traders will be happy to see GBP supply. IFC discusses its sterling offering today.

EUR Swaps: Italy €9bn 16y hits; Buxl ASW tests lows

Traders blamed supply rather than risk-on for today’s rate selloff and curve steepening. The Buxl ASW tests lows amid talk of structural ALM flows.

EUR New Issues: SocGrandParis 50y; Italy 16y €48bn orders

Societe du Grand Paris is selling EUR benchmark 50y. Italy has over €48bn orders for its new 16y. Also pricing are EIB, LBBW, NRW and Siemens.