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Basis: Issuance takes back seat; Supra 2023 for USD, GBP?

Basis traders took their lead from issuance today, and had a bit of a breather. Citi says pay JPY/USD, and EU supras may pounce on USD and GBP in '23.

Basis: Turn moves and supply boom; Diets eyed

Month-end and new issuance kept the market ticking over. Barclays sees GSIB risk diets starving the market of whacky year-end seasonality.

EUR New Issues: Banque Postale, Mediobanca, MetLife

La Banque Postale, Mediobanca, and MetLife are among the issuers working on euro deals.

Basis: Front-end reclines in dead market; Barclays eyes 2...

With long-ends resting for Thanksgiving, the very front ends of core basis markets fell-back after a USD-driven surge. Barclays eyes 2023 for EUR-USD.

Basis: Deals grease wheels; JPY curve talk

Quiet in the World Cup, busy in basis? That was certainly true of non-Danish Scandinavian issuers during a busyish day. Citi sees JPY XCCY flattening.

EUR New issues: SEK; KBC; MBFC

A shorter list of euro deals after yesterday's deluge include Swedish Export Credit, KBC and Mercedes-Benz Finance Canada.

Basis: Issuance reviving once more; Long cable busy

Cross-market issuance is continuing to grow as the pre-Christmas dash for cash gathers momentum. BNPP looks at US CPI and JPY/USD basis.

Basis Swaps: CPI pause but GBP rise continues

As the US CPI bogeyman lurks - cross-border bond issuers are lying low. But GBP continues its steady rehabilitation and XVA keeps long-ends active.

Basis: Credit spreads support cable comeback

Basis swappers are starting to exude happiness as the calamitous financial market moves of Sep and Oct are giving way to some semblance of normality.

Basis: FOMC move followed by static response to MPC

Brexit Britain was again reminded of its place in the world as cross-currency basis markets shrivelled in the wake of the Fed but shrugged at the BOE.