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Basis: SONIA is hot as Fahrenheit soars

London temperatures are hitting 90 degrees Fahrenheit, enough to make the average Brit yearn for Autumn. SONIA though, is heating up even faster.

Basis: Yield grabbers drive supply as plumbers take over ...

Much like in Watergate, the basis market is being driven by plumbers, trying to find the right way to get the pipes gushing. GBP and EUR benefit.

USD Swaps: Can LIBOR-OIS go any tighter?

Treasury yields are backing up from Friday's post-NFP lows. Elsewhere, as the fix falls again, banks ask whether LIBOR-OIS can go any tighter.

EUR Swaps: NGEU impact; Pay Bund ASW? Deal deluge

As a rush of euro new deals hit the screens, swappers keep an eye out for the impact of NGEU supply expected this week.

Basis Swaps: A glutful of dollars, but has it peaked?

Cracks are appearing in the Corona money wall. Central bankers in Australia and the US repo market both point to a possible peak in basis's surge.

USD Swaps: ADP shrugged off; GSIB score update

Strong ADP data was largely shrugged off with USTs little-changed and stock futures weaker. Elsewhere, banks look at the latest GSIB scores.

EUR New Issues: Nestle four-part deal dominates

Nestle's four-part euro issuance dominates today's activity.

Basis: Canadian march raises EUR hopes; Repo talk

Basis swappers await with bated breath to see if the rest of the week returns to full functionality. Canadians are helping. More glut talk...

EUR New Issues: Canadians and Australian active

Canadian and Australian names are among the issuers working on euro deals.

Basis: Glut of gluts; AstraZeneca SONIA swap speculation

The winner of the latest cross-currency basis swap market Word of the Week competition is 'glut.' Elsewhere, was AstraZeneca busy in €STR-SONIA?