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Basis: Verizon leads cable charge; Receive in Nov

Basis swaps got an alarm call from Verizon this week, just as it toyed with the idea of a big sleep. Cable has been busy, BNPP eyes EUR/USD offers.

EUR Swaps: 6m Euribor drops below depo rate

The front-end was in focus today as 6m Euribor fixed below the depo rate for the first time.

Basis: Canadians pounce as end-game 2020 eyed

Like battle-hardened moose hunting together in packs, the Canadians have returned to the cross-border new issuance and basis swaps markets this week.

Basis: Super dead as SURE starts; CNY maturing?

Major x-currency basis markets were quiet today, with the EUR issuance understandably distracted by SURE. 7y cable flow and CNH supply caught the eye.

EUR New Issues: BofA, CFF, China Development Bank, ESM

The euro new issue pipeline has a dozen names expected to price in the near future

Basis: Pause before SURE start; New step in long march

A barrage of USD issues from big EUR funders left as quickly as it arrived as SURE supply in EUR looms. China sold its first 144a in 24 years.

Basis: Cable caught in crossfire as SURE prices out EUR S...

The prospect of unified EU SURE bond issuance in the EUR market saw SSAs scuttle to raise USD funding today.

EUR Swaps: Buxl ASW richness persists; EONIA/BOR warning

Richness in the Buxl ASW persists as it lingers near recent highs. Strategists at SocGen warn against fighting EONIA/BOR narrowing.

ISDA: Fallbacks Protocol and Supplement to launch Oct 23,...

ISDA has announced that its IBOR Fallbacks Protocol and Supplement will be launched on Oct 23, to become effective Jan 25.

EUR New Issue Pipeline: Bursting with new deals

More than a dozen issuers are expected to price in one of the busiest days so far this year.