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Basis: Cable bid; HF flows in SONIA-SOFR not enough

Issues in non-USD are not sufficient to absorb the strong bids from asset swappers with USDs to burn. Elsewhere traders eye SONIA-SOFR flows.

USD Swaps: Flatter; Bank bond issuance assessed

As traders in Europe struggle with spluttering feeds USTs are bull-flattening despite an OK performance by risky assets.

EUR New Issue Pipeline: Italy 50y €40bn book; Portugal 10...

Syndications arrive from Italy, Portgual and Romania.

Basis: 9m collapse halts as market dries up

The collapse in 9m bases was not followed by a bounce, suggesting repricing rather than just a cautious sell. HSBC is returning to UK covered bonds.

Basis: LIBOR transition ramps FRA-OIS, sends 9m bases plu...

LIBOR transition sprang on various basis curves today, sending 9m tenors tumbling. Elsewhere traders eye narrowing and JPM looks at SLR and basis.

EUR New Issues: Canary Wharf, CCDJ, EIB, Heathrow

The UK's Canary Wharf and Heathrow Funding are among the issuers pricing in euros today.

EUR New Issue Pipeline: AXA, BFCM, Canary Wharf, Deutsche...

A handful of issuers are looking to price in the near future

Basis: SLR reaction fades; 365 days later

While new issues continue to rain down upon the EUR market like so much manna from haven, basis flows are catching a breath.

Basis: Busy belly; KfW on CNH; SOFR-TONAR trades

EUR supply is at record levels but the basis market seems to be coming off highs after a hyper-active patch. KfW comments on rebounding CNH issuance.

Basis: Cross-border flows fade in vanilla sky

A strew of new issuance hit the screens today, but for the most part these were vanilla issues from borrowers quick to exploit higher rates.