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Basis: Curve shifts and front end dominate; Turn talk

Sources discuss curve shifts and decent flow in the long-end.

Basis: DNB deal to spark surprise Summer GBP revival?

Another quiet Summer session in cross-currency basis saw little action in core markets. But DNB sold a GBP deal that it thinks could start a trend.

Basis: Slim pickings; Muted MPC response; FX hedging

While it was another day of decent volatility in core bond markets, cross-currency basis retained a zen-like calm. BofA looks at FX hedging prospects.

Basis Swaps: Flattening heats up gamma as Europe rests

EUR issuance seems to have shut down for summer, leaving basis swappers hopefully eyeing USD supply and gamma hedging for flows. Citi eyes JPY bases.

Asia-Pacific MTNs: Callable step-ups; Samurai; Uridashis

Listing of structured bonds and vanilla bonds issued in the Asia Pacific markets over the past few weeks.

Basis: Canadians in euros; Fed eyed for EUR/USD

Canadian issuance in euros was a talking point for dealers. In EUR/USD, the market looked to the Fed meeting.

Basis: IFFIm GBP issue brings rare flow, and rarer positi...

Sources at IFFIm discuss the supra's structure, its use of basis markets for recent bond deals and its typical investors.

GBP Swaps: Long gilts and linkers hit; HF profits; CBs an...

Long gilts and linkers cheapened sharply late in the session. Banks look at UK covered bonds and the LCR. A hedge fund made money in sterling rates.

Basis: Front EUR-USD on ECB knife edge; Nationwide weighs

Heading into this morning’s fairly historic ECB meeting, basis swappers said front EUR-USD is on a knife edge. Nationwide moves cable. BNP on JPY/USD.

Basis: Swapped deals thin on the ground

A modest revival in dollar bond issuance in recent days hasn't stirred basis markets, despite a brief 3m EUR/USD bounce.