Bonds - EUR

EUR Swaps: Bull-flattening; Recovery positions

Extensions and risk off helped the euro curve bull-flatten out to 10y. Banks look at the likely impact of the proposed EU Recovery Fund.

Basis Swaps: USD on a roll in busy issuance market

After a quiet start to the week, both sides of the Atlantic are seeing strong issuance, with USD supply from non-domestic issuers booming.

EUR Swaps: Bund ASW; More tightening ahead?

Bund asset swaps were a talking point in lunchtime trading as news of grants and loans from the EU’s ERF continue to keep spreads tight.

EUR New Issues: Fast pace continues

Yesterday's fast pace of EUR bond issuance continued today with new offerings emerging from BASF, Credit Agricole, Axa and Bpi, among others.

EUR Swaps: France gets €51bn 20y orders; BTPs eye ERF gra...

France received €51bn of 20y orders while BTPs eye a big ERF grant. In basis, offers in EONIA/BOR and bids in 3s6s are reported.

EUR New Issue Pipeline: France 20y syndication; COVID-19 ...

France is pricing its 20y syndication. BBVA and CAF are both launching COVID-19 Social bonds.

EUR Swaps: ASWs crunch tighter; EURIBOR fixings to stay s...

Asset swap spreads have crunched tighter amid peripheral tightening. Some traders expect EURIBOR fixings to stay elevated until the June TLTRO.

EUR New Issue Pipeline: Focus on 10y sector

Four names are looking to issue in the 10y sector

EUR Swaps: 3mE up; The ERF as a potential issuer

A higher 3mE fix vs a drop in 6mE weighed on basis. Banks look at the ERF as a potential issuer.

EUR Swaps: FRA/OIS tightening resumes; HFs eye long-end s...

Optimism continues to weigh on FRA/OIS spreads, while hedge funds eye long-end steepeners.