Bonds - EUR

EUR Swaps: Risk sentiment worsens into weekend

Risk sentiment continued to curdle today with banking stocks posting losses.

EUR Swaps: Yields lower as sentiment sours

Euro fixed income rallied with sources blaming a combination of factors including a slight souring of sentiment.

EUR Swaps: Risk sentiment improving; Pulled by UK and US

Risk sentiment in the euro area continues to improve. At the same time, price action in the UK and US plays a role.

EUR Swaps: ASW selling; Next cue the Fed

Improved risk sentiment has seen ASW selling. The next cue is seen as the FOMC meeting.

EUR Swaps: Still nervous about headlines

Euro fixed income has pared back on earlier gains, but some traders remain nervous.

EUR Swaps: Risk aversion into weekend

Sources report a sense of risk aversion going into the weekend. Rare new issuance this week included an Italian CMS-linked MTN.

Basis: JPY/USD trumps other movers ahead of ECB

The see-sawing cross-currency basis market continues to rise and fall on sentiment regarding floundering banks. The ECB is awaited with interest.

EUR Swaps: ECB knife-edge; Traders ask will they or won't...

Today's ECB decision is on a knife-edge as traders ask will they or won't they in the wake of the Credit Suisse fallout.

EUR Swaps: Another washout amid CS turmoil

A plunge of almost 30% in Credit Suisse shares put euro fixed income firmly back into risk-off mode today

EUR Swaps: Retreating but super cautious

The euro fixed income market is retreating from recent gains but some are staying cautious.