Bonds - EUR

EUR New Issues: EU SURE debut draws orders above €230bn

The EU launches its debut bond sale for the SURE programme

EUR Swaps: Positioning and supply; SURE; Buxl ASW drivers

Traders discuss whether increased longs and more supply could hit Bunds.

EUR New Issues: BofA, CFF, China Development Bank, ESM

The euro new issue pipeline has a dozen names expected to price in the near future

EUR Swaps: SURE things

Bunds are in positive territory heading for the weekend, along with swaps. Bank mull SURE's upcoming bond issuance.

GBP Swaps: Cod woe batters Britain; Longs ebb and flow

Headlines from a rare anti-UK French PM has left negotiators needing to throw a sprat to catch a Macron. Gilts spiked on the Brexit news. 5y IRS flow.

Basis: Pause before SURE start; New step in long march

A barrage of USD issues from big EUR funders left as quickly as it arrived as SURE supply in EUR looms. China sold its first 144a in 24 years.

EUR New issue pipeline: Germans lead pre-Christmas race

In a sure sign that, despite Covid, there will still be a Christmas, Germanic issuers are rushing to price bonds in order to free up festive time.

EURi: French set-up; Bouncing around

Traders reported a reasonable concession building ahead of tomorrow’s French issuance despite the absence of huge amounts of selling.

EUR Swaps: Key levels break; More flattening ahead?

Key levels were hit today and the rate rally extended, pushing the entire swap curve back into negative territory for the first time since August.

EUR New Issue Pipeline: Asahi, ESM, Cellnex, Veolia

Asahi, ESM, Cellnex and Veolia are among the names working on the sale of euro new issues.