Bonds - EUR

EUR Swaps: Issuance dominates flow

With everyone from sovereigns to corporates scrambling to raise debt, flows are having a big impact on the swap market.

EUR New Issue Pipeline: Supply onslaught continues

The supply onslaught continues as corporates scramble to raise debt

EUR Swaps: Client paying dominates; Death of RV?

The overriding theme in euros has seen clients as better payers in recent sessions. Some argue RV is dead.

EUR New Issue Pipeline: Corporates and Canadians

Corporates AB InBev, Thermo Fisher and VW are working on deals alongside Canada's CPPIB.

EUR Swaps: Risk off flattening; Where next for ASW?

Risk off swept equity markets again today with core curves bull-flattening in response. Ahead, banks look at the prospects for asset swaps.

EUR Swaps: ECB takes handcuffs off - dealers sanguine

Traders tended to play down the move to throw off the constraints on the ECB's bond purchases but banks were firmly positive.

EUR New issues: French lead issuance grab

French names were prominent as issuers stormed into the EUR market to top up on cash during a rare moment of relative market stability.

EUR MTNs: More callables; SPIRE repacks

Callables and repacks continued to print over the last 10 days as spreads increased, in spite of the chaos.

EUR New Issue Pipeline: Supply onslaught

The scramble to raise debt has brought a mix of corporates, financials, agencies and sovereigns to the market.

EUR Swaps: Central bank buying vs Margin call selling

Central banks are expected to ramp up EGB purchases, but dealers are wary about buying given recent reports of funds selling.