Bonds - EUR

EUR Swaps: Big bear-steepening; Puzzling long-end

Global fixed income has bear-steepened today, while strategists at BofA find recent price action in long-end euros to be puzzling.

EUR New Issues: Banks and corporates

Banks and corporates are working on new euro deals including ING and Carlsberg.

EUR Swaps: Bund round trip; Euribor flattener eyed

The Bund made a round trip today, while strategists look at value in Euribor flatteners.

EUR Swaps: Lower amid hawkish pauses; Buba and spreads

The Bund is trading lower after hawkish pauses from the FOMC and BOE. Strategists looks at Bundesbank remuneration changes and spreads.

Basis Swaps: Cable stands out as MPC pauses… just

Two weeks ago a pause by the MPC would have been more-or-less unthinkable. Today it paused amid heavy cable basis flow.

EUR Swaps: Drifting higher into FOMC; Dutch PF risks to s...

The Bund has drifted higher ahead of the FOMC meeting. Banks look at the potential threat of Dutch PF flows to steepeners.

EUR New Issues: Pace slows into CB meetings

The pace of euro new issuance has slowed ahead of central bank meetings.

EUR Swaps: Drifting lower amid oil gains; Dutch pension f...

Bunds are drifting lower amid gains in oil. In research, Rabobank examines the Dutch pension fund buyout market.

Basis: USD supply dries up, cable busy

After an outpouring of cross-market USD issues yesterday, that market has dried up. Cable flows are lively though.

EUR New Issues: BNG, BNPP, Flemish Community, KHFC, Rente...

Among the issuers working on new euro deals are BNG Bank, BNP Paribas, Flemish Community, KHFC and Rentenbank.