Bonds - EUR

EUR Swaps: FOMC, BOE and China tug at market; 3s6s revers...

A slightly twitchy Bund market last saw its benchmark yield skipping 3.4bps higher after the FOMC and BOE, amid a dearth of domestic drivers.

EUR New issues: Calmer after storm

After a heavy day of issuance on Wednesday, sellers of euro bonds took a breather today, with honourable exceptions from a global spread of names.

EUR Swaps: EONIA-BOR wider - more expected; ASW tighter o...

Swappers discuss the widening in EONIA-BOR and 3s6s as some banks see more to come. Heavy new issuance in euros weighs on long-dated asset swaps.

EUR New issues: BAT; Linde; AFD; CAFFIL; ING; NMB; KfW; L...

The euro new deal pipeline continues to bulge with deals from across the spectrum of issuers.

EUR Swaps: ASW resilient as deals gush

Asset swap spreads proved resistant to a rush of new euro deals today while the Bund also shrugged off a recovery in risky assets.

EUR New issues: BAT, Enel, Renten, Deutsche Bahn

Corporates join the list of euro new issuers today as Evergrande-driven volatility in risk assets subsides.

EUR Swaps: Shorts spooked before Bund edges back

Contagion from China's shaky property sector sent European bank shares almost 5% lower before recovering, spurring Bund shorts to cover.

EUR MTNs: Callables, SPIRE CMS, Century bond

Recent euro structured issuance sees more callables printing.

EUR Swaps: Supply and inflation on the mind

Sources say that supply and inflation is on the mind as the Bund came under further selling pressure today.

Basis Swaps: L-Bank points to golden Autumn for cable

Another mellow Autumn day was full of fruitfulness once again for GBP, with a SONIA-linked RBC deal and a larger-than-expected deal from L-Bank.