Bonds - GBP

GBPi/Swaps: Macro sell-off; Area 51; Brexit & liquidity

Macro factors saw 10y yields rise, while in linkerland traders were distracted by syndication meetings. Swap liquidity is under scrutiny post-Brexit.

Basis: EUR on back foot as USD supply takes over

With the ECB meeting stopping traffic and the SURE supply lurking, USD seized the opportunity to corner most of the cross-border market today.

GBP Swaps: Mixed reviews of syndi as 5y blossoms

Today's eagerly-awaited 25y gilt syndication caught the eye as traders pondered its spread to the 2045 reference gilt. 5y gilts were popular.

GBP Swaps: 2031 epicentre of ASW move; 10s/30s flattening...

The first week of 2021 ended with interest in ASW bids centred around the 2031 gilt, as well as the direction of the 10s/30s curve.

GBP Swaps: Gilts, inflation reprice sharply as Brexit dea...

The sterling curve is sharply bear-steepening, spreads are tightening and RPI is tumbling at the front end on reports that a Brexit deal is imminent.

GBP Swaps: Heading for a sub mission? Fair dinkum Brexit ...

Brexit and Vlieghe combined today to generate a bull-flattening move in a market traders still described as rangebound.

Sterling RFR Working Group: Spreads and transitioning loa...

The BOE-convened Working Group on sterling RFRs this week issued a trio of papers and open letters intended to support the transition to SONIA.

Basis: Anglian Water makes a splash in Japan; Turn talk; ...

With new issuance now in Christmas mode, one new issue stood out this week -- Anglian Water in JPY. Basis traders look at this, and at cable in 2021.

GBP Swaps: 10y to hit 5bps on hard Brexit? 40y SONIA; 50y...

With Britain on the brink of a hard Brexit traders see a further rally in 10y gilts as likely, while today 40y SONIA and 50y ASW flows catch the eye.

Basis: Flattening sustained; Long EUR supply eyed for 2021

After a big night out on the Scotch eggs, traders seemed to have little appetite for flow today. Which was just as well.