Bonds - GBP

GBP Swaps: Long end bull-flattening; Summer ASWs view

Gilts rallied, sold-off and recovered as 10s/30s flattened into and out of the 2053 gilt auction. Barclays recommends going short ASWs.

GBP Swaps: ISM contrasts with UK woes but gilts outperfor...

Core bond markets rallied gleefully after ISM data, and gilts again outperformed Bunds (just). NatWest asks if it's time to board the gilt bandwagon?

GBP Swaps: NFP has little sting; Gilts find base?

Despite seemingly being more keenly anticipated than some NFP releases lately, a bigger than expected headline elicited a muted response.

GBP Swaps: Steeper as SONIAs gain; DMO supply plans

GBP fixed income bull-steepened today as red SONIAs rose by almost 20bps while the gilt tracked Bunds. Ahead, the DMO outlined its Q2 issuance plan.

GBP Swaps: Are utility linkers coming home? 10y gilts gain

It was a perkier day for nominal gilts today, but gilts nonetheless lagged on the week. And a utility issuer says linkers might just be back!

GBP Swaps: Tentative re-steepening; Corporate linkers

Tentative re-steepening and narrow ranges for SONIAs represented a calmer session for sterling rates today. But banks remain bearish the 10y sector.

GBP Swaps: A further 95bps of hikes to halt inflation's m...

With inflation beating forecasts yet again, the curve found itself squashed by expectations of rate hikes totalling almost 100bps before year end.

GBP Swaps: Selling; MPC pivot eyed, maybe? Syndi doubters

The trend of gilt underperformance gets worse. But why? And will there be a summer linker syndication?

GBP Swaps: Gilts lag as curves bear-flatten; DMO meetings

Gilts lagged Bunds again today as global curves bear-flattened. Banks look ahead to the DMO supply meetings and the CPI data.

GBP Swaps: Curves all the rage; BNPP says too flat; IL27

Reports the underperformance of Bunds and USTs by gilts is at an end have been exaggerated. BNPP on curve; Barclays eyes IL27.