Bonds - GBP

GBP Swaps: Bailey defends MPC; RPI to go one louder

BOE Governor Bailey defended the MPC in this time of ballooning inflation, allowing gilts and linkers to retain gains at the close. BofA eyes RPI.

GBP Swaps: Strong week for 5y ASW; Is RPI reform risk real?

Gilts staged a bearish reversal while traders discuss 5y ASWs. And RPI reform - the topic that won't die - is being challenged. Barclays explores.

GBP Swaps: Gilts roar… linkers roar louder. 1y2y RPI focus

Today saw the end of something new and the beginning of something old. Equities and fixed income split, with fixed income exiting the falling plane.

GBP Swaps: Global repricing extends, aiding Green perform...

In a lively day for the gilt market, 10y yields posted a double-digit drop as a global rally came at a good time for Green gilts.

USD Swaps: Belly up; 30s tighter; Margin mountain grows

The belly of the UST curve is rallying as risk assets post only modest gains after the rout. 30s tighten. ISDA tracks the growing margin mountain.

GBP Swaps: Stressful squeeze in front-end; More to come?

New week, same old story. Namely quite wild price action, as a bull-steepening move that started with USTs led to squeezy trading.

GBP Swaps: SONIA rally extends, curve steepens

SONIAs extended their post-MPC rally today, helping the curve to steepen further amid a US-driven selloff at the long end.

GBP Swaps: Post-MPC gains pared; BOE QT pushed back?

Gilts came back from post-MPC highs as USTs and Bunds sold off through the afternoon but the Bank's gloomy forecasts still supported outperformance.

GBP Swaps: SONIAs lower before Fed, BOE; QT questions

SONIAs edged lower before Fed, alongside weakness in EDs. The BOE is expected to vote for 25bps but banks mull the vote split and QT.

GBP Swaps: Linkers look longer-term as MPC awaits nominals

After yields hit a 6.5y high this morning 10y gilts rallied back but lagged linkers as RPI traders worry about stagflation. Banks look at ASWs.