Bonds - GBP

GBP Swaps: 5y paying blast echoes; Index talk

Despite the PM being locked down with a nurse, GBP fixed income had no option but to carry on. Traders reported 5y action and index uncertainty.

GBP Swaps: Late long linker love; Gilts sensible

Gilts played the role of the token sane market today as 10y yields rallied a mere 5bps versus 20bps in OATs. Long linkers were well bid.

GBP Swaps: Gilt 'carnage' as London prepares for lockdown

Traders report 'carnage' as London prepares to go into lockdown, Bailey fails to reassure.

USD Swaps: Wartime borrowing? Fed's PDCF good but may not...

Upside risk to the mooted $1trn fiscal package suggests that borrowing will approach wartime levels. Banks welcome the Fed's PDCF but...

GBP Swaps: Busy, no fun; Time for more easing

Swappers didn’t sound happy this evening as another torrid day of corona-trading once again did its best to defy belief.

Basis Swaps: Taurus is starting to lose its rag

Basis swaps market are the Taurus of the capital markets world. Stable, low-drama, boringly hard to rouse, but when roused. Beware.

GBP Swaps: After the flattening… GBP/USD flows

And the hits just keep on coming. Today risk-on had the first stab at messing with everybody’s heads.

UK DMO CEO Stheeman on coronavirus, RPI consultation

UK DMO CEO Sir Robert Stheeman discusses the coronavirus, gilt issuance and the government's RPI consultation.

UK DMO: Fewer linkers as RPI consultation kicks off

UK DMO: Fewer linkers as RPI consultation kicks off

GBP Swaps: Gilt buybacks join the corona cocktail; +/-40b...

Busy again for traders today as corona hovered and the DMO gaveth £2.25bn of 4% 2030 gilts via a regular auction, while the BOE tooketh away £1.445bn