Bonds - GBP

GBP Swaps: 30s/50s reversal; Last cut chance?

Gilts were constrained today after warnings from Apple and a strong showing by UK employment data failed to drag the market out of its ranges.

GBP Swaps: Sunak RPI bid; More gilts?

Dire warnings of the risks of corona-contagion on the London underground and the sudden resignation of the Chancellor were the drivers today.

GBP Swaps: Long end holds up as gilts tumble; IBRD 10y deal

The gilt future tumbled 50 ticks into the close underperforming Bunds and Treasuries in a bearish tone egged on by the prevailing risk-on mood.

Basis: IFC on GBP value and SOFR; SONIA/FF flow?

Price action was somewhat muted today, but cable traders will be happy to see GBP supply. IFC discusses its sterling offering today.

GBP Swaps: PMIs pummel gilts; 5y receiving, 50y paying

A combination of good PMIs and stretched valuations saw gilts sell-off, while standout trends in swaps include receiving in 5y, and paying in 50y

GBP Swaps: 2071 talk; 30y flows and 10s/30s steepening

The first trading day on Brexit Island saw the 30y sector in the spotlight, with good paying and decent flow.

GBP Swaps: Overstretched market snaps; UKMBA on derivativ...

While the rate cut is now in real jeopardy, the market found itself over-stretched after the China virus rally, and succumbed. UKMBA on swaps

GBP Swaps: 30s/50s flows again; SONIA pressure; PIC upbea...

A big risk-off move greeted the developments in what is already the second global scare of the 2020s.

GBP Swaps: Cut still on; 50y high on supply?

Today’s much-hyped Jan PMI data came, and then went, leaving the sterling market profoundly uninterested. Instead, 50y flow caught the eye.

GBP Swaps: Market flies on two wings; Long paying

Traders said that sterling market activity today, and for previous sessions, has been very much a tale of two wings.