Bonds - GBP

GBP Swaps: Longs to the slaughter

Traders were as stressed as the brains behind the LibDem ‘Remain’ strategy today as fears/hopes/expectations of a Brexit breakthrough went stellar.

Basis: SOFR mania; Italy whopper drives EUR/USD

An impressively busy day once more for new issuance saw the shadow of Italy’s $7bn 3-part cast over much of the curve.

GBP Swaps: 10s/30s steepeners gather pace

Persistent weakness in equity markets, which came despite a lack of obvious trigger, has finally coincided with lower yields.

Basis: 7y EUR popular; Cable rests; JPY focus

Tuesday ticked over quite nicely in cross-currency basis swaps, without anything happening to scare the horses too much. 7y EUR/USD is busy.

GBP Swaps: Long end receiving; Deja vu

GBP Swaps: Dovish tune; SONIA-BOR off lows

GBP Swaps: 2054 thrives in lively session

GBP Swaps: Tricky auction; Big 20y flow

GBPi: Brexit drives as RPI response looms