Bonds - GBP

GBP Swaps: Cod woe batters Britain; Longs ebb and flow

Headlines from a rare anti-UK French PM has left negotiators needing to throw a sprat to catch a Macron. Gilts spiked on the Brexit news. 5y IRS flow.

Basis: Pause before SURE start; New step in long march

A barrage of USD issues from big EUR funders left as quickly as it arrived as SURE supply in EUR looms. China sold its first 144a in 24 years.

GBP Swaps: RPI confined; IL32 talk; Brexit news awaited

RPI swaps were confined to spread trading as dealers await news on Brexit over the next couple of days.

GBP Swaps: Long ASW, mortgage flow; Fallbacks; Green risk

A listless week for gilts ended with interest in 15y and 20y ASWs, in the ISDA Fallback news today and in mortgage flows. In bonds, Green is golden.

Basis: Stable; Swedish mixed messages; SOFR & HONIA

With the big issuance guns having rolled in and out of core markets in Sep, basis swaps were stable. Sweden sent out mixed messages and HONIA arrives.

GBP Swaps: Strong IL41 sale; RPI volatile with oil but bo...

Linker traders reported quite a strong auction of the IL41 this morning against the backdrop of a drop in oil prices and volatility in RPI.

GBP Swaps: APF pricey; Creeping steepening; Rangey

Things whirred around in GBP bonds and today, but with little effect. The FTSE and gilts were unchanged at close. Traders eye steepeners.

GBP Swaps: Boris approaches tunnel; 20y flow talk; LIBOR’...

Friday has seen aggressive 20y IRS bids and 10s/30s flow, that came and went in a blink. Boris eyes the tunnel, SONIA-BOR is brought down by the turn.

Basis: Canny borrowers dodge spikes; SOFR basis update

Basis: Canny borrowers dodge spikes; SOFR basis update

GBP Swaps: Long end offers; SONIA drives front end pressure

The sterling curve is a touch steeper although the long end is seeing good offers. Negative rates are expected to arrive later rather than sooner.