Bonds - JPY

JPY Bonds: Cheapening to back 20y demand; Green Bond growth

The JGB curve is bull flattening. Recent cheapening in 20y JGBs is likely to boost auction demand today. Japan plans to grow its Green Bond market.

JPY Swaps: Clearing correction continues; Butterfly trade

JPY clearing basis continues to correct after being positive earlier this month. A 10s/20s/30s butterfly trade idea has been put forward.

JPY Swaps: Abenomics approaches 7y point

There has been trade in 10y JPY swaps. Clearing basis is correcting lower. Abenomics is approaching its 7-year anniversary.

JPY Swaps: Weak GDP report backs bullish correction

JGBs are rallying on a bullish correction fuelled by a weak growth report. The recent rise in JGB yields has eased pressure on the BOJ.

JPY Swaps: 30y paid as auction looms

There has been flow in 2y JPY swaps and paying in 30y ahead of the ultra long JGB auction. Clearing basis popped into positive territory last week.

JPY Swaps: Clearing basis approaching zero

JPY clearing basis is approaching zero after spending 7 months in negative territory. Fiscal stimulus is expected to trigger more ultralong issuance.

JPY Bonds: BOJ suggests more long issuance

BOJ Governor Haruhiko Kuroda spoke about a range of topics Tuesday and suggested that the MOF should issue more 40-50 year JGBs.

JPY Swaps: 30y flow; Spreads narrow; BOJ bets faded

There has been trade in 30y JPY swaps and spreads have narrowed on the sell-off. The BOJ has highlighted its non-interest rate easing tools.

Asia-Pacific MTNs: Kangas; Equity linked Uridashis

Listing of non-government issued bonds from the Asia Pacific markets over the past week.

JPY Swaps: 2-5y flat; BOJ to flag rate cuts?

The 2-5y sector of the JPY curve is flat as the market awaits the BOJ rates decision, where it has been suggested future rate cuts might be flagged.