Bonds - JPY

JPY Bonds: 10s/30s seen steeper after BOJ

A study of key JGB curve-driving factors has backed expectations that a corrective steepening in 10s/30s will follow the October BOJ meeting.

JPY Swaps: Good 5y offers; Cautious long-end trades

JPY Swaps: Good-sized 5y offers; Cautious long-end trades

JPY Bonds: GPIF plans could impact basis

News that Japan's massive GPIF is planning to buy more currency-hedged foreign bonds could impact cross-currency basis swap levels.

Basis: 7y EUR popular; Cable rests; JPY focus

Tuesday ticked over quite nicely in cross-currency basis swaps, without anything happening to scare the horses too much. 7y EUR/USD is busy.

JPY Swaps: Tankan triggers pre-auction sell-off

A firm Tankan report is supporting a JPY rates sell-off. Swap spreads are narrowing on the move and demand at the 10y bond auction may suffer.

JPY Bonds: 5y yield surges to new low

JPY Bonds: Extending rally puts BOJ on watch

JPY Bonds: 30y bid ahead of bond auction

JPY Bonds: BOJ steady, now on Fed watch

JPY Swaps: Long-end steeper ahead of 40y tap