Bonds - JPY

Basis: Year-end turn crashes front-end; Tighter JPY/USD?

Unlike recent gilt moves, a New Year turn collapse today in cross currency first breaks is not unprecedented. But only 2008 surpassed it.

JPY Swaps: Rally reversed; Long spreads cheapen

The JPY rates market has reversed its early gains as the session has progressed. 10y spreads have cheapened on long-end JGB underperformance.

JPY Swaps: BOJ flags YCC purchases; 10s/20s steeper

There has been trade in JPY forward as price action has slowed. The BOJ is monitoring YCC purchases. 10s/20s is steeper on superlong weakness.

JPY Bonds: Selloff cheapens JGBs ahead of 40y auction

Long and superlong JGB yields are elevated as the extending sell-off cheapens the market ahead of today's 40-year auction.

JPY Swaps: Decent flow ahead of BOJ call

There has been decent trade in JPY swaps and forwards as the market awaits today's BOJ monetary policy announcement.

Basis: Busy issuance; GBP window wide open for now

General issuance was strong again today, but basis-swappable issuance was just ticking over, though GBP supply is having a good week.

Basis: JPY/USD attempts bounce after wild two days

Heavy demand for USD assets from Japanese RM fuelled IG USD supply this week and saw JPY/USD plunges driving core basis markets.

Basis Swaps: Full steam ahead; Japanese borrowers switch ...

Strong late-August supply in EUR, USD and GBP bodes well for basis swappers in the coming new season, say strategists. Japanese borrowers eye USD.

JPY Swaps: Hitting inflation target not enough for BOJ

Longer JPY swaps have traded amidst a lack of price action. A BOJ member says hitting the 2% inflation target wont be enough to trigger policy change.

JPY Swaps: Spreads ease on sell off; Kishida support drops

JPY swap spreads have eased as the market has sold off. Support for the Kishida Administration has declined.