Bonds - USD

Basis: SOFR mania; Italy whopper drives EUR/USD

An impressively busy day once more for new issuance saw the shadow of Italy’s $7bn 3-part cast over much of the curve.

USD New Issue Pipeline: Anemic start to October

Only $10.4bn priced last week, an underwhelming start to October. Surveys expect around $15bn for this week.

USD Swaps: USTs underperform; Steepeners rise

It has been a low-drama start to the week so far today as the USD curve bear-steepened ahead of supply.

USDi: Bad data piles up; New YTD lows for BEs

Today’s weaker than expected ISM non-manufacturing survey sparked another sharp bull-steepening in nominals that left BEs at new YTD lows.

Basis: 7y EUR popular; Cable rests; JPY focus

Tuesday ticked over quite nicely in cross-currency basis swaps, without anything happening to scare the horses too much. 7y EUR/USD is busy.

USD New Issue Pipeline: September record

Just under $15bn priced last week in IG new issues (ex-SSA) as the volumes died down considerably. Still, this September is one for the record books.

USD New Issue Pipeline: Slower pace

USD New Issue Pipeline: Continued strength

USD New Issue Pipeline: Record $75bn haul