Bonds - USD

USD New Issues: Fragile conditions; Trying to clear backlog

Only $21.7bn managed to price in IG (ex-SSA) last week. $30bn expected this week as some of the backlog looks to clear amid fragile conditions.

USD Swaps: Meandering start as Fed and data lie ahead

Last week’s UST rally has yet to extend as a busy week of domestic potential market-moving events awaits. BNPP looks at the Fed's plans.

USD Swaps: FX and future issuance eyed as spreads narrow

The overall market direction this morning was set by an equity rebound led by tech. Traders mull possible FX-driven and new issue pressure on spreads

USD Swaps: Bubble trouble spreads

With crypto turning from viral to contagious, dollar rate markets are struggling to keep up with the gains being seen in Europe.

USD Swaps: CPI hopes; 10y auction ahead; HF gains

With stocks and bonds both up ahead of CPI markets seem surprisingly confident that the data will be benign. Ahead, banks preview the 10y auction.

USD Swaps: Belly up; 30s tighter; Margin mountain grows

The belly of the UST curve is rallying as risk assets post only modest gains after the rout. 30s tighten. ISDA tracks the growing margin mountain.

USD New Issues: Underwhelming start to May; Uncertainty

$18.25bn priced for the first week of May, a weaker than expected start hampered by market conditions, and the struggle for a better window continues

USD Swaps: New peaks in yield as high-water mark, steepen...

As banks speculate that the high point in the yield surge has been reached, USTs stubbornly sell-off, except for the front-end.

USD Swaps: Steeper, wider before jobs; UST regime change?

The curve is steeper and swap spreads are better bid before the jobs data. Banks examine whether higher inflation means regime change for USTs.

USD Swaps: Flatter; Where next for the Fed?

EDs are taking back some of yesterday's post-FOMC exuberance and the UST curve is flatter. Banks look at where next for the Fed.