Bonds - USD

USD New Issues: Domestic FIGs march in; $100bn MTD so far

$25.85bn in new IG supply came as domestic FIG issuance came post-earnings. January needs $15bn more to level with expectations for the month.

Basis: EUR on back foot as USD supply takes over

With the ECB meeting stopping traffic and the SURE supply lurking, USD seized the opportunity to corner most of the cross-border market today.

USD New Issues: $25bn expected ahead; Yankee FIGs lead

Last week saw just over $24bn priced in IG new issues (ex-SSA) and this week $25bn is anticipated. Yankee FIGs are leading today's slate.

USD New Issues: Over $50bn for first week

IG issuance supply saw just over $50bn (ex-SSA) for the first week, exceedng expectations. The tempo is expected to slow this week. Issuers adjust

USD Swaps: Calm after the storming; Eyes on steepeners

Pacific words from the still-President Donald Trump set the tone for a gentle meandering session in USD, allowing foci to switch to the curve.

USD New Issues: 2021 looks bright

The new issuance markets are ramping up in the official start of the year, with several multi-tranches announced. Sources look back on 2020.

USD New Issues: Record year, record low coupons

Sources look back on the record year for IG new issuance that was 2020.

USD New Issues: Finishing off the record year

A more than expected $21bn priced last week, but volumes are expected to drop precipitously in what is expected to be the final week of the year.

USD Swaps: USTs in the middle; Bulls wait

Treasuries are in the middle between Brexit and the ECB. In research, bulls with guns keep their powder dry.

USD New Issues: Record low coupons entice

IG new issuance surpassed expectations last week as record low coupons have enticed issuers to come. FIG issuers figure in today's business.