Bonds - USD

USD New Issue Pipeline: $50bn haul; Riding strong

Just over $50bn priced in IG new issuance (ex-SSA) last week, topping expectations, as AbbVie's $30bn came. This week surveys expect around $24bn.

USD New Issue Pipeline: Mega deal AbbVie descends

New issuance over the past week saw a decent $23bn of IG issuance (ex-SSA). This week starts with a big bang as AbbVie's $27-28bn is pricing

Basis Swaps: Apple’s herring rouge; Post-BT bounce

A day of hefty, but less-frantic-than-earlier-in-the-week, EUR issuance activity saw Apple in the spotlight with a sizeable issue.

USD New Issue Pipeline: Turning it up

New issuance roared back to life this past week as $33.7bn (ex-SSA) priced in IG new issuance. It was a surprising result, sources say.

EUR New issue pipeline: SEB, DZ, RBS, Colgate-Palmolive

A range of issuers lining up euro deals this week included SEB, DZ, RBS and Colgate-Palmolive.

USD New Issue Pipeline: WFC boosts volumes; Citi up to bat

Just under $14bn priced last week, helped in large part by Wells Fargo's $6,5bn 2-part. Citigroup and Hyundai lead today's business.

USD New Issue Pipeline: Plugging along at a slower pace

Only $10.6bn priced last week, another underwhelming result. Post-earnings FIG issuance was light, This week $15bn is expected.

USD New Issue Pipeline: Lackluster volumes; FIG watch

IG new issue volumes disappointed last week. This week, with FIGs announcing earnings, sources look for some FIG supply, but expectations are low.

Basis: SOFR mania; Italy whopper drives EUR/USD

An impressively busy day once more for new issuance saw the shadow of Italy’s $7bn 3-part cast over much of the curve.

USD New Issue Pipeline: Anemic start to October

Only $10.4bn priced last week, an underwhelming start to October. Surveys expect around $15bn for this week.