Bonds - USD

USD Swaps: Risk in the tails; Fed reassures longs

Dealers suggest only an outlier in the employment report will move the markets today. Duration bulls take heart from the Fed.

USD Swaps: BOE peak talk bull-steepens; Banks on Fed

Hints from the BOE that sterling rates are near their peak helped global fixed income bull-steepen. But banks expect two more hikes from the Fed.

USD Swaps: Refunding, ISM and FOMC await

USTs and SOFR futures are edging higher ahead of the refunding announcement, ISM data and FOMC decision, while spreads are a tad wider.

USD Swaps: Ticking higher after ECI; Brevan's performers;...

USTs are ticking higher after the ECI. What were Brevan's top performers across funds and asset classes in 2022? BofA mulls reaction to the Fed.

USD New Issues: Front-loaded supply hits the mark

Another week that saw $26bn in mostly front-loaded IG supply managed to just slightly surpass expectations.

USD Swaps: Rain in Spain falls on global FI; Curve conund...

Global fixed income was happy to sell off led by Bunds on Spanish inflation ahead of CB action and the return of China. HSBC eyes the US yield curve.

USD Swaps: USTs pare losses; Pre-Fed positioning, trades

USTs pared early losses after the PCE deflator slowed as expected. Banks look at positioning and suggest front end trades ahead of the FOMC.

USD Swaps: Easily digesting solid data; Banks on the Fed ...

USTs are lower but have resiliently pared losses made in the wake of today's slate of above-consensus data. Ahead, banks look to the FOMC meeting.

USD Swaps: Nasdaq slips; Rate cuts overpriced?

Gilt-led gains for European fixed income and Nasdaq weakness helped to pull UST yields lower, but banks mull whether too much Fed easing is priced.

USD Swaps: Spread curve steeper - fade the move?

The swap spread curve is steeper today but some banks recommend fading the move at the front end of the curve. USTs have pared gains.