Bonds - USD

USD New Issue Pipeline: Record haul last week; FIGs up next

$65bn came first full week in January last week, way more than expected. This week bank earnings arrive, with the amount of post-earnings supply eyed.

USD Swaps: Deluge of supply as advertised; 5s30s steepens

Treasuries saw a steepening of the longer end of the curve in the late afternoon, and concurrently sent the 30y spread tighter by more than 3bps.

USD New Issue Pipeline: Full docket of issuance

Despite Middle East geopolitical escalations and a lower equity market, new issuance has shifted into high gear on the first fully staffed day of 2020

USD New Issue Pipeline: Positive signs for strong 2020 st...

Equities are up for the start of the New Year and IG corporate spreads are skating around the 2019 lows - positives for IG new issuance.

Basis Swaps: Book-tidying drives front-end; JPY bounce

With fears of a year-end liquidity squeeze ebbing fast, the very front end of the core basis swap markets all leapt higher this morning.

USD New Issue Pipeline: $120bn for January

IG new issuance (ex-SSA) last week came with $3.85bn amid good demand. 2019 closed down -4.8% compared to 2018. Surveys for January expect $120bn.

USD Swaps: Fed reactions; Spreads edge wider

Treasuries are little-changed and swap spreads are edging wider as banks give their reactions to the Fed meeting.

USD New Issuance Pipeline: Shorter dated bank issuance bo...

IG new issuance saw $14.6bn price last week, on the upper end of expectations, and shorter dated bank issuance helped to boost the total.

USD New Issue Pipeline: Heading into the final lap

November IG issuance (ex-SSA) totaled a very healthy $98.6bn, but the outlook for December is a modest $24bn. Tone remains solid.

USD Swaps: 50y deal; Repo and GSIB

Dealers watch for trade news as US data beats expectations. EdF launches its $2bn 50y deal. Barclays looks at GSIB scorces, balance sheets and repo.