Bonds - USD

USD Swaps: ASWs bounce despite fast money belly-selling; ...

Fast money selling after a week of steady gains failed to stop ASWs push higher today. Traders look at the NY Fed's reverse repo plans.

USD Swaps: Flatter; Bank bond issuance assessed

As traders in Europe struggle with spluttering feeds USTs are bull-flattening despite an OK performance by risky assets.

USD Swaps: Tighter; Faster, later Fed? Formosa

Swap spreads are tighter as deals arrive and the end of blackout comes nearer. Banks look for a faster, later Fed response.

USD New Issues: Update

An update of today's new issuance.

USD New Issues: Update

An update of today's new issuance.

USD New Issues: Volumes drop; $100bn expected for April

Only $9.5bn priced in IG last week, or less than half of what was expected. 3 IG issuers have announced thus far for today's business.

USD Swaps: Buying extends but bears still hungry

Quarter end buying has extended into today with the curve bull-flattening. However, bears lurk and continue to expect 2% 10y yields and elevated vol.

USD New Issues: IG carries on; Nomura, Jackson Financial ...

IG had seen $42bn price last week, but with Nomura pulling and Jackson Financial pricing then delaying the total dwindles down to $37bn.

USD Swaps: Flatter before supply; Rebalancing estimates

The Treasury curve is flatter in 2s/10s before 2y supply and testimony by Powell and Yellen. Strategists estimate the potential for PF rebalancing.

USD New Issues: Steady pace; Oracle leads slate

$30.75bn priced last week slightly under expectations. March has already exceeded, however. Oracle jumbo 6-part leads today's business.