Euro (EUR)

EURi: FRF down as new 15y OATi confirmed

The long end of French inflation underperformed today as the AFT confirmed plans for a long-waited new 15y OATi.

EUR Vol: Implieds drop as yields retreat; Top left value?

Euro implieds declined across the grid today which sources mostly blamed on directional movement in the underlying.

EUR Swaps: ASWs tighter despite big EU supply; Front-end ...

Bund ASWs have tightened despite big EU supply that sources say saw reasonable demand.

EUR New Issues: EU €7bn 2029 and 2042 taps

European Union is tapping €3bn Dec 2029 and €4bn Nov 2042 via syndication.

EUR Vol: Pockets of support eyed amid ULC bounce

Euro implieds were mixed with some traders eyeing pockets of support across the grid.

EUR Swaps: Sell-off continues, ASW tighter; EU; Dutch PF ...

The post-US payrolls selloff has continued in euro fixed income while the EU has announced plans for a dual syndication.

EUR New Issues: BofA, Munifin, Commerzbank, Santander, SM...

BofA, Munifin, Commerzbank, Santander, SMFG, UniCredit are among the issuers working on new euro deals with an EU syndi also expected this week.

EUR MTNs: Short list of CMS, Repacks, Emissions-linked an...

A short list of trades this week includes euro CMS, repacks, an emissions-linked structure and an Italian retail step-up.

EUR Swaps: US payrolls eyed; Bund ASW outlook

Traders await US payroll data while strategists look at the longer-term outlook for swap spreads.

USDi: BEs dip then bounce as buyers emerge

BEs took an early dip until buyers swept in at the morning lows to leave them mixed but little change at the close.