Euro (EUR)

EUR Swaps: Issuance dominates flow

With everyone from sovereigns to corporates scrambling to raise debt, flows are having a big impact on the swap market.

EUR New Issue Pipeline: Supply onslaught continues

The supply onslaught continues as corporates scramble to raise debt

GBP Swaps: Through Danger Corner and into the chicane

GBP swappers fell back on old memories of painful times to negotiate a potentially tricky Monday. They noted 30s/40s ASW action and eyed DMO supply.

EURi: Long end holds up as oil hits front end

Dealers confirmed that the long end of the euro inflation curve had held up today even as Brent's $3 plunge weighed on the front end.

EUR Vol: Wariness of selling top right; CMS1010

Some traders remain wary about selling top right gamma. New deals include a CMS1010. Citi looks at EUR vs USD vega.

EUR Swaps: Client paying dominates; Death of RV?

The overriding theme in euros has seen clients as better payers in recent sessions. Some argue RV is dead.

EUR New Issue Pipeline: Corporates and Canadians

Corporates AB InBev, Thermo Fisher and VW are working on deals alongside Canada's CPPIB.

ISDA publishes swaption discount rate docs

ISDA has today published a supplement to the 2006 ISDA Definitions to allow parties to specify a discount rate in swaption confirmations.

USDi: BEs spiral lower again post TIPS buyback

BEs spiraled sharply lower immediately after the Fed’s underwhelming TIPS buyback for the second straight session, ending an impressive run this week.

EUR Swaps: Risk off flattening; Where next for ASW?

Risk off swept equity markets again today with core curves bull-flattening in response. Ahead, banks look at the prospects for asset swaps.