Euro (EUR)

EUR MTNs: Bank and SSA callables

Euro structured note issuance over the past week was led by bank and SSA callables.

EUR Swaps: Hawks quiet so far; US data eyed

The ECB hawks have so far been quiet with little sound of pushback against yesterday's market moves.

USDi: BEs tap themselves out of central bank Dove-Fest

BEs decided that enough is enough and tapped themselves out of today’s central bank dovish fest with a modest pull-back.

EURi: ECB lights a path to the peak; Weighting for Germany

Linkers almost matched today's peripheral-led ECB bond surge, leaving B/Es little-changed. Supply, positioning and reweighting were all in the mix.

EUR Vol: Short-dated gamma expiries slammed amid ECB moves

Short-dated euro gamma was slammed lower after central bank meetings and a global fixed income rally.

ECB hikes 50bps and says another 50bps in March; Big Bund...

The ECB hiked 50bps as expected and said it plans another 50bps in March. The Bund has built on earlier gains.

USD Swaps: BOE peak talk bull-steepens; Banks on Fed

Hints from the BOE that sterling rates are near their peak helped global fixed income bull-steepen. But banks expect two more hikes from the Fed.

EUR Swaps: ECB eyed after BOE hints at peak; Hawkish surp...

Traders eye the ECB meeting after the BOE hikes 50bps but hints at a peak. Some argue a hawkish ECB surprise is unlikely.

USDi: Markets squeeze dovish message out of Powell; BEs f...

The broader markets manage to squeeze a dovish message out of today's FOMC decision/Powell presser, and BEs followed suit by ending modestly higher.

GBP Swaps: Can 76% of economists be wrong about the BOE?

About 3/4 of economists expect the MPC to hike rates by 50bps tomorrow but a minority of pre-cogs look for the Bank to start slowing down.