Euro (EUR)

EUR MTNs: Another inflation-linked repack; Callables

Recent structured deals include another big inflation-linked repack, a century tap and a choice selection of callables.

EUR Swaps: ECB buying weighs; EURIBORs bounce; Decorrelat...

Traders attributed today’s steeper curve and bearish tone to thin summer markets and central bank buying rather than any correlation with stocks.

EURi: Oil lifts front end; Linker supply view

A bounce in oil prices from session lows helped to support the front of the euro inflation curve today. Ahead, banks mull linker issuance.

EUR Swaps: Bund yields at lows; 1y1y/5y5y flatness

Second wave talk has taken Bund yields to 3-month lows. Meanwhile views on the curve are straightforward, some see it steepening, others flattening.

EUR Vol: Top right dips; Moving on from compo clash

Summer trading is tightening its grip despite a hint of a dip in the top right. Traders reflect on EONIA to €STR discounting.

EUR Swaps: Tighter; Buxl view; More FICC gains

The Bund is under pressure and ASWs are tighter as long Treasuries sink. Bank strategists look at the Buxl. SocGen and HSBC report FICC and FVA.

USDi: BEs throw a chop-fest into month-end

Month-end proved to be a flow-driven random walk for BEs that ultimately saw them solidly in the black off the back of decent end-user demand.

EUR Swaps: Edging higher; 30s/50s as a hedge? BNPP, NatWe...

Bunds are edging up with volumes supported by month end. Banks suggest hedges for a second Covid wave. BNPP and NatWest report FIC, VaR and hedges.

USDi: Dismal data pressures BEs; Month-end eyed

Dismal GDP data pressured BEs lower today with the back-end giving back yesterday’s FOMC-driven gains. Attention shift to month-end tomorrow.

EURi: Inflation feels the pressure of Spanish prints and ...

European inflation felt the pressure from a macro-led rally in Bunds today and weaker than expected inflation data from Spain and Germany.