Euro (EUR)

EURi: Oil supports; 10y well-bid

Breakevens and inflation swaps remained lower in afternoon trading but up on the decline of recent days thanks, in the most, to oil.

EUR Swaps: Unwinds meet new positions; Reduced Dutch PF f...

Risk-off led to bull flattening and spread widening. Could Dutch PF delays reduce the risk of forced receiving?

EUR New Issues: EssilorLuxottica €4bn, CNP 30y green

EssilorLuxottica is pricing a €4bn three-part tranche. French insurer CNP targets 30y with a new green bond.

USDi: BEs compress ahead of upcoming main events

BEs compressed modestly against an largely inflation-unfriendly backdrop. Attention now turns to the more pertinent events for the asset class.

EURi: Caution on OATei-47 tap; Liquidity constraints eyed

Some dealers are wary about the OATei-47 tap and capacity to absorb the supply.

EUR Swaps: EONIA/BOR steepness; Liquidity and ASW correla...

EONIA/BOR is down again as some find the curve too steep. Improved swap liquidity is strengthening the negative correlation of ASWs, argue some.

EUR New Issue Pipeline: Land NRW bumper 10y and 20y

Land NRW is hitting the long-end with the sale of 10y and 20y bonds

EUR Vol: Caught on wrong footing

Euro vols were better offered with some saying people have been caught on the wrong foot.

EUR Swaps: Long EONIA/BOR tighter amid ISDA report

ISDA’s report on LIBOR fallbacks has seen a sharp tightening in long-dated SONIA/BOR and – to a lesser extent – tightening in long-dated EONIA/BOR.

Eurex clears its first €STR swap trades

Eurex today cleared its first €STR swap trades.