Euro (EUR)

USDi: $15bn Jan31 TIPS but a molehill for inflationistas

Today’s $15bn Jan31 TIPS auction was but a little molehill for bullish inflationistas who continued to chase BEs higher this session.

EURi: Rally takes a breather; French supply

Euro inflation swaps were off session lows but remained softer across the board into the close following 10y supply from the AFT.

Basis: EUR on back foot as USD supply takes over

With the ECB meeting stopping traffic and the SURE supply lurking, USD seized the opportunity to corner most of the cross-border market today.

EUR Swaps: Bases tighten on abundant liquidity; EONIA-BOR...

The continued tightening in euro basis was front of mind for one trader today, despite low volatility in the market ahead of the ECB meeting.

EUR New issues: Goldman Sachs 7y, Land NRW 30y

A shorter list of euro deals ahead of the ECB today still includes a GS benchmark and a 30y from Land NRW.

USDi: BEs continue winning streak; 10y TIPS supply eyed

BEs extended on the reflation rally of 2021 as the presidential baton was passed amid a buoyant risk-tone. Attention shifts to the 10y TIPS auction.

EUR Vol: Onwards and downwards; Intrigue over 2y10y OTM r...

Vols move lower, while some traders are intrigued by ongoing bids for 2y10y OTM receivers.

EURi: 10y OAT€i talk; More interest in swaps than bonds

Speaking ahead of tomorrow’s new 10y OAT€i, inflation traders note more interest in swaps than bonds

EUR Swaps: Steeper amid more SURE talk; ASWs too tight?

The euro curve is steeper amid more speculation about upcoming EU SURE issuance.

EUR New Issue Pipeline: More long-end; EIB 7y €STR; Tesco...

More long-end deals are pricing, plus EIB returns to the €STR-linked market.