Japanese Yen (Jpy)

JPY Swaps: Bid after FOMC; Flattener opportunities

JPY swap rates head higher after FOMC, and 2s/10s swaps have steepened up to a level that may attract curve flattener interests.

USDi: Hawkish Powell knocks BEs out of initial flight

Today’s hawkish interpretation of the FOMC decision and Powell comments knocked BEs out of initial flight as the risk tone soured.

JPY Swaps: 2s/10s a tad flatter; Cautious ahead of FOMC

Trading in JPY swaps has been very cautious ahead of the FOMC. 10y has been slightly outperforming, and 2s/10s swaps are a tad flatter.

USDi: BEs track broader risk tone again, but end mostly i...

BEs largely tracked the broader risk tone once again intraday, but ended mostly in the black despite a still shaky risk backdrop.

JPY Swaps: Swaps bid despite a slump in equities

JPY swaps saw better paying interest despite the slump in the Nikkei and a modest gain in JGB future.

JPY Swaps: 10y better bid; Superlongs price action; Mayba...

10-year JPY swaps saw slightly better paying amid losses in the cash bond market. Maybank has launched a 3-tranche Samurai deal.

JPY Swaps: Long-end flatter after inflation data

Weaker-than-expected inflation data has prompted flattening at the long-end of the JPY curve, after some mild steepening there on the previous day.

USDi: TIPS squeezed into 10y auction; BEs come full circl...

TIPS were squeezed into today’s $16bn 10y TIPS auction, causing the auction to tail and BEs to come full circle intraday.

JPY Swaps: Longs better bid after trade data; Softbank me...

Strong domestic trade data has prompted better paying at the long-end of the JPY swap curve. Softbank has priced its biggest ever yen bond.

USDi: Impending 10y TIPS supply weighs on BEs

Tomorrow’s $16bn 10y TIPS auction weighed on BEs today against a broader risk-off backdrop.