Japanese Yen (Jpy)

USDi: Fed’s hawkish tide sinks all boats, BEs included

A more hawkish than expected FOMC dot plot essentially sent all major asset classes lower with TIPS/BEs far from unscathed today.

JPY Swaps: 2s/10s to correct steeper; Mid-sector bid

There has been cautious paying in JPY swaps after data from the US. The belly has been bid, and 2s/10s swaps are due to correct steeper.

USDi: Team Reflationista scores PPI points; TIPS/BE selli...

A much stronger-than-expected May PPI print gave another point to Team Reflationista. BEs bull flattened as better TIPS/BE selling abated.

JPY Swaps: Longer-dated spreads cheapen

Superlong and ultralong JPY swap spreads have dropped to their cheapest levels since the beginning of the year.

JPY Swaps: Clearing basis dips back below zero

JPY IRS clearing basis has dipped back below zero. Superlong swap spreads are seen widening. The. BOJ is scheduled to meet later this week.

USDi: CPI sugar high quickly fades away; RM sellers

Yesterday’s CPI sugar high for the U.S. inflation asset class didn’t last too as real money sellers knocked BEs lower today.

JPY Swaps: 10y yield at recent low; 2s/10s at key level

JPY swaps saw good amount of receiving after US CPI data. 10-year JGB yield hits recent low and 2s/10s swaps are at their key psychological level.

USDi: Inflation genie out of bottle, how long though? Sel...

Today’s stronger-than-expected May CPI print woke BEs up from a six-day narrowing spell but selling pressure still remained in the background.

JPY Swaps: Flattener interest; 20y offers tighten 10s/20s

JPY swaps have been offered ahead of the potentially strong US CPI data, as players are concerned about a scale back of US monetary policy.

USDi: BEs hellbent on limping into CPI

BEs remained hellbent on limping into tomorrow’s CPI print as continued end-user selling/profit taking persisted.