Japanese Yen (Jpy)

JPY Bonds: USD demand puts pressure on repo; BOJ plan due

Strong demand for USD via BOJ swap lines has put pressure on the domestic repo market. The BOJ purchase plan for April is due out this afternoon.

JPY Swaps: Short forward flow; Virus stimulus in focus

There has been trade in short forwards and swap spreads are lower. The passage of the budget on Friday has paved the way for virus stimulus.

USDi: BEs spiral lower again post TIPS buyback

BEs spiraled sharply lower immediately after the Fed’s underwhelming TIPS buyback for the second straight session, ending an impressive run this week.

JPY Swaps: Early 10y bid; 2y flow flattens 2s/10s

Trading in JPY swaps has been cautious with only light paying in 10-year in earlier trading. 2-year flow has flattened 2s/10s swaps.

USDi: BEs roar into TIPS buyback but sulk afterward

BEs roared into TIPS buyback but sulked afterward as the real yield rally sourced better selling.

JPY Swaps: 10y JGB yield at sub-zero; 2s/10s below key le...

10-year JPY swaps saw light paying before turning offered after mid-day. 10-year JGB yield fell to below 0% again.

Asia-Pacific MTNs: Callables, zeros, callable zeros

Listing of Asia Pacific structures and vanilla bonds sold by offshore issuers.

USDi: BEs continue forging higher; Fed backstop

BEs continued to forge higher amid a solid risk-on move with continued Fed TIPS buyback serving as a backstop to end-user selling.

JPY Swaps: Tight spread limits 10y bid; Long-end curve st...

The Nikkei spikes and prompted paying from the 10-year point of the JPY swap curve. Tight JPY-USD spread has limited paying in 10-year.

USDi: BEs continue jumping for joy; Market healing with b...

BEs built boldly on already decent recent gains amid today’s risk-on rebound with dealers seeing better conditions for the asset class amid buybacks.