Japanese Yen (Jpy)

USDi: BEs’ newfound attitude supports 10y TIPS auction

BEs adopted a newfound attitude after the Fed ruined the day yesterday, lending solid support to today’s $14bn 10y TIPS reopening.

Asia-Pacific MTNs: Callables; Zeros; Kangas

Listing of structured bonds and vanilla bonds issued in the Asia Pacific markets over the past week.

USDi: Fed’s more decisive taper talk scares BEs lower; 10...

The Fed/Powell’s more decisive taper talk at today’s FOMC decision scared BEs lower amid better RY selling. 10y TIPS auction now eyed.

JPY Swaps: Spreads ease ahead of BOJ

Longer JPY swap spreads have eased slightly as the market awaits today's BOJ announcement.

USDi: Cooler heads prevails but BEs still a little sticky

Risk sentiment stabilized after yesterday’s scare but BEs were sticky today, reluctant to join the modest risk-on move despite the Fed’s help.

JPY Swaps: Volatility not expected to rise near term

JPY swap flow has been light after the long weekend break. Market volatility is not expected to rise near-term.

JPY Swaps: Light 10y bid; 2s/10s still too steep

JPY swaps have been better bid following good US data. The steepness in 2s/10s has limited strong paying in 10-year.

USDi: BE curve steepens amid many cross-currents; 10y TIP...

The BEs curve steepened with tenors beyond the very front-end getting a modest bump higher amid many cross-currents.

JPY Swaps: JGB future weaker despite data; Curve seen fla...

JGB future is weaker despite disappointing domestic data. The slope at the long-end is too steep and some players expect some flattener interests.

JPY Swaps: Curve flatter as US Fed tightening outlook rev...

The JPY swap curve has followed the USD rates curve flatter, as the market reduces its bet on a near-term tightening by the US Fed.