Japanese Yen (Jpy)

USDi: $15bn Jan31 TIPS but a molehill for inflationistas

Today’s $15bn Jan31 TIPS auction was but a little molehill for bullish inflationistas who continued to chase BEs higher this session.

JPY Swaps: Longs better offered despite Trump's departure

Slightly disappointing domestic trade data has promoted slightly better receiving in long-dated JPY swaps, despite a rally in equities.

USDi: BEs continue winning streak; 10y TIPS supply eyed

BEs extended on the reflation rally of 2021 as the presidential baton was passed amid a buoyant risk-tone. Attention shifts to the 10y TIPS auction.

JPY Swaps: Cautious 10y offers; 20y recommendations

Wide JPY-USD spread has deterred strong receiving interest in 10y JPY swaps. Players are on a wait-and-see mode about the steepening in 10s/20s.

JPY Swaps: 30y spread richest in 6m; BOJ YCC band talk

The 30y JPY swap spread has traded to its richest level in over 6 months. There has been speculation about the BOJ widening its 10y YCC target band.

JPY Swaps: Longs bid; Curve seen steeper

The JPY rates market saw a selloff, and longer-dated swaps have been bid. Market participants believe the JPY rates curve to steepen further.

USDi: TIPS modestly outperform despite risk-off tone; PPI...

TIPS modestly outperformed nominals despite a risk-off tone today but traders are not reading much into it given thin conditions this session.

JPY Swaps: Light 30y bid; 10y given after US data

Weak US jobs data has backed receiving interest in 10-year JPY swaps. 30-year, however, saw light paying.

USDi: BEs bid; Import Prices; 10y TIPS announced; Tradewe...

Powell’s dovish comments today helped propel BEs higher. Barclays reviews import prices.10y TIPS are announced. Tradeweb sees swap volumes rise.

JPY Swaps: 10s/30s steepens up; 2-way 10-20y flow

Trading in swaps has been around the longer-end, with mostly 2-way interest in the 10- to 20-year zone. 10s/30s swaps are steeper.