Japanese Yen (Jpy)

JPY Swaps: JGB future trims gains after 30y sale; Yen int...

JGB future trimmed gains as demand for 30y JGBs was weaker. Swappers were cautious as recent currency move might trigger an intervention.

JPY Swaps: Weak yen drives curve steeper; 10y bid after U...

US jobs data has prompted some paying in 10y JPY swaps while the yen move has backed some price action at the superlong-end. The curve steepened up.

JPY Swaps: 7s/10s JGBs seen flatter; 10s/30s steeper

The rally in the underlying JGBs saw light 10y offers. 30y was bid before next week's auction. BNPP sees flatter 7s/10s JGBs to come.

USDi: BEs dip then bounce as buyers emerge

BEs took an early dip until buyers swept in at the morning lows to leave them mixed but little change at the close.

JPY Swaps: Longs stay bid post-auction; CA and PayPal fin...

10y JGB sale was slightly weaker than expected, supporting paying at the long-end after the auction. CA and PayPal have finalised price guidance.

USDi: BEs sulk into month-end; Basis better bid

A multitude of headwinds kept BEs under pressure into today’s modest month-end bid while the inflation basis has been better bid of late.

JPY Swaps: Data weaker than expected; 10y offers emerge; ...

Domestic data was weaker than expected, prompting receiving in 10-year JPY swaps and steepening of the curve from there.

JPY Swaps: Jobless rate below forecast; Early SL bid

Japan's jobless rate was lower than forecast and this relieved worries over any imminent policy move and backed light interest in JPY rates.

JPY Swaps: Light long-end bid; Flatter from 10y

Trading in JPY swaps was not overly active ahead of key domestic data. There was paying at the long-end and the curve was flatter from 10y.

USDi: Front-end BEs fall as RYs rise; Attractive RY levels?

Front-end BEs are falling today as RYs rise amid better-than-expected data and continuation of the debt impasse. Some see 30y RYs getting attractive.