Swedish Krona / Norway Krone / Danish krone (SEK/NOK/DKK)

BOE RFR WG on swap fixes for legacy GBP LIBOR swaptions a...

The BOE-convened working group on sterling risk-free rates has published a paper on swap fixes for legacy sterling LIBOR swaptions and CMS.

Basis: NOK action as ultra EUR/USD flows ebb

A good start to 2021 in new issuance and basis is ebbing, allowing Scandi supply to creep to the fore. RBC looks at three key 5y sectors.

Basis: GBP frenzy continues; NOK rocks! 5y EUR/USD busy

GBP continues to work for issuers and investors and sterling supply is at historical highs. NIB explains why it likes GBP. And NOK is also doing well.

Eurex Clearing: EONIA to €STR switch set for Oct 2021

Eurex Clearing today announced that EONIA will switch to €STR on October 15 2021, following a short consultation with the market.

Basis: Stable; Swedish mixed messages; SOFR & HONIA

With the big issuance guns having rolled in and out of core markets in Sep, basis swaps were stable. Sweden sent out mixed messages and HONIA arrives.

Euro RFR WG minutes reveal EURIBOR fallback challenges, E...

The euro RFR working group minutes reveal the debate over adopting backward or forward-looking fallback rates for EURIBOR.

Basis: Canny borrowers dodge spikes; SOFR basis update

Basis: Canny borrowers dodge spikes; SOFR basis update

Basis: Empire strikes back; ESM, Glencore talk; Kiwi?

Rule Britannia may be a song that dare not speak its name, but that hasn’t stopped GBP new issuance ruling the flow after a booming Autumn start.

EUR Swaps: €STR activity after big bang switch

€STR activity after the big bang switch is discussed

EUR Swaps: Dutch pension delay; TLTRO implications

EUR 10s/30s is off session highs as a key Dutch social partner delays its decision on pension reform. Elsewhere, banks assess the impact of the TLTRO.