US Dollar (USD)

USD Swaps: Spread swoon stalls; USTs bull flatten further

UST yields are lower while equities have proved resilient. Front end swap spreads have stabilized. Banks preview the minutes.

USD Swaps: Flatter; 2020 vision

Treasuries are bull-flattening and the spread curve is steeper as traders mull the prospects for a US-China trade agreement given the turmoil in HK.

USD Swaps: Momentum spills front end spreads lower still

Narrowing pressures in the front end of the spread curve gathered further momentum into the afternoon, with the 2y spread down 1.75bps.

USDi: BEs compress ahead of upcoming main events

BEs compressed modestly against an largely inflation-unfriendly backdrop. Attention now turns to the more pertinent events for the asset class.

USD Vol: Left side gains; Vega, right side a bit higher

Amid the underlying flattening, the left side again outperformed while the right side and longer expiries followed higher, albeit modestly.

ICE Swap Rate feedback: Expand data set

As the situation of non-fixing ICE Swap Rate fixings has persisted, IBA published feedback today that overwhelming calls to expand the data set.

USD Swaps: Trade skeptics lurk; Front end spreads narrow ...

USTs are bull-flattening as trade skeptics lurk while equities ride high. Front end spreads continue narrowing on little volume.

USD MTNs: Non-Formosa ZCs resurge; CMS notes

Zero-coupon callables shifted back to non-Formosa supply this past week, as the majority of new notes were non-Formosa. CMS-linked notes were active.

USD Swaps: FRA/OIS tightening view

Swap spreads are mixed after Monday's tightening. As FRA/OIS continues to tighten, strategists at JPM look at potential drivers for the move.

USD Swaps: Spreads narrow; Lower FRA/OIS; Supply

Swap spreads narrowed, led by the front end as supply related flows and tighter FRA/OIS helped to pressure spreads. Barclays looks at the ISDA consult