US Dollar (USD)

USDi: Solid PPI; BEs nudge a little higher; CPI on the ho...

BEs nudged a little higher with a strong PPI providing a green light against an inflation-friendly/neutral backdrop. CPI is now on the horizon.

USD Swaps: Belly taketh away; Who will buy the mountain o...

USTs are well off their earlier lows but remain in the red with the belly still the weakest link. Deutsche examines potential sources of UST demand.

USD Swaps: ASWs bounce despite fast money belly-selling; ...

Fast money selling after a week of steady gains failed to stop ASWs push higher today. Traders look at the NY Fed's reverse repo plans.

USDi: Fed props up front BEs but nominal rally weighs on ...

Today’s Fed TIPS purchase helped support front-end BEs but the bull flattening nominal rally weighed on longer tenors.

USD Swaps: Focus shifting to UST supply, bank earnings

Powell's dovish comments spurred a rally in USTs and equities. Swap spreads compressed early. Participants look ahead to supply and bank earnings.

USD Vol: ULC, gamma slip in lower with dovish talk

The ULC and gamma saw further pressure today as Powell continued a dovish line.

USD Swaps: Powell assist? USTs bull flattening; Minutes ...

USTs are bull flattening ahead of a likely dovish Fed Chair Powell appearance today. Barclays assesses FOMC minutes.

Dealer Rankings 2020-21: Remote controllers

Market-makers faced unprecedented challenges over the last year. Who's up and away - and who's down and out - in the latest Dealer Rankings?

USD Swaps: Flatter; Bank bond issuance assessed

As traders in Europe struggle with spluttering feeds USTs are bull-flattening despite an OK performance by risky assets.

USDi: BEs snap back up; Fed TIPS purchase eyed; Minutes

BEs snapped back higher today after yesterday’s flow-driven hiccup. Inflationistas eye tomorrow’s Fed TIPS purchase operation.