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USD New Issues: Higher gear kicks in

$46.34bn priced in IG new issuance (ex-SSA) last week, above expectations. The stronger pace is expected to continue with around $35bn anticipated.

New SDR data: Which broker/platform/venue did the trade?

Total Derivatives SDR data tables have had a refresh for 2023. From now, see which broker, platform or other venue did the trade.

Basis: Year-end turn fear not turning up?

Free of the distractions of bond issuance and with no clear signs of market panic, basis swappers allowed themselves to dream of a quiet year-end.

UK DMO’s Stheeman on supply, GEMMs and gilt volatility

DMO boss Stheeman today looked at the latest revision to the gilt remit, and why GEMMs should be happy. And the gilt curve bear-flattened post-Budget.

Total Derivatives is hiring: Sales Manager – Subscriptions

Total Derivatives is hiring: Sales Manager – Subscriptions

UK DMO’s Stheeman: Market must decide what works; 5y yiel...

The maxi-Budget from new Chancellor Kwarteng has upped the workload of the DMO yet again. Its chief says it will cope, with the help of the market.

KfW: Where to go with EURIBOR and ESTR?

KfW treasury officials discuss the balance between liquidity, cost and volatility for KfW in ESTR versus EURIBOR.

How SOFR futures and options liquidity is building: CME

Total Derivatives talks to CME's Agha Mirza, Group Global Head of Rates and OTC Products, about the growth of SOFR futures and options trading.

UK DMO's Stheeman on market conditions, linkers and syndi...

UK DMO CEO Sir Robert Stheeman discusses the challenging conditions facing market participants, linkers and syndications.

Deadline for SOFR swaptions brings anxiety, acceptance an...

The deadline for options traders to switch to SOFR is bringing a mixture of anxiety, acceptance and ambivalence. Dealers discuss the challenges.

UK DMO CEO Stheeman on cuts in longs and linkers

The DMO's Sir Robert Stheeman discusses the decision to slash gilt issuance, a move that spurred massive gilt curve bull-flattening.

Non-linear SOFR First imminent - Are dealers ready?

The deadline for making non-linear products 'SOFR First' is imminent but are dealers - as well as brokers and end-users - ready for the switch?

Novel IFC deal lights the way for other issuers to use SOFR

The IFC's $2bn 5y global this week opens the way to other borrowers to start pricing off SOFR curve. Sources at the SSA discuss the deal.

Total Derivatives is hiring!

Total Derivatives is looking for a Senior Journalist to cover the European rates market.

SOFR, BSBY and Ameribor: Zero sum game or room for all?

Market participants discuss recent developments in SOFR, BSBY and Ameribor trading. Will the end-users end up with multiple dollar benchmarks?

CME Term SOFR: Born out of client demand, futures network...

In a recent conversation with Total Derivatives, Agha Mirza, CME Group Global Head of Rates and OTC Products, discussed its new term SOFR rates.

UK DMO: Selling more gilts than expected

UK DMO Chief Sir Robert Stheeman discusses plans for higher-than-expected gilt issuance, green bonds and demand for linkers.

EUREX: Dealers on hedging with Buxl options, liquidity an...

Dealers discuss options on Buxl Futures as a hedging tool, liquidity and quoting direct to clients.

UK DMO's Stheeman on gilt issuance, RPI and linkers

UK DMO chief Sir Robert Stheeman discusses the big increase in gilt issuance, RPI reform and linkers.

Eurex: Buxl options: Bid/offer, carry and the buyside view

Buxl options have grown steadily since launch. Market participants discuss pricing and how the buyside uses the product for carry.(Sponsored by Eurex)