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AUD Swaps: Steepening triggers curve ideas

Long AUD curve spreads traded overnight after recent steepening triggered curve trade ideas.

GBP Vol: Top left sold; 1m strong; Vega flow or jiggery-p...

The top left of the sterling vol grid is sold, 1m remains well supported, while vega bids confound traders.

GBP Swaps: RPI takes a breather; Ultralong supply talk

As the fizz from Friday’s pop in optimism regarding a possible Brexit agreement goes flat, gilt yields today sheepishly tiptoed lower again.

EUR Swaps: Spreads stay pressured; ALM and negative conve...

Bund swap spreads fail to re-widen despite the risk-off backdrop. DB looks at ALM and negative convexity.

EUR New Issue Pipeline: ADB, CA, LBP, UBI, ZF

ZF Europe Finance is working on a four-part EUR benchmark deal. Also pricing are ADB, Credit Agricole, LBP Home Loan and UBI Banca.

AUD Swaps: Forwards trade ahead of jobs report

There has been trade in AUD curve spreads and forwards as the market looks ahead to key employment data later this week.

USDi: Trade winds lift BEs again

Amid another solid trade-news driven risk-on move, BEs snapped higher, rallying an additional 3.5-5.5bps amid decent interest in the asset class.

EUR MTNs: Re-Packs; Lone CMS; Long-dated vanilla

Euro-denominated MTNs emerging over the last week or so included re-packs, a lone CMS structure, and some long vanilla.

USD Swaps: Trade Optimism; T-Bill buybacks; FHLB

USTs have taken another sharp leg down on trade optimism. Fed announces T-Bill buyback program. BAML looks as FHLB LIBOR phase out.

GBP Swaps: Longs to the slaughter

Traders were as stressed as the brains behind the LibDem ‘Remain’ strategy today as fears/hopes/expectations of a Brexit breakthrough went stellar.

EUR Vol: Quiet pre-Tunnel; 10y10y record

Traders reported a pretty flat day in EUR vol despite Brexit deal hopes, with one trader explaining that “we’re all watching the underlying.”

EUR Swaps: Unloading in ASWs; 100 tick Brexit deal risk?

China and the US combined are much, much more important than the EU and UK in economic terms, but traders, said minds are fixed on Brexit.

JP Morgan on developments in €STR trading

JP Morgan's co-head of EMEA rates, Tom Prickett, discusses recent developments in €STR trading and the prospects for the nascent benchmark.

EUR New Issues: Carnival coming to town

Carnival, the world’s largest leisure travel company, has mandated BAML, BNPP, Citi, GS and NatWest for a EUR 10y.

JPY Swaps: Mid-sector spreads in; 5-10y bid

JPY Swaps: Mid-sector spreads in; 5-10y bid

AUD Swaps: 3-10y bid after ECB; 5y EFP out

AUD Swaps: 3-10y bid after ECB; 5y EFP out

Asia Pacific MTNs: Zeros; JPY Perpetuals; Equity-linked U...

Asia Pacific MTNs: Zeros; JPY Perpetuals; Equity-linked Uridashis

USD Swaps: Whiffs of a more solid risk-on; 30y

Treasuries are grinding back toward the lows of the day into the close and sources see the price action more slippery with levels faltering easily.

USDi: CPI underwhelms but NSA quirk lifts BEs

September CPI fell short of consensus expectations. However, the NSA was stronger than the market was pricing in the screens which helped buoy BEs.

USD Vol: 10y gamma gains, but buyers wary

Implieds are higher in the upper right, but risks of a risk-on reversal have some wondering if gamma could abruptly correct lower. Vega drops.