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AUD Swaps: Butterfly flow; QE options repeated; Goldman K...

There has been trade in mid sector AUD butterfly spreads. Governor Lowe has reiterated the RBA's QE options. Goldman issued a Kangaroo Bond.

USDi: Fed’s hawkish tide sinks all boats, BEs included

A more hawkish than expected FOMC dot plot essentially sent all major asset classes lower with TIPS/BEs far from unscathed today.

USD Swaps: Belly crashes in post-FOMC; Long end spreads f...

The FOMC did what CPI could not, with a substantial repricing in the belly of the curve, sending 2s5s30s to new highs for the year. Spreads widened

USD Vol: Vols tick up post-FOMC; 5x7 wedge; Accreter

Vols rose, somewhat tepidly, considering the delivered vol post-FOMC. ULC traded along with 2y10y. Earlier, a 5x7 wedge and a 30y accreter dealt.

Structured Notes: New deals update

Recent structured note activity in USD and EUR.

GBP Swaps: Inflation curve hit; Nominals bull-flatten

RPI and supply news hit the inflation curve today. Nominals bull-flattened.

EUR Vol: Vega drop resumes

Implieds are mixed although some vega pieces, such as 5y5y, have resumed their descent.

USD Swaps: Holding pattern ahead of FOMC; No fireworks ex...

The financial landscape remains in a literal holding pattern ahead of today’s FOMC decision where no fireworks are expected by sources/dealers.

EURi: Drifting lower before Fed, AFT supply

Inflation was drifting into the red shortly before the FOMC today and chunky French supply tomorrow.

USD Swaps: Fed wait; Brevan stays short, grows, adds crypto

Traders and strategists await the Fed decision. Front FRA-OIS widens, Brevan increases its USD rates short and adds crypto.

EUR Swaps: Steady as FOMC eyed; NGEU debut hailed a success

Euro rates keep a tight range as the market awaits the FOMC decision.

BOE-FCA find near 100% support for 'SOFR First' as flows ...

The BOE-FCA today encouraged liquidity providers to switch to 'SOFR First' from July 26 after a survey found almost 100% support for the move.

CNY Swaps: Early 5y offers; 1s/5s NDIRS seen flatter

5y NDIRS saw receiving in earlier trading, as domestic data has missed expectations. 1s/5s NDIRS has steepened to a level that a correction is due.

EUR New issues: Banque Postale, Unedic, Century deal

Several issuers are looking to price across the 5y-15y sector in euros today. Another Century MTN emerges.

JPY Swaps: 2s/10s to correct steeper; Mid-sector bid

There has been cautious paying in JPY swaps after data from the US. The belly has been bid, and 2s/10s swaps are due to correct steeper.

AUD Swaps: Optical EFP correction due? RBA QE options

AUD swap spreads have eased today but could correct higher on a post-roll adjustment. The RBA has outlined its QE options.

Structured Notes: New deals update

Recent structured note activity in USD and EUR.

USD Vol: Intermediate vols see sellers after small firming

Intermediate vols in 10y tails from 1y10y to 5y10y saw selling this afternoon as a light bid this morning was sold, on possible clean up activity.

USDi: Team Reflationista scores PPI points; TIPS/BE selli...

A much stronger-than-expected May PPI print gave another point to Team Reflationista. BEs bull flattened as better TIPS/BE selling abated.

GBP Swaps: Long grab; Supply lapped up; Solvency II

Gilt supply dominated today, with traders citing good demand for '28 and '51 gilts, ahead of a supply drought. Insurers eye a world after Solvency II.