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JPY Swaps: Steeper to 10y amid light 10y bid

Losses in the USD rates market and weak JGB sale have prompted a selloff in the JPY rates market. Light 10y bid has steepened up 2s/10s.

AUD Swaps: 3-10y bid; EFPs tighter

Losses in the USD rates market have prompted a similar move in Australia. 3-10y swaps were bid and EPFs were tighter across the curve.

USD Swaps: Busting through; Steepening storm continues

The upper end of the rate range has continued to be breached, blasting long end rates and forwards higher. $3.4bn priced in IG from Yankee FIGs.

USD Vol: Right side, vega flies higher; Skew switches

The double digit bear steepening move has pushed the vol surface higher, led by the right. Vega is also higher on the day. Skew switches deal.

Structured Notes: New deals update

Recent structured note activity in USD.

EUR MTNs: Callables, Repacks

Callables and repacks made up the bulk of euro structured note issuance over the last week.

GBP Swaps: Gilts hint at supply problems

Gilts sagged under the weight of supply during a soggy session for long-dated fixed income globally.

USD New Issues: Steady flows with $16bn week; Similar pac...

Just over $16bn priced in IG new issuance over the past week (ex-SSA) – on the lower end of forecasts. A similar amount is expected for this week.

EUR Swaps: Big bear-steepening; Puzzling long-end

Global fixed income has bear-steepened today, while strategists at BofA find recent price action in long-end euros to be puzzling.

USD Swaps: Hawkish reflections help records tumble

A weekend of hawkish contemplation followed a week in which rising oil prices threaten more upwards pressure on inflation helped UST yields soar.

EUR New Issues: Banks and corporates

Banks and corporates are working on new euro deals including ING and Carlsberg.

JPY Swaps: 10y flow; 10s/20s flatter; 2s/5s/10s closed

There has been some flow in 10y ahead of some key domestic data. 10s/20s flattened out and BNP closed its 2s/5s/10s trade.

AUD Swaps: Offered ahead of domestic data

The AUD rates market was firmer as it tracked the move in the USD market. There has been receiving at more liquid tenors ahead of domestic data.

USD Swaps: UST bid persisting; Rates up until equities drop

The nascent early bid in USTs has persisted into the afternoon amid a govt shutdown threat and UAW strike. BofA sees rates up until equities drop.

EUR Swaps: Bund round trip; Euribor flattener eyed

The Bund made a round trip today, while strategists look at value in Euribor flatteners.

GBP Swaps: Drifting steeper after data

The gilt curve drifted steeper after PMI data came out weak this morning.

USD Swaps: PMIs reverse high-for-long drift

The UST market was looking to drift higher in yield overnight until European PMIs turned the tide. Traders eye steepening.

JPY Swaps: Curve flatter to 7-10y after no BOJ hawk

The JPY rates market rallied after earlier selloff. The swap curve then flattened out to 7-10y as there was no BOJ hawk.

AUD Swaps: EFPs hit new low despite swaps bid; 10y bond y...

The AUD rates market has followed the USD market lower. 10y bond yield hit its 9y low, and key EFPs tightened to fresh low despite swaps bid.

USD Swaps: Long end yields power higher; Doom and gloom cut

Long end yields pulled higher as bond markets adjusted to a softer landing outlook and higher yields for longer. Barclays closes out its 2y short.