Structures - EUR

EUR MTNs: More bank callables

Structured note issuance over the last week in euros was mainly bank callables with a number of 15y to 20y deals offering coupons over 3%

EUR MTNs: Bank, KfW and NedWaters callables; CMS; Repacks

A summary of recent euro structured issuance includes callables, CMS steepeners and repacks.

EUR MTNs: SSA and bank callables; Capped FRN; CMS

SSA and bank callables continued to dominate euro structured issuance over the last week but there was also a lone CMS and a capped FRN.

EUR Vol: Grid diverges; Fewer callables and redemptions e...

Euro grid direction diverged today. Some analysts find callable issuance and redemptions have declined.

EUR MTNs: More bank callables; CMS; Rare inflation struct...

A long list of bank deals was joined by sprinkling of SSA callables this week, plus some CMS and even a rare inflation structure.

EUR MTNs: 15y callables popular; €250m SPIRE callables vi...

In recent euro structured issuance, 15y callables prove popular. SPIRE issues €250m of callables via Morgan Stanley.

EUR MTNs: Bank, KfW and NedWaters callables; NatWest CMS

Callables from a range of banks plus KfW and NedWaters made up the bulk of this week's structured MTNs. However, there was also a CMS from NatWest.

EUR Vol: Implieds firm as intra-day vol persists

Euro implieds firmed as intra-day volatility remains a theme in the underlying. BofA looks at higher rates vol and convexity. More callables print.

EUR MTNs: Callables; Rare inflation-linked

More callable notes, a handful of CMS and a rare euro inflation-linked MTN emerged into the Spring sunshine this week.

EUR MTNs: Callables, repacks and 10y10y CMS

Callables, repacks and a handful of CMS-linked deals continued to provide the staple diet for structured note investors this week.