Structures - EUR

EUR MTNs: KfW and bank callables; Rare inflation

Another light week for structured MTN issuance did include a handful of callables and a rare inflation-linked deal.

EUR MTNs: Light flow of callables and CMS

A short list of callables, CMS and a long puttable represented the euro MTNs emerging over the last week or so.

EUR MTNs: SSA and bank callables

Recent MTN issuance in euros includes SSA and bank callables, plus a couple of CMS.

EUR MTNs: Callables; Rare inflation-linked note

Another light list of euro structured MTNs over the last week includes bank callables, a couple of repacks and rare inflation-linked note.

EUR MTNs: SPIRE repacks; NTMA ultralong

A light couple of weeks for issuance included a handful of repacks and a rare ultralong long vanilla EMTN from Ireland.


CMS-linked deals have continued to dominate euro structured note issuance over the last week, with a number arriving as repacks.

EUR Vol: Bunds pump up vol; Triangle points; More CMS

The latest collapse that saw Bund futures trade in a 170-tick range and close a point lower changed the mood in vol. Banks eye triangles.

EUR MTNs: CMS 20y; GBP callables

Euro structured notes emerging over the last 10 days days included CMS trades and sterling callables.

EUR MTNs: Bank callables hit 4%; CMS; Repacks

More callables arrive with some coupons creeping above 4%. A handful of CMS and SPIRE repacks also print.

EUR MTNs: More inflation; CMS; Callables

A mixed bag of euro structured notes over the last ten days included a range of inflation-linked, CMS and callable trades.