Structures - EUR

EUR MTNs: Callables, repacks and callable repacks

A range of MTNs over the last week included callables, repacks, long vanilla MTNs and retail equity-linked bonds.

EUR MTNs: Callables; More OAT repacks

Structured notes printing over the last week included long-dated callables and more repacks of French government bonds.

EUR MTNs: Callables and repacks keep printing

Callables and repacks continue to account for most of the EUR structured deals emerging over the last week.

EUR Vol: Shift to longer callables hitting 30y column

Heavy supply of callables continues to hit euro vega, with some traders suggesting there has been a shift from intermediate to 30y structures.

EUR MTNs: Callable cluster; More SPIREs

The standout feature of EUR structured issuance over the last week was probably a cluster of long-dated callable trades.

EUR MTNs: SPIRE repacks; Long vanilla

A short list of euro deals over the last 10 days includes a half-dozen SPIRE repacks and a range of long vanilla MTNs.

EUR MTNs: Callables and long vanilla deals

A short list of euro deals from the last 7-10 days includes a handful of callables, some long vanilla trades and a rare inflation-linked note.

EUR MTNs: Callables; Sterling programme

MTN issuance over the last 10 days or so included a handful of long dated euro callables, a sterling programme and even a small CMS deal.

EUR MTNs: Callables; Centuries; Equity-linked

Recent issues include a handful of chunky long-dated callable MTNs, some 100y bonds and a selection of equity-linked deals.

EUR MTNs: Repacks; Equity-linked; Century bond

A short list of MTNs from the last 10 days does include some repacks, a handful of equity-linked structures and a century bond.