Structures - EUR

EUR MTNs: CMS from Italy, Morgan Stanley

Market turmoil halted euro issuance over the past week but a handful of CMS structures did emerge from the darkness.

EUR MTNs: Short list of callables, CMS

A short list of euro structured notes over the last week included a handful of callables and CMS, plus more inflation-linked.

EUR MTNs: KfW Callables, Inflation

Callables from KfW stood out over the last 10 days alongside a sprinkling of inflation- and CMS-linked euro structured notes.

EUR MTNs: Bank callables; Inflation-linked

A handful of bank callables hit the screen plus an inflation-linked note.

EUR MTNs: KfW, IBRD and bank callables

A handful of SSA and bank callables were probably the standout feature of the past week's issuance, along with a couple of CMS deals.

EUR MTNs: Callables mainly, plus a few repacks and CMS

Callables continued to make up the bulk of euro structured MTN issuance this week but a few repacks did emerge, along with CMS range accruals.

EUR MTNs: Bank and SSA callables

Euro structured note issuance over the past week was led by bank and SSA callables.

EUR MTNs: KfW, EBRD callables; MS CMS; Citi inflation

Euro structures printing over the past 7-10 days included a handful of SSA callables, a Morgan Stanley CMS-linked note and a Citi inflation deal.

EUR MTNs: EBRD and KfW callables; Puttables

Euro structured issuance this week includes EBRD and KfW callables via Goldman Sachs.

EUR MTNs: Sprinkling of callables and inflation

Another light week for euro structured MTNs saw a handful of callables and inflation-linked notes emerge.