Structures - EUR

EUR MTNs: More SPIREs; Century bond; Callables

A range of deals this week included more SPIRE repacks, Century bonds, an inflation structure and a handful of fresh callables.

EUR MTNs: JPM Callables; SNCF linker

Callable issuance picked up again over the last week in euros, while French railway operator SNCF sold a rare long-dated linker.

EUR MTNs: SPIREs; CMS; Callables

A range of deals over the last week included repacks, callables and a couple of CMS structures.

BOE RFR WG: Transitioning to SONIA in Structured Products

The BOE-convened Working Group on Sterling RFRs has published a paper on transitioning GBP structured products to SONIA in arrears.

EUR MTNs: Repacks; Inflation; Century tap

Repacks, an inflation-linked note and a Century tap stood out from the MTNs of the last week or two.

EUR MTNs: EBRD callables; Rare hybrid

Holidays led to a reduced list of MTNs over the week. Still, EBRD issued short callables, Intesa Sanpaolo printed a CMS and GS launched a hybrid.

EUR MTNs: Callables; Inflation; CMS; Repacks; Futura

A varied box of euro MTNs this week includes CMS, inflation and GDP-linked deals, as well as the familiar repacks and callables.

EUR MTNs: SPIRE repacks; Callables

A range of repacks over the last couple of weeks includes a handful of fixed rate, NOK and CMS deals.

EUR Vol: Implieds follow Bunds higher

Vols are closing slightly firmer as some expressed surprise at the extent of today's rally.

EUR MTNs: Handful of callables; Century tap

A light week for euro MTNs included a handful of callables and a century tap.