Structures - EUR

EUR MTNs: Another inflation-linked repack; Callables

Recent structured deals include another big inflation-linked repack, a century tap and a choice selection of callables.

EUR MTNs: Big inflation-linked repack; Callables

Deals over the last week include an interesting, big inflation-linked repack, plus a light dusting of callables and long-dated vanilla notes.

EUR MTNs: Century taps; Rare sterling callable

MTN issuance over the last 1-2 weeks has included a couple of century taps and a rare sterling callable.

EUR Vol: Long-dated vega active; 20y30y collars; Compensa...

Long-dated vega stays busy and includes activity in 20y30y collars.

EUR MTNs: Long vanilla sovereign deals; Callables

Long vanilla deals from a trio of sovereigns, some callables and a handful of repack trades printed over the last week.

EUR MTNs: Long vanilla; Lone CMS

A short list of deals from the last week was cheered up by some long vanilla trades and a lone CMS.

EUR MTNs: Repacks; CMS; Long vanilla

A thin week for new MTNs did see a couple of repacks and some long vanilla deals emerge.

EUR Vol: Lazarus market pulls back from the sun

Expectations of imminent collapse in certain parts of the vol matrix were thwarted by events yesterday. But volsters wonder if the market has peaked.

EUR MTNs: Callables; Sterling programme; CMS; GDP-linked

A range of deals over the last 10 days included callables, CMS, a sterling program and a new BTP Futura.

EUR MTNs: SPIREs; A handful of callables

A short list of deals printing over the last week included some repacks and a handful of callables.