Structures - EUR

EUR MTNs: Callables; CMS; Another century

A flurry of callables led the list of EUR structures over the last week along with a lone CMS, another century bond and a rare sterling repack.

EUR MTNs: Attention focused elsewhere; Equity-linked deals

While the public markets are bursting at the seams with new issues, the market for structured notes was slower to get going.

Land NRW on structured issuance and aversion to clearing

Land NRW gives an update on its structured issuance programme and explains its reluctance to shift to central clearing.

EUR MTNs: CMS1010 returns; Long callables

EUR structured notes arriving over the last week include a handful of long-dated callables and the return of CMS1010.

EUR MTNs: IBRD callable; Fewer repacks

Euro MTN issuance has slowed over the last week but a few handful of callables, repacks and equity-linked deals still made it over the line.

EUR MTNs: Raft of repacks; KfW callable

Structured notes arriving in time for Christmas included a raft of repacks - many involving the BTPei-41 - and a clutch of callables.

EUR Vol: Themes for 2020; KfW callable

Vol was initially better offered today. SocGen recommends a range of trades for 2020. New structured deals include plenty of callables.

EUR MTNs: Callables; CMS; Vol; Inflation

The last couple of weeks have seen a range of euro structured issuance including callable, CMS, inflation and a rare vol bond.

EUR Vol: Choppy, payer bids turn to selling

A thinner-than-usual Friday resulted merely in enhanced volatility in Bunds. In vol, fading hopes of rate rises are reflected in payers.

EUR Vol: Gamma offered; Wedge view; Rare vol bond

Vol dealers looked to year end and said that gamma was better offered. HSBC prefers wedges. Citi prints a rare vol bond.