Structures - EUR

EUR MTNs: Repacks; CMS; Inflation

Another low volume week for euro structures included a light dusting of repacks, CMS and inflation-linked notes along with a lone SSA callable.

EUR MTNs: Repacks; Inflation-linked

Repacks and inflation-linked deals stood out over the last 1-2 weeks of euro structured note issuance, with callables taking a back seat.

EUR MTNs: Inflation; CMS

A short list of euro structured deals includes a brace of green inflation-linked notes and a CMS deal.

EURi: Overbid AFT auction; Big BTP Italia; EBRD Green MTNs

Overbidding at the today's off the run French linker auctions and a larger-than-expected BTP Italia sale sparked inflationistas' interest today.

EUR MTNs: Inflation; Collared FRNs

Another thin week for euro structured deals (although vanilla issuance has taken off) includes retail inflation-linked notes and collared FRNs.

EUR MTNs: Callables and a few credit-linked CMS

Another light week for euro structured note issuance saw a small number of callables including an EIB deal, plus some credit-linked CMS.

EUR MTNs: Callables, inflation and repacks among few deals

A short list of structured euro deals over the last week included a handful of callables, CMS, some repacks and a couple of inflation-linked bonds.

EUR MTNs: Callables; Credit-linked CMS; Collared FRNs

Euro structured notes over the last 7-10 days included callables, credit-linked CMS and (retail) collared FRNs.

EUR MTNs: Shorter callables; Credit-linked CMS; Inflation...

A mixed bag of euro MTNs over the last 10 days included shorter-dated callables, more credit-linked CMS and a rare inflation repack.

EUR MTNs: Deals slow but still some callables, repacks

Market volatility has throttled the flow of euro MTNs since gilts started to go mad but a few callable and repack trades have printed.