Structures - EUR

EUR MTNs: More bank callables; Repacks

MTN issuance included more bank callables, a handful of repacks and a few long vanilla bonds print over the last week.

EUR MTNs: Callables; Repacks; Equity-linked

Another light week for EUR structures was enlivened the usual sprinkling of callables, repacks and equity-linked deals.

EUR Vol: Virus fatigue hits vols; Annoyed investors eye c...

Vols are offered amid virus fatigue and a plunge in the Bund. Investors annoyed at callable levels are eyeing the market again. JPM likes short 10y30y

EUR MTNs: Callables; Gleaming SPIREs

Another light week for structured MTN issuance did see a few callable trades and some repacks print.

EUR MTNs: Callables; A few repacks; Long taps

A light stream of euro callables was accompanied by a handful of repacks over the last week or two plus taps of long-dated vanilla bonds.

EUR MTNs: Callables; CMS; Another century

A flurry of callables led the list of EUR structures over the last week along with a lone CMS, another century bond and a rare sterling repack.

EUR MTNs: Attention focused elsewhere; Equity-linked deals

While the public markets are bursting at the seams with new issues, the market for structured notes was slower to get going.

Land NRW on structured issuance and aversion to clearing

Land NRW gives an update on its structured issuance programme and explains its reluctance to shift to central clearing.

EUR MTNs: CMS1010 returns; Long callables

EUR structured notes arriving over the last week include a handful of long-dated callables and the return of CMS1010.

EUR MTNs: IBRD callable; Fewer repacks

Euro MTN issuance has slowed over the last week but a few handful of callables, repacks and equity-linked deals still made it over the line.