Structures - EUR

EUR MTNs: CDC, IBRD, JPM and NIB callables; Near Century ...

CDC, IBRD, JPM and NIB printed a range of callable structures over the last week.

EUR MTNs: IBRD; KfW; NRW.Bank; BTP Futura

Deals emerging over the last week included callables from a range of issuers, a sprinkling of repacks and a new BTP Futura GDP-linked step-up.

EUR MTNs: KfW, IBRD callables; SPIREs; Inverse floater

Deals arriving over the last week included a range of euro callables, a SPIRE zero and an inverse floater.

EUR MTNs: KfW callables; Century bond; Repacks

A mixed bag of deals over the last week includes a trio of KfW callables, a century bond and some repacks.

EUR MTNs: Callables; Quanto; FX-linked

A range of deals over the last week included callables, a CMS quanto and an FX-linked note.

EUR Vol: Selective Evergrande protection sought, tweaking...

EUR volsters said that their market was not a big mover today, but was pricing in additional risks at the margins. New issues include a CMS deal.

EUR MTNs: Callables, SPIRE CMS, Century bond

Recent euro structured issuance sees more callables printing.

EUR MTNs: Callables dominate activity

Callables dominate activity in euro structured products.

EUR MTNs: Repacks; IBRD callable

A holiday-shortened week produced a very light list of structured MTNs with a World Bank callable probably the standout.

EUR Vol: Bid across grid; World Bank callable

Vols were bid across much of the euro grid today. New structured issuance includes a World Bank callable.