Structures - EUR

EUR MTNs: SPIREs; A handful of callables

A short list of deals printing over the last week included some repacks and a handful of callables.

EUR MTNs: Repacks; Callables; Inflation

Euro MTNs printing over the last 1-2 weeks included repack, callable and inflation structures.

EUR MTNs: Century bonds; Inflation

Variety is the spice of life and the last week saw century bonds and inflation-linked notes print, while the pace of callable issuance declined.

EUR MTNs: Callables; Lone CMS

A short list of recent structured MTNs includes a handful of callables and a lone CMS.

EUR MTNs: Callables; CMS1010 repack; Long vanilla

Euro MTN issuance over the last couple of weeks has included callables, a handful of repacks and some long vanilla deals.

EUR Vol: Some order returns; €STR news; Top left offers

While corona virus still very much rages on its East-to-West world tour, traders said that this week saw more order returning to EUR vol.

EUR MTNs: Handful of callables

A light couple of weeks saw EUR MTN issuance dominated by callables plus a sprinkling of long-dated vanilla deals.

EUR MTNs: Bank callables; More SPIREs; Century bond

Deals printing over the last 1-2 volatile weeks included more bank callables, a clutch of SPIRE repacks and a 100y bond.

EUR Vol: Wariness of selling top right; CMS1010

Some traders remain wary about selling top right gamma. New deals include a CMS1010. Citi looks at EUR vs USD vega.

EUR MTNs: More callables; SPIRE repacks

Callables and repacks continued to print over the last 10 days as spreads increased, in spite of the chaos.