Structures - EUR

EUR MTNs: Long callables; Repacks

A slightly shortened week of euro issuance saw mostly long-dated callables and repacks reach investors.

EUR MTNs: Callable cavalcade; More SPIREs

MTN issuance over the last 1-2 weeks in included a cavalcade of callables along with another surge in SPIRE fixed rate repacks.

EUR MTNs: Repacks; Windstorm; Callables

A range of trades over the last week encompassed more SPIRE repacks - including a CMS1010 - a rare windstorm bond, and a brace of callables.

EUR MTNs: Callable programme; More SPIRE

A long list of callables hit the screens over the last week, including a program of AAA long-dated deals. Meanwhile SPV SPIRE continued to be active.

EUR MTNs: Repacks and callables

The range of structures launched over the last week or so included more repacks, some long-dated callables and a note linked to CO2 allowances.

EUR Vol: French insurers eye vega; CMS1010 repack

French insurers are looking to buy vega. A few CMS deals have printed including a CMS1010 repack.

EUR MTNs: Re-Packs; Lone CMS; Long-dated vanilla

Euro-denominated MTNs emerging over the last week or so included re-packs, a lone CMS structure, and some long vanilla.

EUR MTNs: Few CMS; Equity-linked; Long vanilla

EUR MTNs saw just a handful of CMS, some new equity-linked notes and a smattering of long vanilla deals over the last week.

€STR market heats up with first swap and EIB deal

Activity in the €STR market is heating up with JPM and HSBC transacting the first €STR swap while EIB is pricing its inaugural €STR-linked bond.

EUR Vol: Japanification; €STR; CMS1010

Japanification, €STR and CMS1010 in euro vol.