Structures - USD

USD MTNs: ANZ, IADB, ADB 15y ZCs; SG Formosa

ZCs popped up after two weeks devoid of new activity, with ANZ, IADB, ADB also issuing 15y ZC callables. SocGen prints a floating 10y NC4 Formosa.

USD MTNs: CMS floaters; CPI-linked; Callable coupons drop

MS and UBS launched fixed to CMS FRN callables while Credit Agricole printed another CPI linked note. Callable coupons drop.

USD MTNs: Floating callable Formosas; Small CMS

BNS and SocGen sold 10y FRN callable Formosas this past week. Kookmin Bank came with a 15y ZC (non-Formosa). Nomura printed two CMS rangers.

USD MTNs: IADB, BNS ZCs; CABEI Formosa; CPI-linked

IADB and BNS sold ZCs this week while CABEI came with a $250m 10y fixed rate Formosa (non-callable). Credit Agricole sold a CPI-linked note.

USD MTNs: ZCs, FRN Formosa pop up

Two non-Formosas and a FRM Formosa popped up for the first time in weeks, if not months. Callable activity remains brisk.

USD MTNs: Callables plentiful; Fixed to CMS floating note...

MTNs saw plentiful callable activity from banks. Citigroup and GS issue fixed to CMS floating 5y and 10y callables.

USD MTNs: Rare Formosa; Callable coupons rise further; CP...

MDGH priced a rare Formosa (non- callable) while bank callable activity saw plentiful production, led by GS. CPI linked notes see two new notes.

USD Swaps: Yields find new highs; Rate peak sought

The 10y UST yield hit a new post-2007 high as Bunds (for once) drove bond softness. Amid talk of a new year peak in US rates, BofA peers into the fog.

USD MTNs: Callable activity increases – banks, SSAs

Banks were busy issuing series of fixed callables while SSAs dipped their toes in as well. Credit Suisse launches a rare inflation linked note.

USD MTNs: Yankee bank callables; Citi steepener

Yankee bank callables, led by RBC, accounted for the majority of new callables while domestic banks are in blackout. Citigroup launches a steepener.