Structures - USD

USD Swaps: Tighter; Faster, later Fed? Formosa

Swap spreads are tighter as deals arrive and the end of blackout comes nearer. Banks look for a faster, later Fed response.

USD MTNs: CMS duals, steepeners plentiful; ZCs slow

ZC saw the lowest weekly total for the year with just over $100m. CMS dual rangers saw a pick up, however, while CMS steepeners were plentiful.

USD MTNs: DB, Mayalan ZCs; Step-up dual ranger demand dro...

A Deutsche 34y ZC and Malayan Banking 40y ZC headlined ZC new supply. Step-up dual rangers see a halt in demand. CMS steepeners see new flows.

USD MTNs: Brisk influx of ZCs, CMS dual rangers

Both ZC callables and CMS dual rangers saw a brisk influx of new supply, albeit slightly lower than the previous week.

USD MTNs: ZCs ramp back up; CMS rangers plentiful

ZC callables saw increased activity this past week while CMS dual rangers continued to see hefty volumes.

USD MTNs: Volumes soar for CMS dual rangers

CMS dual rangers saw a large influx of notes this past week. CMS steepeners also saw activity. ZC callables saw only $250m print.

USD MTNs: ZCs slow; CMS duals, steepeners, non-inversions

ZC callables slowed down amid the turbulence of the underlying rate markets. CMS activity, however, picked up with steepeners, dual rangers printing.

USD MTNs: ZCs, IRRs take flight post LNY; CMS

After the LNY break, ZC callable supply came back online, with a total of $789m, the bulk Formosas. CMS dual rangers, steepeners see new prints.

USD MTNs: ZC issuance nosedives into LNY break

Zero-coupon callable and Formosas supply all but dried up last week ahead of Lunar New Year with little more expected in the near term.

USD MTNs: $10bn ZCs YTD at LNY break; GS, BNS lead

ZC callables supply saw the last rush off new notes ahead of the Lunar New Year, with $1.6bn sold. Total YTD all all ZCs stands at $10bn.