Structures - USD

USD MTNs: NIB, RBC lead ZC activity; Formosas; CPI-linked

Non-Formosa ZCs saw some new activity, led by a $80m 20y NC6 from NIB and two ZCs from RBC (10y and 15y). Formosas and CPI see two prints.

USD MTNs: JPM Formosa; SocGen ZC; Some CMS

While market volatility and rate swings impeded volumes, SocGen did print a 10y ZC while JPM sold a fixed Formosa earlier in the month.

USD MTNs: JPM ZC; Callable flows wind down

MTNs activity slowed down with callables seeing less activity. JP Morgan launches the solo ZC for the week - a $30m 20y NC7 non-Formosa.

USD MTNs: Callable supply surges; CS CPI; NBC floating Fo...

Fixed callable supply surged. National Bank of Canada launched a 10y floating Formosa. Credit Suisse came with a pair of CPI notes.

USD MTNs: RBC Formosa; JPM and SSA fixed & step up callab...

ZC activity simmered down this past week with only RBC coming with a deal. Elsewhere, JPM and some SSAs were active in fixed and step up callables.

USD MTNs: Callables and ZCs pick up the pace; CPI linked

MTNs were active this past week as callables picked up across the board. In zero-coupon callables, supply was more plentiful. CPI notes see two.

USD MTNs: 15y and under ZCs; Barclays SOFR Formosa

5y to 15y ZCs saw new supply this past week - all non-Formosa. Barclays sold a $100m 5y SOFR-linked Formosa.

USD MTNs: ZC activity dialed back; CMS prints; Fixed & st...

ZC activity was dialed back a bit this week while a few CMS deals printed. MS, GS, JPM and Citi were all active in fixed and step-up callables.

USD MTNs: Formosas pop back up; SocGen steepener

Formosas saw a couple of prints - a Credit Agricole 10y NC2 fixed callable and a Citigroup 5y floating Formosa. SocGen launches a CMS steepener note.

USD MTNs: ZC supply slows; Jefferies CMS; Callables

Only a $40m 15y NC6 from Bank of Nova Scotia came in ZCs this past week. Jefferies launched a 20y fixed to CMS. Callables see some activity.