Structures - USD

USD MTNs: 15y-20y ZCs; 5y FRN Formosas

15y-20y ZCs from ADB, SocGen, HSBC and BNS along with 5y FRN Formosas from NAB and Korean Ocean were sold this past week. Citi sells an inverse FRN.

USD MTNs: ZCs, Formosas pick up; CMS rangers

ZCs and Formosas saw a pick up in activity with four 15y to 20y ZCs and two FRN Formosas sold. CMS rangers see notes from ELM BV.

USD Swaps: Asian pressures drag yields higher

Hawkish noises from Japan and China dragged yields higher this morning with CPI in the US also looming.

USD MTNs: BNPP 20y ZC; Steepeners; Formosa outlook

BNP Paribas sold a $50m 20y NC7 in ZC callables while Citigroup and SocGen launched new CMS steepeners. BNPP examines Formosa trends.

USD Swaps: Steady after data; Formosa demand shifting

Treasuries are steady after as-expected initial claims and PCE data. Banks look at structural shifts in the demand and supply of Formosas.

USD MTNs: JPM, Merrill 10y fixed callable Formosas

JP Morgan and Merrill Lynch sold 10y fixed callable Formosas. ZC callables went quiet after last week's haul. UBS sold a rare SOFR ranger.

USD MTNs: Formosas emerge; ZCs with higher IRRs

A trio of Formosas printed this week, the first since end of July. 20y ZC callables see more business, some at higher IRRs.

USD Swaps: Gains fade, spreads tighten; The Fed's inflati...

USTs' early gains have faded with the curve now a touch flatter. Banks remain bearish. What are the Fed's inflation choices?

USD MTNs: OCBC and ADB 20y ZCs; CMS activity

Overseas China Banking, African Development Bank and KDB launched $50m 20y ZCs while some new CMS activity popped up from JPM and SocGen.

USD MTNs: DBS, CACIB ZCs; CMS steepeners

DBS Bank and Credit Agricole led new ZCs (non-Formosa). CMS steepeners saw pick up in activity, with new notes from Merrill, BNPP, JPM and Barclays.