Structures - USD

USD Swaps: Steeper and tighter; SOFR; Formosas

The curve is steeper and spreads are in as risk assets gain ahead of the Treasury refunding announcement. Banks look at SOFR. More Formosas print.

USD MTNs: Callables active into month-end; Citi CMS/Equity

Step-up and fixed callables saw a pick up in activity at month end. ZC flows were nearly a shut out. Citigroup launched several CMS related notes.

USD MTNs: ZCs slow back down; CMS

ZC supply ebbed in lower this past week. CMS sees some prints. After a busy July, Citigroup sees long dated supply waning in August.

USD MTNs: ZCs aplenty; Government of Sharjah Formosa

Zero-coupon callables were aplenty last week led by a $1bn 30y Formosa from the Government of Sharjah.

EUR MTNs: Century taps; Rare sterling callable

MTN issuance over the last 1-2 weeks has included a couple of century taps and a rare sterling callable.

USD MTNs: SocGen Formosa; ZCs uptick

ZC callable activity increased over the past week, led by SocGen's $355m 34y NC5 Formosa. BNS, BMO, DBS, Barclays added non-Fomosa ZCs.

USD MTNs: ZCs revive with BNPP, BMO and BNS

ZC callables saw a percolation of new notes bubble up, led by BNP Paribas' $405m 30y NC5 Formosa. Non-formosa ZCs from BMO and BNS added to the total.

USD MTNs: ZCs down to a trickle; Over $22bn ZCs H1

MTN activity slowed down in the last week of Q2. ZCs only saw one print from Barclays, SocGen launched a dual ranger. Fixed and step-up callables

USD MTNs: AT&T, MUFG Formosas; BNPP, Barclays non-Formosa...

AT&T came with a $1.05bn 30y NC5 fixed callable, MUFG sold a $500m 30y NC5 Formosa and BNPP and Barclays sold multiple $50m clips of 30y ZCs.

USD MTNs: $50m ZC clips; SocGen, Jefferies CMS steepeners

ZC callable activity was largely confined to $50m 30y clips this past week. SocGen and Jefferies launched new CMS steepeners.