Structures - USD

USD MTNs: A few ZCs, CMS; Vega outlook dims

Increasingly rare ZCs came from ANZ and BNPP this week. Barclays examines reasons behind the steep drop off of ZC volumes and sees it persisting.

USD MTNs: GS Formosas, Callables, CMS, CPI

Goldman Sachs sold two non-ZC Formosas. Simple callables were active into month end. RBC and UBS print CMS notes. BofA sold a CPI linked note.

USD MTNs: Steepeners, solo ZC, callables

A couple of CMS steepeners, a solo small ZC, CPI linked notes and simples callables populated the landscape of USD MTN activity in the past week.

USD MTNs: NBC, Rabo ZCs; Jumbo-sized fixed-to-FRNs

Both NBC and Rabobank came with ZC callables this week. Meanwhile, some big banks came with jumbo-sized fixed-to-FRN deals.

USD MTNs: ADB, NIB ZCs; CMS activity dwindles

Two ZCs - an increasingly rare sight this year - printed this past week. CMS activity was limited to a steepener from SocGen and a Nomura CMS barrier

USD MTNs: Range accruals, plain vanilla callables print a...

Range accruals and plain vanilla callables saw prints amid another high vol week that ushered in much lower underlying rates.

USD MTNs: UAE Formosa; Handful of CMS duals

UAE priced a $1.25bn 30y fixed (non-callable) Formosa. GS was the sole ZC - and a small one at that (non-Formosa). Citi and SocGen launched duals.

USD MTNs: ZCs, CMS duals, steepeners amid high vol

USD MTNs activity steered through a week that saw ample volatility and much higher underlying rates, with new ZCs, CMS and callables printing.

USD MTNs: Callables: CPI-linked; ZCs; CMS

Callables saw a flurry of activity as some seized upon the much higher vol post CPI. CPI linked notes see two prints. CMS and 15y and 20y ZCs.

USD MTNs: Series of 10y CMS duals; ADB 30y ZC

DB, ML, GS and SocGen all launched $40m 10y NC4 CMS dual rangers in the past week. ADB comes with a small $30y ZC. Simple callables were active.