Structures - USD

USD MTNs: Near $2bn in ZCs; Wider credit, funding boosts ...

MTNs this week saw influx of zero-coupon callables, with the more recent ZCs seeing much higher IRRs. Dual CMS rangers also saw plenty of new notes.

USD MTNs: ZCs span 10y to 40y; Duals

Structured notes has seen good flows in the past week – as investors clamor to replace redemptions, despite very trying conditions in the market.

USD MTNs: BNS, BMO, Citi ZCs; IBRD, KfW callables

Despite volatile conditions and rapidly sinking yields, MTNs still saw a fair amount of ZC callables , led by BNS, BMO, Citi. KfW, IBRD callables

USD MTNs: ZCs see revival amid rate turmoil

Amid the rate and equity turmoil, structured note activity threaded the window and took advantage of nascent periods of stability. ZC flow revived.

USD Swaps: G7 commits; Zero back in focus

The G7 echoed recent central bank statements but stock futures were mixed. Banks discuss whether rates will hit the zero bound.

USD MTNs: Santander ZC; Duals, non-inversions

Only a $175m 40y NC5 Formosa from Santander came in the longer maturity ZC callables this past week. Dual rangers and non-inversions saw some activity

Banks battle it out for €STR compensation

The switch from EONIA to €STR discounting threatens to create big windfalls vs losses across EUR interest rate option desks.

USD MTNs: AT&T Formosa fixed callable; ZCs aplenty

This past week saw the second corporate Formosa zero-coupon callable of the year as AT&T sold a $2.995bn 30y NC5 fixed callable Formosa.

USD MTNs: VZ Formosa fixed callable; ZCs resume

Verizon came with a $2.385bn 40y NC5, the first fixed callable Formosa by a corporate this year. ZCs resumed with just under $1bn in total.

USD Swaps: Supply, viral fatigue weigh; FRA-OIS; Formosas

Supply and viral fatigue weighed on haven assets. FRA-OIS spreads stabilized after recent tightening. Heavy Formosa issuance continued.