Structures - USD

USD MTNs: AT&T Formosa fixed callable; ZCs aplenty

This past week saw the second corporate Formosa zero-coupon callable of the year as AT&T sold a $2.995bn 30y NC5 fixed callable Formosa.

USD MTNs: VZ Formosa fixed callable; ZCs resume

Verizon came with a $2.385bn 40y NC5, the first fixed callable Formosa by a corporate this year. ZCs resumed with just under $1bn in total.

USD Swaps: Supply, viral fatigue weigh; FRA-OIS; Formosas

Supply and viral fatigue weighed on haven assets. FRA-OIS spreads stabilized after recent tightening. Heavy Formosa issuance continued.

USD MTNs: ZC return impeded; Callables plentiful

It has not been your typical post-lunar new year with the virus-induced volatility in the markets over the past week. As a result, ZCs have been slow

USD MTNs: Over $6bn ZCs before CNY break

Just over $1bn in ZCs came on the screens before CNY break, bringing the YTD total to $6.374bn. However, as IRRs have dropped, the outlook is unclear

USD MTNs: QNB leads ZCs; $1.2bn ZCs

Zero-coupon callable activity saw $1.235bn over the past week, of which $940m came in 40y Formosas. YTD in ZC activity is now $5.3bn.

USD Swaps: Tighter; MS FICC; Brevan; Formosa drivers

Swap spreads are tighter as FIG issuers arrive. MS FICC surges. Brevan sees assets rise and trims its long. Formosa drivers.

USD MTNs: ZCs inundate with $2.7bn 30y and 40y

$2.695bn in 30y and 40y ZC callables inundated the market in the past week, with $2.055bn Formosas and $640m non-Formosas. The total YTD is $4bn.

USD MTNs: Torrent of 40y and 30y ZCs; CMS notes

The New Year has brought forth a torrent of zero-coupon callables. In total, $1.349bn has printed thus far in a mix of 30y and 40y.

USD MTNs: ZCs, CMS duals, steepeners

Structured note activity over the past week saw decent follow through activity from the previous week in both zero-coupon callables and dual rangers