Swaps - AUD

AUD Swaps: 5-10y given; 2-way 3y flow

10-year AUD bond future has been leading a mild rally, backing receiving interest in the 5- to 10-year area of the swap curve.

AUD Swaps: Curve spread flow; RBA review called for

AUD curve spreads have traded against a calm backdrop in terms of price action. The Labor Party is calling for a broad RBA monetary policy review.

AUD Swaps: Box off low; Long spreads seen wider

There has been trade in longer AUD swaps and the box has come off its recent low. Long swap spreads are seen widening on a continuing bid-side bias.

AUD Swaps: Box dips to 12m low before RBA call

There has been trade in ultralong AUD swaps and the 3s/10s box has dipped to its lowest point in more than a year. The RBA rates call is due shortly.

Asia-Pacific MTNs: AUD Callables; JPY Uridashis; KRW Zeros

Listing of structured bonds and vanilla bonds issued in the Asia Pacific markets over the past week.

AUD Swaps: Box holds at the lows; 12y ASW cheap

AUD swap flow has picked up across the 20-30 year sector. The 3s/10s box is holding at the recent lows. The Nov-32 asset swap is seen as cheap.

AUD Swaps: Box dips to 12m low; QE extension tipped

The AUD 3s/10s box has dipped to its most negative point in a year. A former RBA board member says QE should be extended to curb currency strength.

AUD Swaps: Mortgage bid seen pushing rates higher

AUD swap spreads have edged out. Mortgage-related paying is expected to press swap rates higher. Intesa Sanpaolo issued a 7y AUD bond.

AUD Swaps: Long flow; Box corrects; Kanga flow

There has been trade in long AUD swaps and the 3s/10s box has corrected less negative. IFC and EIB issued Kangaroo Bonds.

AUD Swaps: Good 10y offers on QE outlook; Early 5y 2-way ...

10-year AUD swaps have been well offered following a revised QE outlook from Westpac. 5-year saw receiving after some earlier 2-way interests.