Swaps - AUD

AUD Swaps: Box pushes wider; RBA easing

The AUD 3s/10s box spread has pushed to its widest point since early September. The RBA is expected to deliver rate cuts and more QE near term.

AUD Swaps: 10s/30s curve flow; Nov rate cut expected

The AUD 10s/30s swap curve spread traded after the significant steepening seen in recent months. The RBA is expected to cut rates next month.

AUD Swaps: Good 10y offers after weak US data; Woori Bank...

Weak US jobs data has backed good amount of receiving interest in 10-year AUD swaps. 3-year saw mainly 2-way interest.

AUD Swaps: RBA backs easing bets; Woori Kangaroo

The AUD rates market is rallying after an RBA speech was seen to back the case for more easing. Woori Bank launched a Covid Recovery Kangaroo Bond.

AUD Swaps: Spreads dip; Chinese complications

AUD swap spreads have dipped a little further into negative territory. Treasurer Frydenberg says the Australia-China relationship is complicated.

AUD Swaps: 10y given as China suspends coal purchases

10-year AUD has been offered on worries about the longer-term economic impact after news about China suspending coal purchases from Australia.

AUD Swaps: Early curve flow; RBA cut bets; IADB Kanga

There was early trade in AUD curve spreads. 5y swaps are expected to outperform on RBA rate cut expectations. IADB issued a 12y Kangaroo Bond.

AUD Swaps: 10-15y given; 2-way 5y flow

Tracking the mild gains in USTs, the 10- to 15-year area of the AUD saw better receiving. There have been 2-way interests in 5-year.

AUD Swaps: Spreads steady as rate cut bet surge slows

AUD swap spreads have steadied on the underlying correction. The budget showed a record deficit. Rate cut bets pushed short yields to new lows.

AUD Swaps: Spreads seen wider on issuance outlook

AUD swap spreads are higher after the RBA and budget announcements yesterday and issuance outlook suggests the trend will continue.