Swaps - AUD

Asia-Pacific MTNs: Callables; Zeros; Kangas

Listing of structured bonds and vanilla bonds issued in the Asia Pacific markets over the past week.

AUD Swaps: Flatter curve; RBA wary of housing risks

The AUD curve is fatter after hawkish Fed comments. The RBA is monitoring housing market risks. Monex issued a small Uridashi Bond.

AUD Swaps: RBA minutes shed light on taper call

AUD swap flow has been limited after the latest RBA minutes shed light on the recent decision to taper but extend its QE purchases.

AUD Swaps: Offshore issuance to rise as TFF expiry approa...

There has been trade in long-end AUD swaps and 3m forwards. Offshore issuance by banks is expected to rise ahead of the TFF expiry.

AUD Swaps: RBA minutes; CLF withdrawal

Tomorrow the RBA publishes minutes taken at its September meeting. The CLF withdrawal will have some impact on bond market dynamics.

AUD Swaps: Swaps bid after US data; EFP box flatter

AUD swaps have been bid following stronger-than-expected US data. The 3s/10s EFP box has eased off from recent high.

AUD Swaps: Box eases; Funds target Green Bonds

The AUD curve is steeper and the 3s/10s box has eased. Pension fund demand for Green and Sustainability Bonds is rising.

AUD Swaps: Forward flow; OECD urges post-pandemic reform

There has been flow in 3-month AUD forwards today. The OECD has urged Australia to conduct post-pandemic economic reform.

AUD Swaps: EFPs to rise post-roll? How has QE3 impacted?

AUD EFPs have dropped optically due to the futures roll and could correct wider short-term. We look at how QE3 will impact market pricing.

AUD Swaps: Tapered QE3 support; APRA to withdraw CLF

AUD swap spreads have edged out as the curve has steepened. The RBA's "tapered QE3" provides more monetary support. APRA is pulling the CLF.