GBP Swaps: 30y SONIA-BOR flow catches eye; Key RFR WG rep...

Swappers eyed aggressive 30y SONIA-BOR offers and standout 30y ASW flow today. But what drove the eruption of SONIA-BOR flow?

Basis Swaps: USD on a roll in busy issuance market

After a quiet start to the week, both sides of the Atlantic are seeing strong issuance, with USD supply from non-domestic issuers booming.

EUR Swaps: France gets €51bn 20y orders; BTPs eye ERF gra...

France received €51bn of 20y orders while BTPs eye a big ERF grant. In basis, offers in EONIA/BOR and bids in 3s6s are reported.

Basis: Pipeline ready to flow; 10y USD back in vogue

An optically quiet start to the full week of basis swap activity belied what traders suggest will be a busy session.

Basis: EUR/USD ready to pop as USD issues eye vacuum

Secretly sick of clapping the NHS workers? Run out of watchable TV? Ready to pop? You are not alone...

Asia-Pacific MTNs: Kangaroo issuance pickup

Listing of structured bonds and vanilla bonds issued in the Asia Pacific markets over the past week.

Basis: AT&T weighs, meets resistance; Belgium in USD; Yel...

A bumper 8y, 12y & 18y EUR issue from AT&T set the ringtone early in cross-currency basis trading today. But Belgium is providing flow the other way.

EUR New Issue Pipeline: AT&T brings latest multi-tranche ...

AT&T is pricing a three-part long-dated issue, while BPCE and ING are among the financials working on deals.

Basis: Spread-fatigue forces slowdown; Finland returns!

After three days of heavy EUR supply, investors appear to be saying 'please borrowers, can we have some more spread.'

EUR Swaps: Spreads bounce; FRA/OIS tighter despite mixed ...

Swap spreads bounce after collapsing over the past several days. FRA/OIS tightens despite mixed EURIBOR fixings.