USD Swaps: Bases tighter; Brevan up further; Issuance gush

Bases are tighter led by cross currency as the Fed announces a new central bank repo facility. New issues gush. Brevan is up again.

Basis Swaps: First break enjoying the peaks while it can

It might not be the most important stat related to the virus's world tour. But the 3m EUR/USD basis is at an all-time high. Not for long, say traders.

EUR New Issue Pipeline: Corporates and Canadians

Corporates AB InBev, Thermo Fisher and VW are working on deals alongside Canada's CPPIB.

Basis Swaps: Fixing bounce fades; New issues rally

The quasi-communist world of the global bond market is marching forwards again in the last couple of days after a fierce battle with the enemy within.

Asia-Pacific MTNs: Callables, zeros, callable zeros

Listing of Asia Pacific structures and vanilla bonds sold by offshore issuers.

Basis Swaps: Stable as wilderness phase begins

2,000 years ago Jesus spent 40 days and 40 nights in the desert. This Lent, cross-currency basis swappers face an even longer stint in the wilderness.

EUR New Issue Pipeline: Supply onslaught

The scramble to raise debt has brought a mix of corporates, financials, agencies and sovereigns to the market.

Basis Swaps: Central banks drive market; Canadians only

The US domestic bond market has staged something of a recovery in the last few days but central banks continue to drive basis.

Basis Swaps: March of the Canadians; New UK hope

As swappers from Scandinavia to the heart of Europe saw more cities enter corona lockdown, the Fed's CP plans helped lift basis from crisis levels.

Basis: Fed shores up fleeing market; Black Christmas

Overnight action by the Fed and other sympathetic central banks stopped the rot in the front end of the x-currency basis market for a good 3 hours.