Basis: Better offers; Vanishing deals await calmer summer

The EUR/USD basis curve was better offered in the long end as traders blamed gamma hedgers and lack of swapped deals. Citi eyes a busy summer.

Basis Swaps: Derailed market sees cable offered

While tumbleweed blows down Cornhill, basis swappers look at cable flow and front end EUR/USD moves in an endlessly turbulent world.

KfW: Where to go with EURIBOR and ESTR?

KfW treasury officials discuss the balance between liquidity, cost and volatility for KfW in ESTR versus EURIBOR.

Basis: MPC flattens cable; Barclays eyes Q4 widening

The rate hike by the BOE put cable into the limelight. Barclays eyes a lively Q4 widening move.

Basis: Fed, FX add to weight on EUR/USD; Gamma flows eyed

With new issuance flow remaining on life support, wizened basis swap veterans say all the signs point to steeper core curves.

Basis: ECB dampens supply; NIB on GBP and CNY deals

EUR/USD basis flattened on a ECB Day. NIB has been busy in GBP and CNY and discusses those resurgent markets. BNPP eyes USD supply and EUR IRS.

Basis: Front-end USD bids fade at toppy levels; GSIB talk

A day of reasonable new issuance activity saw good supply but still slightly muted basis flows. Barclays eyes GSIB scores and xccy widening.

Asia-Pacific MTNs: Callable variable coupons; Equity link...

Listing of structured bonds and vanilla bonds issued in the Asia Pacific markets over the past week.

EUR Swaps: Front-end stays pressured

Today's euro HICP underscored the message from yesterday's strong German and Spanish prints and the front-end stayed under pressure.

Basis: Illiquidity risks; EUR weakness revives supply

With largescale issuance kyboshed for the next three sessions by holidays, basis swappers look at volatility risks and the EUR issuance revival.