Basis: NOK action as ultra EUR/USD flows ebb

A good start to 2021 in new issuance and basis is ebbing, allowing Scandi supply to creep to the fore. RBC looks at three key 5y sectors.

Basis: EUR on back foot as USD supply takes over

With the ECB meeting stopping traffic and the SURE supply lurking, USD seized the opportunity to corner most of the cross-border market today.

Basis: CSAs behind 30y €/$ bids? Two-way flows battle it ...

A fun day in the cross-currency basis swaps found traders speculating about CSA flow in 30-50y EUR/USD. New issuance is lively.

Basis: New surge and new tier awaited; World Bank talk

The surge in new issue cases rose alarmingly yesterday in EUR. GBP is expected to follow suit next week. IBRD caused a splash in long EUR.

Asia-Pacific MTNs: JPY Social Bonds; Callables; Uridashis...

A Japanese FSA announcement spurred Social Bond activity. Listing of structured bonds and vanilla bonds issued in the Asia Pacific markets.

Basis: CADES leads dollar surge; GBP beginning to fade?

CADES has fronted up to all-comers today, matching KfW’s $5bn 5y issuance for size but blowing it out of the water in terms of duration.

Basis: GBP frenzy continues; NOK rocks! 5y EUR/USD busy

GBP continues to work for issuers and investors and sterling supply is at historical highs. NIB explains why it likes GBP. And NOK is also doing well.

Basis: SSAs stand out in supercharged start to year

Asked to sum up the start to 2021 one basis swapper said “busy.” SSAs are flying out of the traps and the EIB and KfW have gone head-to-head in GBP.

EUR/USD/GBP/Basis: Turn, XCCY deals eyed; Strong Brevan; ...

Gilts are the only mover, rallying into year-end. In basis, traders eye a big year ahead. Brevan finishes 2020 strongly and the FCA grants relief.

LCH consults on LIBOR’s cessation, proposes OIS standards

LCH has began a consultation on the death of non-dollar LIBORs. Diverging from ISDA, it proposes conventions based on existing OIS market standards.