Basis: Crisis pricing melting away; Deutsche eyes USD hav...

Panic is melting away like Alpine snow as last night's equinox hints at a new season of hope. Deutsche examines the lack of a USD flight-to-quality.

Basis: JPY/USD trumps other movers ahead of ECB

The see-sawing cross-currency basis market continues to rise and fall on sentiment regarding floundering banks. The ECB is awaited with interest.

Basis: Flash flood? Market eyes rapid normalisation

Signs of rapid normalisation abound in basis as market participants dry out after what may prove to be just a flash flood.

Basis: Strong EUR supply, but market pretty calm

Perhaps due to Fed and NFP-related distractions, USD issuance has slowed this week, leaving EUR on top. But while EUR/USD is offered, flows are light.

Basis: Ticking over despite Powell; SSAs

Any expectations that new issuance might be on hold today ahead of Powell were largely dashed, leading to choppy basis trading. Citi eyes SSAs.

EUR New Issues: EU €6bn 11y draws orders above €45bn

European Union is pricing €6bn 11y with latest orders above €45bn.

Basis: USD glut drives supply as cable comes in from the ...

The cross-currency swap market has kept a-ticking over this week, driven by strong USD demand. GBP eyes a warmer future.

Basis: Bank of England, English banks, dominate dollars

A busy session in the cross-currency basis market has seen interest in USD supply ramp up exponentially this week, especially from the City of London.

Basis: Digestion the priority in distracted market

The cross-border new issuance market rather than picking up as this week has worn on, as some had expected earlier in the week, seems to have slowed.

EUR Swaps: More issuance; 3s6s highs; AFT rankings

More issuance arrives and 3s6s tests recent highs. France's AFT publishes its rankings for 2022.