Basis: Thinning pre-CBs; But cable off-message

After computer dinosaur IBM roared its way back to relevance yesterday, things are a little quieter today. Except for a thriving GBP issuance sector.

Basis: New Year imposes break; ASWs and USD SSA supply

A promising start to the Gregorian new year for basis swappers, has ground to a halt thanks to the Lunar new year. Citi eyes ASWs and USD SSA supply.

EUR New Issues: EDF four-part EUR and GBP

The largest deal today sees EDF four-part EUR and GBP issue.

Basis: Oh Canada! Oh Quebec! And BOJ YCC flows?

As new issuance revives again, the Canadians are clustering. And can the market expect hedged bond unwinds after the BOJ?

EUR New Issues: Canadians, Sovereigns and Banks

Euro new issuance is busy with Canadians, sovereigns and banks.

Basis: Thames Water creates waves; Swiss issues on a roll

What proved to be anti-climactic US CPI data gave issuance a breather. But Swiss supply is on a roll and Thames Water made waves.

EUR New Issues: More supply but pace slows

More euro new issuance is hitting the screens although the pace has slowed.

Basis: Deals leap out of stable window; AFD on cable, Nat...

A massive start to the year in the new issuance world has seen global capital markets doing what they do best. Bringing people together.

EUR New Issues: Another bumper session of supply

Another bumper session of supply sees over 20 issuers set to price deals in euros.

Basis: USD supply takes reins from EUR; Yankee headwind?

USD supply took the reins after strong EUR issuance yesterday while GBP, CHF and NOK also shone. Barclays looks at the outlook for Yankees.