Basis: ESTR-SOFR on the back foot as other RFRs post wins

Day Three in the RFR house and signs of dissent are emerging. EURIBOR-LIBOR seems to be swimming against the tide.

Asia-Pacific MTNs: Callables; Zeros; Kangas

Listing of structured bonds and vanilla bonds issued in the Asia Pacific markets over the past week.

Basis: Regulators ‘will be happy’ on RFR revolution day

Summing up this historic day in his market, one seasoned basis swapper said the transition to RFRs will make regulators happy. If that is possible.

Basis Swaps: L-Bank points to golden Autumn for cable

Another mellow Autumn day was full of fruitfulness once again for GBP, with a SONIA-linked RBC deal and a larger-than-expected deal from L-Bank.

EUR New Issues: ABN Amro, BP, Goldman Sachs, NRW

Euro new issuance is teeming with activity this week.

EUR New Issues: BofA, CA, EIB, KfW, Land NRW, Westpac

The pipeline is bursting with several big deals set to price today.

Basis: GBP deals grow thanks to grabbers and swappers

As recently as August, long-suffering basis swappers were pooh-poohing the idea of big GBP issuance onslaught this Autumn. Now they are less sure.

Basis: Busy week starts to fade but GBP is finding a glow

A slightly busy Thursday followed a very busy previous two days. The 7y EUR/USD basis stood out, as did post-Brexit cable.

EUR New issues: Eli Lilly long-end supply; CADES 10y Soci...

US pharma Eli Lilly is targeting the long-end of the euro curve. CADES issues a 10y Social bond.

Basis: Asset managers battle issuance drag; 25y flow

A first proper wave of new season supply, led by EUR and a highly-active GBP, left some surprised by the inability of supply to weigh on basis.