Swaps - CNY

CNY Swaps: PBOC surprises with repo cut, liquidity inject...

In a surprise move on Monday the PBOC cut its 7-day reverse repo rate by 20bps and injected CNY50bn in liquidity into the money market.

Asia-Pacific MTNs: Callables, zeros, callable zeros

Listing of Asia Pacific structures and vanilla bonds sold by offshore issuers.

Asia-Pacific STN: Equity-linked Uridashis; AUD callable z...

Listing of structured bonds and vanilla bonds from offshore issuers in the Asia Pacific currencies over the past week.

Asia-Pacific MTNs: JPY callables; Kanga taps

Update on structured bonds and others issued by foreign borrowers in the Asian Pacific currencies over the past week.

CNY Swaps: Good 5y bid; 1s/10s NDIRS seen steeper

The risk-on mode saw good amount of paying in 5-year NDIRS. Dealers believe further steepening in 1s/10s NDIRS.

Banks battle it out for €STR compensation

The switch from EONIA to €STR discounting threatens to create big windfalls vs losses across EUR interest rate option desks.

CNY Swaps: PBOC cuts loan rates; 5y NDIRS bid

The PBOC cut 1- and 5-year loan prime rates today, triggering thoughts about a better prospect and thus some paying in 5-year NDIRS.

Asia-Pacific MTNs: Callable zeros; Equity linked Uridashis

Listing of Asia Pacific bond issues likely to create hedge requirements across rates markets.

CNY Swaps: Bull-flattens on coronavirus; GDP, repo concerns

The Chinese market re-opened today. The coronavirus outbreak has prompted panic selling of equities and sharp bull-flattening of the NDIRS curve.

USD Swaps: More global liquidity; Spreads in

China's liquidity add was widely expected but still provided support for global risk assets. Dollar spreads tightened as dealers await issuance.