Swaps - EUR

EUR Swaps: Prepping for the ECB

Very weak UK sales data supported European fixed income today. Ahead, banks look to the ECB meeting for front end direction.

USD Swaps: Tighter; MS FICC; Brevan; Formosa drivers

Swap spreads are tighter as FIG issuers arrive. MS FICC surges. Brevan sees assets rise and trims its long. Formosa drivers.

EUR Swaps: 5y and 10y focus ahead of Goldman issue; Offer...

Traders report a bias towards receiving in 10y swaps ahead of the Goldman issue and speculate on "quite aggressive" offers in LCH/Eurex.

Trad-X launches D2C CLOB; BNP Paribas and AEGON trade Eur...

Trad-X today announced the launch of its D2C CLOB. BNP Paribas and AEGON traded a EUR IRS, cleared by Eurex.

EUR Swaps: Why long-end decoupling; LCH/EUREX scope; JPM ...

Traders discuss persistent paying in long-end swaps. LCH/EUREX offers opportunities. US banks top the Greenwich survey, led by JPM.

EUR New Issues: Italy 30y and Belgium 10y; Commerzbank an...

Italy is selling a new 30y and Belgium a new 10y via syndication.

EFSF on new 30y and why investors like long-end

The EFSF discusses its recently priced €3bn 30y and what motivated investors.

EUR Swaps: Fierce LCH/EUREX flow ignites CCP curve

Traders describe a fierce move in LCH/EUREX and speculated about the drivers

EUR Swaps: Supply, supply, supply! New €STR bond

“Supply, supply, supply,” shouted one trader as EFSF, LandNRW (again) and sovereigns hit the long-end. After a slow start, another €STR bond nears.

EUR New Issues: EFSF €3bn 30y; Sovereigns target 20y; EIB...

EFSF prices €3bn 30y; Sovereigns target 20y; EIB plans its second €STR-linked bond