Swaps - EUR

EUR Swaps: Risk-off rally extends; Flatteners eyed

The risk-off rally has extended for a second session.

EUR Swaps: Risk-off as stocks plunge; 2023 Bund supply

A global risk-off move has sent the Bund and Euribors sharply higher, while the swap curve is steeper.

EUR Swaps: HICP mixed; ASWs wider as deals halt; Barclays...

Inflation data was mixed with Germany printing lower than expected, while Spanish inflation soared. Bund ASWs have widened as issuance stalls.

EUR Swaps: Bund drops; Lagarde; Seasonal flatteners?

The Bund took another hit today and Euribors stayed under pressure as Lagarde spoke in Sintra. JPM suggests seasonal flatteners.

EUR New Issues: KfW €4bn 7y Green bond draws over €13bn o...

The main issuer today is KfW with its sale of €4bn long 7y Green bonds drawing over €13bn orders.

EUR Swaps: Volatility persists as Bund drops

Traders say volatility appears set to stay as the Bund tumbled and the curve saw reasonable moves.

EUR New Issues: AIB, Deutsche Bank, SAGESS

A busier slate of new issuance brings AIB Group, Deutsche Bank and SAGESS.

EUR Swaps: Untethered? Banks stay bearish

Big swings in the Bund and wider BTP spreads were accompanied by vol being marked up again. Banks stay warily bearish ahead of flash HICP next week.

EUR New issues: French names next week; EU plan

As Bunds swing wildly again today a handful of French issuers are preparing bonds for next week and the EU confirms its €50bn H2 2022 funding plan.

EUR Swaps: PMIs the latest trigger, but move ‘no big deal’

The recent bullish moves in fixed income have been eye-catching, but are actually not a big deal, said one trader today. Barclays eyes PMIs.