Swaps - EUR

EUR Swaps: Curve smashed as 30y yield tumbles; Dealers wa...

Very aggressive long-end receiving smashes the curve and dealers warn of more to come. In research, Commerz says forced receiving is back.

EUR Swaps: Peripherals on the rise; Eiopa on UFR drag

The 2025 SPGB sale today was small but nonetheless did nothing to undermine the rise of the non-core EGB market. Swappers discuss low-for-long.

EUR New issues pipeline: Utilities on the move

Utility companies and covered bond issuers led a mixed pack of borrowers in EUR today.

EUR Swaps: Caution on fading ASWs; Regulations and 30s/50s

Bund ASWs remain under pressure but some traders are wary about fading the move. Citi expects 30s/50s to keep flattening given regulations.

EUR Swaps: LLP shift and 20s/30s; German LCR exodus

Talk of pension funds playing it safe and shifting exposure from 20y to 30y ahead of possible LLP changes. Commerz looks at the German LCR exodus.

Wematch platform matches its first EUREX/LCH trade, for S...

Fintech Wematch has matched its first EUREX/LCH basis trade, between Societe Generale and LBBW.

EUR Swaps: Reverse yankees and PFs pressure spreads; DNB ...

Long-dated ASWs are tighter as markets eye reverse yankee issuance and more pension fund receiving. HSBC examines DNB and Solvency II reforms.

EUR Swaps: Lower but underperforming; ESMA; Euribor fixings

The curve is lower and a tad flatter as the Bund underperforms into the long US weekend. Barclays examines the depth and vol of the Euribor fixings.

EUR New issues: JP Morgan; Dow on the horizon

JP Morgan announced an 8y NC7 today while Dow Chemical's multi-tranche deal is on the slate for next week.

GBP Swaps: Sunak RPI bid; More gilts?

Dire warnings of the risks of corona-contagion on the London underground and the sudden resignation of the Chancellor were the drivers today.