Swaps - EUR

EUR Swaps: Profitable month as popular trades keep perfor...

Huge SSA supply is helping steepeners perform and is making some accounts a lot of money, suggest traders.

EUR New issues: Slovenia 60y; More SSA 10y

All the focus is on long-dated SSA supply as Slovenia prices a 60y and more sovereigns launch new 10y lines.

EUR Swaps: EU SURE arrives and more SSA announced

Another day, another huge dose of SSA issuance.

EUR Swaps: Bunds strong; Syndication grumblings

A strong session for Bunds. The EU confirms its upcoming SURE supply, while some traders complain about order books and the syndication process.

EUR New Issue Pipeline: DZ Hyp, NRW Bank, SocGen

Financials target the 10y sector of the curve today.

EUR Swaps: BTPs wider as banks mull the outlook

Bunds are outperforming in a mild risk-off move into the weekend. Banks look at the prospects for BTPs after recent spread widening.

EUR New issues: DZ HYP, EU SURE awaited

A light end to the week leaves euro investors looking to more covered bond issuance and a looming EU SURE deal.

EUR Swaps: Bases tighten on abundant liquidity; EONIA-BOR...

The continued tightening in euro basis was front of mind for one trader today, despite low volatility in the market ahead of the ECB meeting.

EUR New issues: Goldman Sachs 7y, Land NRW 30y

A shorter list of euro deals ahead of the ECB today still includes a GS benchmark and a 30y from Land NRW.

EUR Swaps: Steeper amid more SURE talk; ASWs too tight?

The euro curve is steeper amid more speculation about upcoming EU SURE issuance.