Swaps - GBP

GBP Swaps: 30y SONIA-BOR flow catches eye; Key RFR WG rep...

Swappers eyed aggressive 30y SONIA-BOR offers and standout 30y ASW flow today. But what drove the eruption of SONIA-BOR flow?

GBP Swaps: Calm ahead of month-end

Gilts underperformed Bunds slightly in the 10y sector this afternoon, failing to end in the black even after the APF operation in the afternoon.

GBP Swaps: Further steepening in B/Es? 3y bond rush; CPI ...

Traders pondered further steepening in UK breakevens if the market stays on its recent trajectory which has seen linkers outperform nominals

GBP Swaps: 10s/30s returns positive; Actuaries on Covid

The absence of the DMO allowed the market to easily rally into APF buying today. Elsewhere, 10s/30s is finally positive and LCP eyes Covid.

GBP Swaps: BOE influencers increasing bearish risks

A fairly passive pre-bank holiday session saw gilts follow USTs while traders worried whether gilts are excessively dependent on negative rate talk.

GBP Swaps: IL28 rolls on lubricated by oil and RPI

A fortnight of gilt market records continued with another red letter day today, as 5y gilt yields hit a new low. In linkers, IL28 did well.

GBP Swaps: DMO makes history again; Negative rates talk g...

In yet another first, the DMO sold nominal gilts with a negative yield for the first time. For some it's a sign that negative rates are now likely.

GBP Swaps: 'Gigantic' 2061 demand as GEMMs eye flattening

The syndication of the 2061 gilt saw 'gigantic' demand today, according to dealers, as GEMMs eye a flatter curve with the supply now out of the way.

GBP Swaps: Steeper ahead of 2061 syndi; Time to short 30y?

As the FTSE staged an improbable 3.8% rally, gilts gave up their attempt to swim against the tide and the curve bear-steepened ahead of the 2061 sale.

GBP Swaps: Vol compressed; What next? Events dear boy…

While DMO and the BOE continue to cradle the market, rocking it gently back into a state of grace and calm, traders eye new flows, supply and events.