Swaps - GBP

GBP Swaps: Late long-end flattening; Lightening risks

A run-of-the-mill risk-on move fizzled out early in the GBP markets, allowing the curve to bull-flatten late on. JPM looks to lighten GBP positions.

GBP Swaps: Cod woe batters Britain; Longs ebb and flow

Headlines from a rare anti-UK French PM has left negotiators needing to throw a sprat to catch a Macron. Gilts spiked on the Brexit news. 5y IRS flow.

GBP Swaps: Bull-flattening in purgatory; Steepening eyed

Depressing directionality pertaining to Brexit and corona set a grim backdrop to a gilt rally. Even for GEMMs it wasn't fun, with 5y longs squeezed.

GBP Swaps: RPI confined; IL32 talk; Brexit news awaited

RPI swaps were confined to spread trading as dealers await news on Brexit over the next couple of days.

GBP Swaps: Happy merry-go-round; Unhappy winter

A straightforwardly risk-off session played into the hands of gilt-buyers at today's double auction. Brexit underpinned a general sense of malaise.

GBP Swaps: Nil response to negative news

News the BOE has started posting letters regarding negative rates drew negative interest. Some swappers see a slight delay though in such a move.

GBP Swaps: Long ASW, mortgage flow; Fallbacks; Green risk

A listless week for gilts ended with interest in 15y and 20y ASWs, in the ISDA Fallback news today and in mortgage flows. In bonds, Green is golden.

GBP Swaps: Linkers can’t stop; Housing boom?

Gilts underperformed rivals again today but ended up in mildly positive territory after a thin bull-flattening. Linkers had another mystery rally.

GBP Swaps: Strong IL41 sale; RPI volatile with oil but bo...

Linker traders reported quite a strong auction of the IL41 this morning against the backdrop of a drop in oil prices and volatility in RPI.

GBP Swaps: APF pricey; Creeping steepening; Rangey

Things whirred around in GBP bonds and today, but with little effect. The FTSE and gilts were unchanged at close. Traders eye steepeners.