Swaps - GBP

GBP Swaps: Big MPC reaction built on sand?

Swappers take stock after the GBP fixed income market took its heaviest non-Covid hit in a long time as fears of a Nov hike materialised.

GBPi/Swaps: Future supply tempers IL56 demand

After the ecstatic deluge of Green gilt sales came the more humdrum affair this morning of a £350m tap of the IL56. 'Tepid' was one adjective applied.

LCH SwapClear and CME update on clearing as LIBOR's end n...

LCH SwapClear and CME this week published updates on clearing as LIBOR's end approaches for CHF, EUR, GBP and JPY.

Global Investor Group: LSEG to close CurveGlobal in Jan

The LSE Group has said its interest rate futures market CurveGlobal will close in January next year.

GBP Swaps: Records abound, but Green gilt spread stands o...

Today’s Green gilt debut broke records left, right and centre as it became the biggest Green bond sale ever.

GBP Swaps: Lights shine Green for gilt gold

Green day is almost upon us, and sources said today that the lights are shining Green for go ahead of what is promised will be a record-breaking sale.

GBP Swaps: Green gilt timing looking good

The 10y gilt yield is at its second-highest since a completely unknown pandemic struck the UK with no warning at all. Good timing for Green gilts.

Basis Swaps: L-Bank points to golden Autumn for cable

Another mellow Autumn day was full of fruitfulness once again for GBP, with a SONIA-linked RBC deal and a larger-than-expected deal from L-Bank.

GBP Swaps: 5y focus centre stage in rate hike theatre

“All the world’s a stage, and all the gilt traders merely players…' so spaketh the Bard and so did swappers today when appraising the MPC hike drama.

GBP Swaps: 5y and strip the focus as hawks swoop

After soothing CPI data from the US yesterday, more alarming news here saw the hawks firmly in the ascendant in nominals, the front end anyway.