Swaps - GBP

GBP Swaps: 10s/30s steeper as likely linker move turns 30...

As another fun week of fixed income trading ends, traders eye big moves in 5y ASWs and 30y gilts. BofA assesses the worrying kindness of strangers.

GBP Swaps: Politics starts to seep into market moves

After a stable start to gilt activity today a move towards wondering what Truss-world might look like saw gilts sell-off and B/Es rally.

GBP Swaps: Mixed as 2y cheapens; Nitroglycerine or nitrou...

The curve ended flatter in 2s/10s but steeper further out as gilts pared gains after the US CPI miss. Banks look at Truss risk and ADB prints a 2y.

GBP Swaps: Auction goes well, late ultra wobble; De-riski...

With the gilts caught between a Q1 issuance drought and a Q4 flood, there was still enough thirst left for a decent auction today.

GBP Swaps: Gilts lead the way; £1bn WH Smith de-risking

A week that started off with no real news nonetheless saw gilts handsomely outperform all-comers. Elsewhere, pension de-risking booms.

GBP Swaps: One last twist of the knife after ‘dovish hike’?

After an ultimately bullish reaction to the MPC yesterday, there was, of course, one last twist of the knife for gilts today. Strategists mull rates.

GBP Swaps: Market tempers rally as BOE hike divides opini...

A 50bps hike and pessimistic words from the MPC today caused a sharp reaction in GBP fixed income that faded into the close. Banks see hikes and cuts

BOE hikes 50bps and details £80bn QT as inflation soars a...

The MPC hiked 50bps by an 8-1 margin. Its gloomy warnings a long recession from Q4 2022 ensured that SONIAs and gilts rallied hard.

GBP Swaps: Flatter as SONIAs slip pre-MPC

Gilts flattened with USTs along the curve as SONIAs printed double-digit falls ahead of the BOE MPC meeting. Still, some banks are dovish.

GBP Swaps: Happy hawking, hawking, happy hawk; Gilts tak...

Fears that Pelosi’s Taipei trip would trigger war by teatime saw gilts lead a bull-flattening move. Before Daly distracted. BofA eyes Truss hikes.