Swaps - JPY

JPY Swaps: Forward spread flow; Lifer JGB bid

There has been trade in JPY forward spreads amidst a lack of price action. Japanese lifers are buying JGBs on the divergent Fed-BOJ outlook.

JPY Swaps: Light long flow; Linker auction; Sustainabilit...

here has been light trade in long JPY swaps. A 10y JGBi auction is being held today. Toyota is planning to sell Sustainability Bonds.

JPY Swaps: Long-end steepens more as 10y outperforms

10-year JPY swaps have been outperforming other maturities on the rally, supporting further steepening at the long-end of the curve.

JPY Swaps: Long-end steepens more; SL bid after auction

The long-end of the JPY swap curve steepens more, amid paying interest after the 30y JGB auction.

JPY Swaps: Steeper from 10y on FX move; US inflation data...

Players in the JPY swap market have been cautious ahead of the US inflation data. The FX move has prompted a mild steepening from the 10y point.

JPY Swaps: Flatter to 10y: Long-end turns steeper

Contrasting the rally in short-dated US treasuries, 10y JPY swaps saw relatively stronger receiving interest. The curve flattened out to 10y.

JPY Swaps: Forward flow; BOJ under pressure

There has been light trade in JPY forwards in calm post-Golden Week conditions. Inflation expectations and the weak yen are seen pressuring the BOJ.

JPY Swaps: Bid after CPI, Long-end steeper on FX move

The Japanese market re-opened today and swaps have been bid after strong CPI and the selloff in the US market on Thursday. The long-end is steeper.

JPY Swaps: YCC and weak yen in focus ahead BOJ

There has been trade in long JPY swaps and forwards. YCC and the weak yen remain key focus points ahead of the BOJ meeting this week.

JPY Swaps: 10y corrects; Long-end flatter; BOJ and jobs d...

10-year JPY swap rate corrects lower today, and the long-end is flatter. Players have been cautious ahead of the jobs report and the BOJ meeting.