Swaps - JPY

JPY Swaps: Data drives long-end bid; 2s/10s steeper

Domestic and overseas data has prompted better paying interest at the long-end of the JPY swap curve. 2s/10s swaps are steeper.

JPY Swaps: 10y USD spread too tight; Green bond

10y JPY-USD swap spread has tightened to a level that may soon trigger receiving in 10y JPY swaps. 20y saw light offered-side flow at the open.

JPY Swaps: Spreads steady as 10y supply looms

JPY swap spreads have steadied and ticked slightly higher ahead of a 10-year JGB auction today. Tokyo CPI printed above expectations.

JPY Swaps: 20y spread cheaper; Tibor/Libor trade

The 20y swap spread has cheapened. A Tibor/Libor trade has been proposed. The recent bout of yen strength has slowed.

JPY Swaps: 2s/10s too flat; Equity triggers 20y offers

The sharp strengthening of JPY has prompted receiving at the long-end of the JPY swap curve. 2s/10s swaps are now too flat.

JPY Swaps: Light 7y offers ahead of jobs data; FX drives ...

There was light receiving in 7y JPY swaps ahead of domestic jobs data. The strength in JPY has backed some price action at the front-end of the curve.

JPY Swaps: Cautious long-end offers; Outlook downgraded

JPY swaps have been cautiously offered amid ongoing worries over COVID-10. Fitch has downgraded Japan's IDR to negative.

JPY Swaps: 10s/20s flatter; Carry supports SL sector

The 10s/20s JPY swap curve spread has traded down and USD/JPY is at a 4m low on safe haven flow. Carry is expected to support the super long sector.

JPY Swaps: No COVID emergency; IRFC Samurai

Japanese PM Abe has said the COVID-19 situation is not yet an emergency. Indian Railway Finance Corp launched a Samurai Bond deal.

JPY Swaps: Longs bid; Cash surplus to drive long-end dema...

10- to 20-year JPY swaps saw light paying after lunch break. Cash surplus will likely drive demand for superlong JPY rates.