Swaps - JPY

JPY Swaps: 2s/10s to correct steeper; Mid-sector bid

There has been cautious paying in JPY swaps after data from the US. The belly has been bid, and 2s/10s swaps are due to correct steeper.

JPY Swaps: Longer-dated spreads cheapen

Superlong and ultralong JPY swap spreads have dropped to their cheapest levels since the beginning of the year.

JPY Swaps: Clearing basis dips back below zero

JPY IRS clearing basis has dipped back below zero. Superlong swap spreads are seen widening. The. BOJ is scheduled to meet later this week.

JPY Swaps: 10y yield at recent low; 2s/10s at key level

JPY swaps saw good amount of receiving after US CPI data. 10-year JGB yield hits recent low and 2s/10s swaps are at their key psychological level.

JPY Swaps: Flattener interest; 20y offers tighten 10s/20s

JPY swaps have been offered ahead of the potentially strong US CPI data, as players are concerned about a scale back of US monetary policy.

JPY Swaps: FX outlook flattens 10s/20s; 10y given

Trading in JPY swaps has been cautious ahead of the US CPI data. 10y has been offered and the FX outlook has prompted flattening in 10s/20s.

JPY Swaps: Growing dysfunction drives superlong sector co...

There has been flow in longer JPY swaps and forwards. Growing market dysfunction has triggered superlong sector concerns. Orix issued 5-7y bonds.

JPY Swaps: Long swap flow; Tokyo Social Bond

There has been trade in long JPY swaps and 3-6m forwards. Japan will issue ultralong JGBs tomorrow and Tokyo is planning a 5y Social Bond issue.

JPY Swaps: SL bid on Nikkei outlook; 1y flow

The superlong-end of the JPY swap curve has been bid as players expect a rebound in the Nikkei. There has been some decent amount of 1-year flow.

JPY Swaps: 10y given despite weak auction; JGB future reb...

Despite a weak auction, 10y swaps saw better receiving due to the move in the US treasury market. 5-year has been offered too.