Swaps - JPY

JPY Swaps: 10y given after earlier bid; 10y JGB yield bel...

10-year JGB yield fell to below zero again, following satisfactory 20y sale. 10-year swaps turned better offered after earlier bid.

JPY Swaps: 5y offers steepen 5s/10s; Good domestic data

The 5- to 10-year area of the JPY swap curve saw receiving despite good domestic data.

JPY Swaps: 5s/10s swaps steeper after good auction

5-year JPY swaps saw downward price action after good demand at the JGB auction today. 5s/10s swaps are steeper as a result.

JPY Swaps: Steeper ahead of China-US deal; 7y bid emerges

The JPY swap curve is steeper today, ahead of the signing of the China-US trade deal. Paying in 7-year emerged after lunch break.

JPY Swaps: Light 10y flow; 30y better bid

JGB future ticked lower amid a more positive sign from the situation between China and the US. 30-year saw slightly better paying interest.

JPY Swaps: 30y bid steepens 10s/30s swaps

Latest development in the situation between the US and Iran saw better paying in JPY swaps. 10s/30s swaps are steeper.

JPY Swaps: 30y spread inverts; 2s/10s too flat

JGB future jumped soon after the missile strike by Iran. The momentum lost steam after lunch break. Swaps have been offered and 30y spread inverted.

JPY Swaps: Better bid; Curve steeper

JPY swaps have been bid due to an improvement in market sentiment since overnight trading. The curve is steeper as a result.

JPY Swaps: Middle East tensions prompt early 10y offers

The Japanese financial market re-opened today, and JPY swaps have been offered on political tensions between the US and the Middle East.

JPY Swaps: Spreads widen; GPIF Green drive

There has been flow in short JPY swaps and long spreads are pushing to the top of the recent range. GPIF is focusing more on Green and Social Bonds.