Swaps - JPY

JPY Swaps: 10y bid steepens 2s/10s; SL slightly outperfor...

10- to 20-year JPY swaps saw paying interest although the SL has slightly outperforming the selloff in 10y. 2s/10s steepened up a tad.

JPY Swaps: Curve steeper; 20y spread disinverts further

JPY swaps saw slightly better paying despite further gains in the US treasury market. The curve steepened up and 20y spread disinverted more.

JPY Swaps: Spreads narrower; Short forward flow; 10y JGB ...

JPY swap spreads are narrower. Short forwards have been active. On-auction 10y JGBs are expected to underperform but rally further in outright terms.

JPY Swaps: Curve corrects flatter; 20-30y spreads richen

The long end of the JPY curve has corrected flatter as yields have dropped and swap spreads have widened as 20-30 year JGBs have richened on the move.

JPY Swaps: 7y outperforms; 10-20y given; BNPP on basis ou...

7y JPY swaps have been slightly outperforming other maturities. 2s/7s is expected to see further corrective flattening.

JPY Swaps: Rally reversed; Long spreads cheapen

The JPY rates market has reversed its early gains as the session has progressed. 10y spreads have cheapened on long-end JGB underperformance.

JPY Swaps: BOJ flags YCC purchases; 10s/20s steeper

There has been trade in JPY forward as price action has slowed. The BOJ is monitoring YCC purchases. 10s/20s is steeper on superlong weakness.

JPY Swaps: Long spreads widen as BOJ responds to sell off

Long JPY swap spreads are widening as 10y JGBs outperform on the sell-off due to BOJ bond purchases.

JPY Swaps: Decent flow ahead of BOJ call

There has been decent trade in JPY swaps and forwards as the market awaits today's BOJ monetary policy announcement.

JPY Swaps: BOJ responds after 10y yield breach

Today the BOJ announced an unscheduled bond purchase operation after the 10y JGB yield pushed beyond the key 0.25% level Friday.