Swaps - USD

USD Swaps: Edgy market keeps it tight before final countd...

With corona thriving, Halloween looming, and Trump-Biden just days away, all that global markets can do is just try to stay calm. And so far they are.

USD Swaps: Bear steepening roars back; Liquidity withdraw...

USTs bear steepened sharply, with the equity reversal and weak 7y adding momentum. Underlying the move, sources see liquidity withdrawing.

USD Swaps: Risk sentiment tentatively mending; UST supply...

USTs are bear steepening as risk sentiment tentatively mends today. BNP Paribas sees a respite in UST supply at the November refunding.

USD Swaps: Impervious rates; Potential SOFR users

USTs were impervious to the weaker equity tone today and sources fail to see a solid driver. The $55bn 5y came through the bid side. TY vol rises.

USD Swaps: Covid-19 alarms bells ringing louder; UST supp...

Equities are sharply lower as Covid-19 alarm bells are ringing louder today but the FTQ bid in USTs has been absent. JPM looks at UST supply/demand.

USD Swaps: S&P plunge fails to lift; DB's big VaR change

Plunging stock indices in Europe and US have so far failed to lift Treasuries. In the news, DB confirms a big, ECB-approved change in its VaR model.

USD Swaps: Bull-flattener persists; UST yields anchored?

UST remain in bull flattening mode as equities are reluctant to retrace yesterday’s heady losses. Citigroup sees UST yields anchored.

USD Swaps: Gains pared; Early fallback? Formosas

Risk assets are paring initial gains in a wary, partial recovery from yesterday's weakness. Banks report strength in credit rather than rates.

USD Swaps: Risk-off overhangs; Pining for LIBOR likeness

The risk-off move dented equities and yields. Investors still want LIBOR-like features of a term rate and a credit-sensitive rate, Barclays finds.

USD New Issues: October puttering along to the finish

Last week saw $17.75bn price, coming just above estimates. October still needs around $15bn to reach the MTD expectation. Weaker tone to start.