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USD Swaps: Can’t escape corona; Is labor market deteriora...

One man’s fruit is another man’s poison, so it’s no surprise that good corona news in China is being ignored in favour of bad corona news elsewhere.

USD Swaps: Formosas footprints; Discount window view

Covid-19 concerns continued to send UST yields lower with some seeing footprints of Formosas hedging at the back-end. Barclays' discount window view.

USD Swaps: 30y spreads tighter; TIPS auction views

Long Treasuries shrugged off a stronger Philly Fed survey today with the rally putting pressure on spreads. Ahead, a 30y TIPS auction looms.

USD Swaps: Virus fears thrown to the wind; Benchmark refo...

Virus fears were thrown to the wind today but UST yields didn’t cover much ground. Barclays’ benchmark reform survey results.

USD Swaps: Wider spreads; Minutes loom; Formosas

Swap spreads are wider as yields edge up in the wake of stronger PPI and housing data. Ahead, the FOMC minutes loom. Shorter Formosas print.

USD Swaps: Fleeting risk off; SOFR trades; LIBOR-OIS view

Covid-19 fear continued to pester the risk tone today – albeit rather fleetingly. Some block SOFR basis trades hit SDR. BofA’s LIBOR-OIS view.

USD New Issue Pipeline: Carrier M&A deal; $28bn expected

Just over $31bn priced in the IG new issues market, headlined by Carrier’s jumbo M&A deal. Roughly $28bn is expected this week.

USD Swaps: Havens up; Short spreads seen wider

Apple today added to the evidence of the economic impact of Covid-19, lifting haven assets. Ahead, banks look for wider front end swap spreads.

USD Swaps: Rudderless risk-tone; ISDA fallback and LIBOR-...

UST yields a nudging lower as shorts cover amid a rudderless risk tone into the long weekend. ISDA fallback and LIBOR-SOFR transition talk.

USD Swaps: USTs better bid; Big deals include record Form...

The UST market is struggling to sell-off on yet another Friday that doesn’t seem to lend itself to a ‘risk-on’ move ahead of the weekend.