Swaps - USD

USD Swaps: Trade Optimism; T-Bill buybacks; FHLB

USTs have taken another sharp leg down on trade optimism. Fed announces T-Bill buyback program. BAML looks as FHLB LIBOR phase out.

USD Swaps: Whiffs of a more solid risk-on; 30y

Treasuries are grinding back toward the lows of the day into the close and sources see the price action more slippery with levels faltering easily.

USD Swaps: USTs hammered again; Duration view

Trade optimism has bolstered the risk tone once again. Accordingly, USTs remain under heavy bear steepening pressure for the second consecutive day.

EUR Swaps: Italy's dollar deal weighs; High valuations

Italian dollar supply weighed on the market, while high valuations made for toppy sentiment

USD Swaps: Steepening erodes; Choppy

Treasuries saw little movement after the FOMC minutes this afternoon, although the steepening of the curve gave back a large portion of earlier gains.

USD Swaps: Bear steepening; Fed view

Treasuries are bear steepening amid an improved risk tone. Swap spreads are mixed ahead of more swapped issuance. BNP Paribas' updated Fed call.

USD Swaps: Balance sheet expansion talk boosts spreads

The UST curve sharply shifted to bull steepening after Powell said that the Fed is contemplating buying T-bills in a non-QE balance sheet expansion

USD Swaps: Swapped issuance builds; Funding view

Trade tensions have sent equities down and USTs bull flattening. Swap spreads are tighter ahead of plenty of swapped issuance. BAML looks at funding

USD Swaps: Steeper; Formosas getting longer

The UST curve is lower and steeper while spreads are tighter as deals keep arriving. In research, JPMorgan finds that Formosas are getting longer.

USD Swaps: Bear flattening reprieve; Terms ahead

Treasuries have seen a grinding drop lower today, led by the front end, while swap spreads compensated, with a fairly robust steepening move.