Swaps - USD

USD Swaps: Flatter; Brevan gains; Fed supports

Treasuries are bull-flattening again after a fleeting reaction to the refunding announcement. Banks look at the supply-demand balance.

EUR Swaps: Bund buying beats strong data

Any V-shaped recovery in fixed income volumes is firmly on hold. Today Bund buying flow has driven the EUR market despite promising German data.

USD New Issues: Update

Update on today's new issuance.

USD Swaps: Refunding deluge; Record low coupons deter swa...

Bear steepening before the refunding announcement was not repudiated. Many issuers are staying in fixed due to the record low coupons.

USD Swaps: Steeper and tighter; SOFR; Formosas

The curve is steeper and spreads are in as risk assets gain ahead of the Treasury refunding announcement. Banks look at SOFR. More Formosas print.

USD New Issues: Update

Update of today's USD issuance pricings.

USD Swaps: Swerve back to flattener; Spreads leak wider

Yesterday’s bear steepening has been erased with today’s bull flattening amid see-saw price action.Swap spreads leak wider. JPM suggests bi-monthly

USD Swaps: Flatter; Refunding expectations

The UST curve is flatter as Dow futures drift into the red. Ahead, banks preview tomorrow's refunding announcement.

USD Swaps: Gust of supply; Off steeps

A strong gust in issuance supply, led by Alphabet's $10bn 6-part, dominated the focus today. Fannie Mae's $4.5bn 10y put pressure on spreads.

ISDA fallback protocol - Escrow agreement?

ISDA has explained to regulators more about how it expects market participants to agree to its new fallback protocol.