Swaps - USD

USD Swaps: NFP bullseye missed; Bear steepening entrenche...

NFP was surprisingly much stronger than expected, ushering a risk-on move that sees stocks and yields sharply higher. BofA looks at YCC.

USD Swaps: Spread steepening, UST sell-off persist pre-NFP

There are scant signs of a weekend flight-to-quality bid in USTs so far today, with 10y yields seemingly established above 80bps ahead of NFP.

USD Swaps: USTs oversold? Mixed views on the curve; All e...

USTs continued to bear steepen with some seeing both the market and the curve overextended. Dealers preview NFP.

USD Swaps: Capitulation pushes yields higher

UST yields turned sharply higher in further bear steepening, with 5s30s hitting a high high briefly. 30y spreads widened further. NatWest sees YCC

USD Swaps: Long end spreads go bid; Risk-on reverberates

Long end spread bucked the recent trend and widened against the underlying bear steepening. Sources point to paying flows, 30y and beyond.

USD Swaps: Risk-on optimism builds; 20y UST market micros...

USTs are bear steepening as risk on optimism builds. Spreads are mostly tighter as IG parade continues. JPM looks at 20y UST market microstructure.

USD Swaps: Steeper again; YCC talk

The Treasury curve continues to steepen as some banks make the link between the move and the Fed's emerging flirtation with YCC.

USD Swaps: Further grind steeper; Spreads narrow

The steepening furthered to new heights, though the slope flattened compared to yesterday's surge. Swap spreads narrowed on supply-driven flows.

USD Swaps: IG groundswell; USTs steeper still?

USTs are bear steepening amid a relatively neutral risk tone. Spreads are tighter ahead of a groundswell of IG deals. Citi sees more UST steepening.

USD Swaps: Not watching or listening; Flatteners closed

Risky assets continue to ignore the world outside. Treasuries are steeper again as banks close flatteners. IG issuance remains strong.