Swaps - USD

USD Swaps: Risk-off; 7-Eleven jumbo deal; Fed awaited

Equities are in the red but USTs are only mildly enthused as participants await the FOMC decision and a 7-Eleven jumbo deal. SocGen previews FOMC.

USD Swaps: S&P down but GME not over; FOMC ahead

S&P futures are down as some of the froth blows off risky assets, GME excepted. Ahead, the FOMC meeting is widely expected to be uneventful.

USD Swaps: Wideners take profit; $61bn 5y decent

The $61bn 5y saw a decent reception, though not as enthusiastic as the 2y. Swap spreads came off intraday wides as long positions took chips off.

USD Swaps: Earnings buoy risk tone; 5y UST auction preview

Better corporate earning/outlooks are buoying the risk tone today with USTs under modest pressure as a result. SocGen previews the 5y UST auction.

USD Swaps: LIBOR latest; FOMC previewed

With cessation news on LIBOR awaited, the UK FCA has updated the market on its view of the process and CCPs have implemented ISDA's protocol.

UK FCA's Schooling Latter on LIBOR fallbacks and syntheti...

The UK FCA's Schooling Latter discusses LIBOR fallbacks and synthetic LIBOR in a wide-ranging speech today.

USD Swaps: $60bn 2y gobbled up; Spread trajectory builds ...

The first leg of the week's refunding, $60bn 2y, was gobbled up. Swap spreads leaked wider still amid mostly lower volumes. JPM examines BSBY.

USD New Issues: Domestic FIGs march in; $100bn MTD so far

$25.85bn in new IG supply came as domestic FIG issuance came post-earnings. January needs $15bn more to level with expectations for the month.

USD Swaps: 100 days start in earnest; Cessation watch; Fo...

President Biden will start to piece his 100 day stimulus drive and assault on corona this week. And the wait has begun for LIBOR cessation details.

USD Swaps: USTs bull flattening; More on LDI demand for U...

USTs are bull flattening despite a pairing of earlier losses in equities. Barclays sees LDI demand for USTs increasing.