Swaps - USD

USD Swaps: Back end yields plummet; 7y supply

Back end yields plummeted while front and red EDs have sunk further. Long end spreads gained with the flattening tumult. SocGen previews 7y.

USD Swaps: Curve pares losses; Fed forecasts pushed up

The front end is off the lows and long end UST strength is contributing to the flattening. FedWatchers push up their forecasts.

USD Swaps: Bonds, EDs sink; Curve pancakes post-FOMC

Powell all but signaled a March hike a sure thing. The curve pancaked lower while equities quickly gave up post-FOMC gains.

USD Swaps: Awaiting marching orders from the Fed; More FO...

Both equities and UST yields are nudging a little higher today as markets await their marching orders from the Fed. BofA previews FOMC decision.

USD Swaps: Stock gains pared; Fed; More Formosas

Stocks are in the green but off morning highs ahead of key earnings reports and the FOMC. Banks preview the Fed. Another $800m in Formosas emerge.

USD Swaps: USTs end lower despite very strong 5y

A less decisive equity rebound was enough to turn the tide for UST yields, which ended up marginally higher despite a very strong 5y auction result.

USD Swaps: Risky assets still skittish; 5y UST auction pr...

UST yields are nudging a little lower as risk assets are still skittish despite yesterday’s impressive rebound. SG previews 5y note auction.

USD Swaps: Ukraine risk priced? Formosa supply

Nasdaq futures are down again but USTs are little-changed and banks are sanguine about Ukraine risk. Shorts are cut in the latest JPM survey.

USD Swaps: Strong equity rebound off intraday lows; Curve...

The equity rebound back to near unchanged after suffering losses of 3-5% intraday, pulled UST yields higher, steeper. Front, belly spreads narrowed.

USD New Issues: FIGs complete self-funding; Risk-off vibes

Just under $38bn priced last week as domestic FIG issuance dominated. A slower week is expected ahead amid the continued risk-off.