Swaps - USD

USD Swaps: Belly outperforms; IG floods; Curve view

Despite a modest risk-on move, the belly of the UST curve is pushing higher. More record-setting IG issuance floods in. SocGen analyzes the curve.

USD Swaps: Bases tighter; Brevan up further; Issuance gush

Bases are tighter led by cross currency as the Fed announces a new central bank repo facility. New issues gush. Brevan is up again.

USD Swaps: Spreads wider still; Paying dominates

Swap spreads have lifted as abundant paying boosting the 10y spread to +1bps intraday. JPM and others view CPFF start will signal LIBOR's trend lower

USD New Issues: Record flows; More to come, but slowing

$109bn priced in IG new issuance last week, a record for a week, sending March to a whopping $210bn. Sources see more flows ahead but slowing.

USD Swaps: Mild risk-off start; Fade BOR-OIS pricing?

The 10y sector outperformed during a mildly risk-off start to the week. Deutsche and Citi both eye FRA-OIS.

USD Swaps: More bull flattening; Rate locks eyed; Fed’s b...

USTs are bull flattening further as equities sink. Swap spreads are wider with rate lock paying cited ahead of more IG issuance.

USD Swaps: LIBOR soars again; Ops talk

The standout move amid another bullish session for fixed income was once again the unstoppable rise of 3m LIBOR. Or is it?

USD Swaps: Fiscal stimulus eyed; Risk-on; IG deluge press...

Risk-on ruled the day as fiscal stimulus inched closer to fruition, leaving both stocks and USTs higher. A flood of IS issuance pressured spreads.

USD Swaps: Issuance tsunami; Equities surge

The equity markets are fired up to start and issuance is flooding back in, building on last two days of growing optimism and positive tone.

USD Swaps: Whippy back end; Swap paying flows dominate

Equities were robust until a drop at the end, while UST's earlier strong bull flattening subsumed into a bull steepening. Spreads see paying flows.