Swaps - USD

USD Swaps: 10y 100-day MAVG eyed; Follow through?

The strong bear steepening threw markets for a loop and sources wonder, what if any follow through, may come as the 10y rests at the 100-day MAVG.

USD Swaps: Bear steepening roars; 10y TIPS on deck; More ...

USTs are bear steepening in the wake of yesterday’s FOMC meeting ahead of today’s $14bn 10y TIPS re-opening. BofA’s FOMC view.

USD Swaps: Hawks grow; Spreads wider; Fed reactions

The BOE and the Norges Bank added their cries to the hawks' chorus today. Banks give their reaction to the FOMC. Swap spreads are widerning

USD Swaps: Powell flashes hawkishly; Curve pancakes

Powell gives an end date for tapering to mid next year. Sources wonder if the curve move has legs, considering the distance already covered.

USD Swaps: Buy the dip prevails again; Hawkish FOMC surpr...

‘Buy the dip’ has prevailed again as equities are moving higher while USTs are little changed ahead of today’s potentially hawkish FOMC, JPM believes.

USD Swaps: Spreads steady; The Fed's balancing act

USTs and swap spreads are little-changed while risky assets are firmer as the market waits to hear how the Fed will manage its balancing act.

USD Swaps: Hovering pre-FOMC; 20y decent

USTs hovered as equities steadied. The 20y saw a record low dealer allocation, but only came at the offered side of the 1pm level. Spreads bandied.

USD Swaps: Risk-off moderates; 20y UST auction preview

Risk-off has moderated but equities and UST yields are off earlier highs. Spreads see back end receiving while IG supply returns. SG previews the 20y.

USD Swaps: Investors ever short? EBRD welcomes IBA RFR in...

Banks, hedge funds and, most scarily, the rating agencies seem to agree that the fallout from Evergrande can be contained. ICE launches RFR indices.

USD Swaps: Risk off vibe eases at close; Receiving in lon...

Equities managed lift off the intraday lows into the close. Swap spreads tightened with receiving flows into the selloff, concentrated in the long end