Swaps - USD

USD Swaps: USTs steeper as more duration looms; LIBOR tra...

USTs are steeper on news that 20y supply is in the wings earlier than expected. BofA sees a postponement in LIBOR transmission.

USD Swaps: 20y looks a winner; 5s/30s steepening plan

The big news in USTs is that the Fed is to take a step back to the future by selling 20y USTs for the first time since 1986. Traders are positive.

USD Swaps: Targeting back near highs in spreads; Curve ru...

Swaps drifted in lower today, but sources see room for further gains ahead, with the Fed wining the repo war. Sources discuss curve views. SOFR talk.

USD Swaps: Risk on persists; USTs pressured; 30y spread v...

Risk-on persists with USTs finally under pressure amid range bound trading. Spreads are tighter ahead of IG deals but Barclays favors 30y wideners.

USD Swaps: Tighter; MS FICC; Brevan; Formosa drivers

Swap spreads are tighter as FIG issuers arrive. MS FICC surges. Brevan sees assets rise and trims its long. Formosa drivers.

USD Swaps: Supply offers no dip for spreads

It has been a classic case of missing the boat on the dip for would be spread wideners. Today offered no reprieve as FIG supply had little impact

USD Swaps: Bull flattening into Phase One deal; Higher I...

USTs remain in bull-flattening mode ahead of today’s Phase-One deal inking. BofA expects a January increase in IOER. Spreads lift.

USD Swaps: Gilts lead; More strong FICC gains

Gilts led global fixed income upwards today. Barclays looks at SOFR. GS and BofA report more strong fourth quarter FICC numbers.

USD Swaps: Modest ebbing down of repo ops; Spreads lift w...

The NY Fed announced a new month of repo operations this afternoon, with term sizes eventually dropping down to $30bn from $35bn. Spreads lift.

USD Swaps: Bond bulls in control; JPM bearish; Citi FICC...

Bond market bulls are back in control at levels some find uncompelling. JPM is bearish rates going forward. Citi FICC earnings rises +49%.